I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 444

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Chapter 444:

While talking, the vice president quickly took out his cell phone and prepared to make a call.

But almost at the same time, the door of this room was suddenly pushed open, and then a voice came in.

“No need to call!”

Immediately afterwards, everyone in the room cast their gazes over.

When he saw the person coming, the vice president couldn’t help but stunned a bit, because he didn’t know him, but he felt a little familiar.

But Ethan and Maggie were both astonished at this time, because it was not someone else who entered the door, but it was Zahir and Luca.

“Why are you here? Who let you in! Get out!” Maggie’s face suddenly became gloomy, and she scolded.

However, the Chu family and the father and son didn’t take it seriously. Instead, they smiled, skipped Maggie, walked to the negotiator, smiled and patted each other’s shoulder, and said, “Don’t rush away, sit down. .”

After speaking, the Chu family and his son did not wait for others to react, but sat on the chairs in front of them for themselves.

The sudden appearance of these two people really surprised Ethan and Maggie.

Especially Ethan, he remembers that the Chu family was kicked out of the Chengnan project by himself before, and the Chu family’s company also encountered tremendous difficulties, and it was almost certain that it was bankrupt.

But what is going on here? After a few days of not seeing each other, the two fathers and sons of the Chu family not only didn’t look very good, but they were a little bit proud in their eyes.

“Maggie, ask Pablo to hand in the security guards and blast them out for me!” Ethan said coldly.

Maggie gave a hum, and then she took out her mobile phone to make a call.

But at this moment, Luca waved his hand at Ethan and said with a smile, “Don’t don’t, why are you so anxious? I know you don’t want to see us father and son, but even if you want to drive us away, Have to wait for us to finish talking? Otherwise, don’t you want to talk about cooperation?”

Talk about cooperation? What can I talk to you?

Ethan sneered, and flatly refused: “Your Chu family has been blacklisted by the Chengnan Project. What cooperation do I have with you to discuss? You are not welcome here, please go, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite! “

Ethan unceremoniously gave the order to dismiss the guest. Looking back at the Chu family father and son, they were still sitting on the chair calmly.

“Haha, don’t be so irritable, I have already said, I am here to discuss cooperation with you today!” Luca smiled.

“Cooperation? Hoho, do you think you are worthy? I already have a cooperative company here, please don’t be ashamed here!” Maggie said flatly, “When your Chu family was kicked out of the Chengnan project, then you are doomed I have never had a chance with the Chengnan Project in my life. Did you come here to fight for it, or do you want to humiliate yourself?”

“Insult yourself?” Zahir, who was always sullenly smiling and silent, finally spoke, but with a hint of contempt in his tone, “Do you have a partner company? Ho Ho, as far as I know, it seems you It’s not going well for cooperation, right?”

Obviously, the appearance of the father and son of the Chu family must have some purpose, and their appearance also made Ethan and Maggie feel a little uneasy.

What Ethan was curious about was how did they know that the negotiation was not going well? Is it possible…

“What the hell do you mean? What is the purpose of your coming here?” Maggie suddenly asked coldly, “I don’t like circumstance, just say it if you have anything!”

Zahir smiled and clapped his hands. He had already lost the pitiful energy that he had knelt down in front of Ethan before.

He said: “Happily, I like the happy ones. Well, I’ll just say it straight. We are here today, and we are indeed here to discuss cooperation. Our condition is that in the future, after the Chengnan project is completed, our Chu family will occupy Fifty percent of shares!”

“And…” Before Zahir finished speaking, Maggie sneered disdainfully. It was obvious that she was amused by Zahir’s words, and also disgusting.

Indeed, after the Chengnan project is completed, Ethan will set up a real estate company here to take care of the Chengnan project. By then, this company will become the largest company in Buckeye by virtue of the Chengnan project, with a market value of over 10 billion. .

And according to Zahir’s words, before he said what he could do, he just came up and wanted to divide half of his 10 billion assets? Is this person crazy, or did he go out without taking medicine?

“Take a look at the hospital if you are sick, and don’t talk crazy here!” Maggie sneered and said, “Are you really not afraid of others laughing big teeth? Give you half of the shares? Why? Ho Ho, Did you kneel before Young Master Ethan and beg for mercy?”

This was the sad thing in Zahir’s eyes. He even thought that no one would mention it in his lifetime.

But Maggie got up and kicked it out again, which is really disgusting!

Originally, Zahir was still smiling, but instead he became gloomy.

He snorted coldly, “Huh, why? Without my Chu family, your Chengnan project simply can’t go on!”

Zahir slapped the table fiercely, seeming to vent all his previous anger and dissatisfaction.

But even if he said, his words are still crazy talk and dream talk in the hearts of Maggie and Ethan.

“Forget it, Maggie, there is no need to continue wasting your tongue with this kind of person!” Ethan got up, prepared to leave, and finally said to the vice president who had negotiated, “Mr. Chen, maybe we have some problems. Communicate well, I see you go back and communicate well, let’s go first, let’s talk about it another day!”

The Vice President of Negotiations responded and nodded apologetically. He was about to say goodbye to Ethan, but he heard Zahir on the side speak: “Negotiations? Hoho, I don’t think there is any need to talk. Just now Haven’t I already told you that the contract for this Chengnan project is no longer signed, and the cooperation has ended!”

Zahir intervened horizontally, which really made the vice president a little unhappy.

After all, this represents an important negotiation between the two big companies, and it is already quite rude for the two of you Chu family to walk in with a swagger.

You are still saying this now, are you sick?

Originally, because of his boss’s phone call, this easy-to-reach big project was flew away, the vice president of negotiating had already made a grievance, and now suddenly another Zahir appeared, of course he would not be polite.

You dare not say anything to Ethan and your boss, is it possible that you still dare not speak up?

The vice president of negotiating glared at Zahir sharply, and sternly scolded, “Please shut your mouth, what does this have to do with you? What are you? Hmph, a bunch of lunatics, lawless!”

In the words of this general manager, he did not leave any affection for Zahir. He shot Zahir with a knife in his words!

This made Zahir dissatisfied. He glared at the other person and said furiously: “What am I? Humph, I will soon let you know what I am, on earth!”

In the last sentence, Zahir said every word, gritted his teeth.

And at this moment, Luca on the side was also full of displeasedness: “Dad, what are you going to do with this kind of person? Just expel him directly, shit, do you really think of yourself as someone? We speak in this tone!”


The words of Luca couldn’t help making the few people present slightly stunned.

In the end, it was the deputy general who looked at Luca with a sneer, and said with contempt: “Fire me? Hoho, are you serious? Excuse me, what are you?”

From the other side’s point of view, Luca’s words were purely crazy. The father and the son were two crazy men at all. Who do they think of themselves as?

But Luca gave a dark smile, and while taking out something from his arms, he said, “I will let you know soon, who I am!”


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