I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 445

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Chapter 445

Soon, Luca took out a file-like thing from his arms, slammed it on the table, and proudly said to the vice president of negotiations: “I announce that from now on, you will be fired!”

“And, who do you think you are? The boss of our company? That’s ridiculous!”

Originally thought that Luca was still talking crazy this time, the vice president of negotiating sneered first, and then looked curiously at the file that Luca had shot on the table, and suddenly the expression on his face became stiff. Up.

“This… how is this possible?” The vice president of negotiating looked at the file on the table with a look of astonishment, and suddenly became extremely nervous, and quickly grabbed the file and read it again.

Just this look, the shocked expression on his face not only didn’t weaken by half, but his complexion became more and more blue, his expression seemed to see something terrifying, and endless fear permeated from his pupils.

At this moment, Luca couldn’t help but smile, and said triumphantly to the vice president: “Well, now do you know who I am? Hmph, I am your father, you can’t afford it!”

After speaking, Luca snatched the file back from the other party and placed it on the conference table in front of him respectfully. Then he sneered and said to Ethan: “Come on, let’s continue the negotiation. Well, now this negotiation has nothing to do with this person!”

Luca’s words really made Ethan and Maggie stunned. They both looked at each other, revealing a seemingly understanding expression.

What’s the matter? what happened? What is the thing the vice president just saw? Why did his whole face change after he looked at that thing?

“President Chen? What’s wrong? What happened?” Maggie suddenly whispered to the vice president of negotiations, with a look of curiosity.

The Vice President of Negotiations looked disappointed, and he couldn’t help sighing heavily. He glanced at Maggie and sighed: “Miss Maggie, I’m sorry, I…I’ve already fired it. Maybe I can’t negotiate with you anymore. I can’t do anything, hey…”

After speaking, the president shook his head, turned and walked out of the room.

It was just his words that made Maggie, who was puzzled, feel at a loss.

Why did Luca really expel this person with just one sentence?

This person is the vice president of the company. At the very least, he must be fired by the group boss or the chairman of the board to be effective, right?

What did Luca say…

Suddenly, Maggie seemed to have thought of something, she turned her head abruptly, and looked at the file on the conference table, suddenly surprised.

“Could it be…” Maggie stopped talking, she couldn’t help gritting her teeth, wondering if this was really the case, right?

“No, their Chu family is already in debt, how could it…” Maggie muttered quietly from the side, her expression on her face seemed a little nervous.

But Ethan on the side still felt that in the clouds, he seemed to understand.

“Maggie, what’s the matter? Do you know something?” Ethan asked curiously.

Maggie couldn’t help but shook her head and sighed: “Ethan Norman, things seem to be getting tricky. I suspect that this Chu family has acquired that engineering installation company!”

“What?” Ethan was stunned when he heard this, and said in shock, “How is this possible? Haven’t you used the relationship before and put the Chu family on the verge of bankruptcy? Their capital chain has been broken, and the bank and the creditor have come to the door. Now, how could they buy that company again? And…”

Ethan frowned immediately, as if he really couldn’t think of where the problem was.

Ethan then asked, “Moreover, whether it’s valuation or company size, isn’t that one-third larger than the Chu family’s company? The Chu family wants to swallow such a company, at least. Several hundred million in cash are required, but…no, it’s impossible…”

Maggie squinted her eyes and looked at Luca and Zahir deeply. Of course, she also knew that all this was impossible, but could there be a second more reasonable explanation?

“You bought them, didn’t you?” Suddenly, Maggie asked this directly, and without the slightest hesitation, it seemed that the matter had been determined.

Ethan also hurriedly looked at Luca and Zahir, his expressions were extremely serious.

Zahir and Luca smiled at each other, suddenly clapped their hands, and said with a smile: “Sure enough, Miss Maggie is really smart. I guessed what was going on all at once, haha…”

Zahir directly admitted the incident, but Maggie was not happy at all.

This is nothing short of a nightmare!

Maggie heard the words and looked at Ethan, only to find that Ethan was also looking at her.

In fact, both of them knew very well in their hearts that it was time for them to laugh.

Because in the province, in addition to the Chu companies, there is only one engineering installation company that can be used for the Chengnan project. Other companies either have insufficient qualifications or are too small to undertake many projects.

Originally, whether it was Ethan or Maggie, they felt that the company itself was already on top of each other.

But they didn’t want to, this change came so suddenly, and the severity of the matter was far more terrifying than they thought.

Obviously, after the Chu family acquired this company, the Chengnan Project could no longer find a suitable engineering installation company to choose from in the entire huge area.

And if you go from other places farther away, the cost will increase a lot, and large-scale engineering installations, no matter transportation or scheduling, will take too much time.

And even if the company can be negotiated from other provinces, then the time for negotiating and wrangling, plus the time for the device to be shipped, may be a few months away.

For this kind of project, the various expenses per day may be calculated in millions.

Just delaying these months, the various expenses alone may already be a large number.

Obviously, the Chu family had acquired this company, and this move was so subtle that it strangled Ethan’s throat in one step and made him unable to move.

No wonder the father and son seemed triumphant as soon as they entered the door. It turned out that all of this was planned by them.

At this moment, Luca spoke again, the expression on his face became more exaggerated and even put his feet directly on the conference table.

“How about it, have you considered it clearly now? Can we continue the negotiation?”

Maggie glanced at Ethan, frowning.

At this time, she could only let Ethan make up her mind, because the situation was already obvious. Either talk to the Chu family for cooperation or reject the other party.

When talking with the Chu family, almost without even thinking about Ethan’s words and actions before humiliating the Buckeye people, the Chu family father and son will return it to him without hesitation, and it is bound to return several times dozens of times.

But if you don’t talk about it, the consequences are obvious, that is, the project is temporarily stranded, and they will look like a needle in a haystack, looking for a qualified engineering installation company from the nearby area.

But if it is easy to find, it is two different things whether it can be deemed as a cooperative intention immediately.

If you find the other party, the other party will definitely investigate yourself, and if you let the other party know your current dilemma, you hardly need to think about it. The other party will use this as a bargaining chip, deliberately raise the price, and bargain at the negotiating table.

And if there is no choice at that time, then you can only accept your fate.

Anyway, at this moment, Maggie seemed to have seen the gloomy and bumpy prospects of this Chengnan Project.

She looked at Ethan solemnly, and asked in a low voice, “Young Master Ethan, what do you think?”


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