I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 446

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Chapter 446

Of course Ethan also understood that even if Maggie didn’t tell her about the pros and cons of this kind of thing, he also knew that he was inseparable.

Strike a snake and hit a seven-inch, the other party has come over with his own seven-inch!

Ethan lowered his head and pondered for a moment, then looked up at Maggie, then at Luca, before he said, “Tell…what are you going to talk about?”

Ethan knew that in such a situation where others had the initiative, with Luca’s character, he would not let him go.

But Ethan understood that he had no choice.

Up to now, it is the choice to be humiliated and deliberately to increase the price, and bite the bullet to choose the Chu family.

I still chose to reject the Chu family categorically, let myself retain a sense of self-esteem, and then went to find the next engineering installation company like a needle in a haystack, and also suffered from uncertain factors…

Between the two, Ethan seemed to have no choice, he could only bite the bullet and choose the Chu family.

Even if the other party will humiliate them a hundred times more than you, and return to yourself the humiliation you gave them before, there is no way.

After all, as long as the Chu Family can be dealt with with difficulty, the Chengnan project can continue construction. There is no need to risk a lot of uncertainty and look for another company.

Ethan glanced at Maggie. The latter sighed silently. It was obvious that she also understood Ethan’s difficulties, but she was also helpless.

This is fate. Sadly, one’s own destiny is now in the hands of others.

When Luca heard Ethan’s words, he smiled and replied, “I just said, you give me half of the shares in the Chengnan project, even if we are done, now our family is the largest in the province, and even the entire region. The engineering equipment company is now. If you promise me, then I promise you will do this Chengnan project well!”

Shameless! Ethan was a little angry, and he directly replied coldly: “You are dreaming, so be sober, I’m serious about business!”

The trace of hostility that Ethan burst out suddenly really surprised Luca.

He didn’t expect that when he had reached this point, Ethan even dared to treat himself with this attitude, without any hint of subduing.

The dead duck has a hard mouth, still not convinced, is it? Then I don’t think you can see the coffin or cry, just wait and see.

Luca smiled suddenly, glanced at his father, and sneered: “Haha, of course it was a joke just now. I know that you can’t agree to that kind of condition. Okay, let’s talk about the conditions.”

Luca looked a lot more serious, and said: “Actually, I also know that when doing business, I pay attention to harmony and make money. I actually don’t want to make your relationship too rigid. After all, you are making money, and I am also making money. Only when the big guys put their strength together can they cooperate and win-win?”

Luca’s words were very good, but immediately after his talk changed, the taste of his words suddenly changed.

“Ho ho, but you also know that because of your decision before, we, Buckeye, almost stepped into the abyss of immortality. At that time, my dad knelt down for you and begged for mercy!” Luca’s eyes flashed as he spoke. With a trace of hatred, he looked at Ethan and continued, “That’s dignity. As a man, is there anything more important than dignity? Money is important, but compared with dignity, it’s worthless!”

“I have said so much, just say it. What do you want?” Ethan said calmly.

But at this moment, how can Ethan be calm? In his heart, the waves were already raging.

This is equivalent to being put together by the Chu family’s father and son, and being able to talk to the other party calmly here is already forcing himself to suppress his anger.

He knew more clearly, Luca said so much, but the most important thing is that it hasn’t started yet.

When Luca heard the words, he sneered and laughed: “Happily, it’s so happy. Okay, I’ll just say it. Now you have no choice. You can only discuss cooperation with our Chu family. Don’t worry, I am a person. I will not take advantage of the fire. The cooperative plan and the contract terms are still in accordance with the previously negotiated. I will not change the payment, and I will not ask you a penny more!”

“Hey, would you be so kind?” Ethan sneered, and there were a hundred nonsense about Luca in his heart.

Luca cast a blank look at Ethan, and said, “Believe it or not, anyway, I have put my words here. Of course, I am not unconditional.”

“I knew it was like this.” Ethan said lightly, “I’ve been waiting for a long time, let’s talk about your conditions!”

Luca nodded, lit a cigarette for himself, got up from the chair, and looked at Ethan: “I just said, you let our Chu family lose all their dignity, so I want it. It’s very simple, that is you give me back your dignity! As for how to pay back…”

Luca smiled evilly, with a sly flash in the corner of his eyes, pointing at his feet, and said: “My father kneeled for you before and begged you, now I want you to kneel down for me, please!”

In the last sentence, Luca said powerfully and full of anger.

When Ethan drove their Chu family out of the Chengnan project and made the Chu family on the verge of bankruptcy, he swore that one day, he would let Ethan return what he had lost with his own profit.

Let Ethan kneel at his feet and beg for mercy!

At that time, Luca still felt that his ideal seemed too far away.

Because at that time, the Chu family was about to collapse, and Ethan was just in the sky.

But what he didn’t expect was that the world was really so wonderful sometimes. He decided what he seemed to be unable to do in his entire life. Today, just now, he is almost doing it, and he is infinitely close to himself. Goals and ideals!

And Luca knew very well that Ethan had no choice at all now.

“You are presumptuous!”

Before Ethan could speak, Maggie broke out suddenly and yelled at Luca.

Maggie clenched her fists, as if she was on the verge of anger.

“Let Mr. Ethan kneel for you? Are you impatient?” Maggie continued angrily, “What are you? If you dare to die again, then I can consider whether to make you perfect!”

While speaking, Maggie took a fierce step forward and was already ready to go, as if she was ready to go forward and end the other party at any time.

Let Ethan kneel? For Maggie, this was more unacceptable than letting herself kneel.

Ethan is the son of Eric Norman, and the blood of the Norman Family is flowing in his veins. How noble, can it be tainted by ants like you?

And now, the road seems to have been blocked by the other party, and they are still aggressive, Maggie really has a murderous intent in her heart.

And in her capacity, even if the Chu family father and son ended up here, they would be able to settle the matter back.

But just when Maggie was already thinking about how to start, Ethan suddenly spoke.

“Maggie.” Ethan waved his hand, motioning Maggie to step back.

“Young Master Ethan, these two people need a lesson, I think you still…”

“No, Maggie, we are talking about business. We are not here to fight fiercely. You should withdraw first. I have two things to say.”

Maggie was a little unwilling, but she still retreated behind Ethan.

Ethan still didn’t have much expression on his face. He just looked at Luca indifferently, hesitated for a moment, and finally asked, “You are serious? I will kneel down and apologize, and your Chu family can resume work?”

Hearing this, Luca was simply overjoyed, because Ethan had said such things. Obviously, he was ready to subdue himself!

“Of course, I did what I said!” Luca curled his lips.


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