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Chapter 452. Kira

“Don’t stop you? Let you beat these people half to death?” Maggie said coldly, “This is an extraordinary period. We must act very carefully.”

Maggie thought a little, and then asked, “By the way, where is Kira who is responsible for supervising the quality of the project?”

A person behind Maggie hurriedly stood up and said, “Kira should be at the construction site? What’s the matter with Maggie?”

Maggie nodded and said with some relief: “It seems that I asked Kira to supervise the quality of the project. It was a correct decision. He is serious and I believe he must have no problem.”

As soon as Maggie said this, several of her men behind her hurriedly echoed: “Yeah, Maggie, Kira is very serious in doing things. He is almost sleeping on the construction site now…”

“Yes, there is Kira in the town over there. I believe that the quality of our project will not go wrong!”

The few people under Maggie seemed to trust that Kira very much, even Maggie seemed to have high hopes for this person.

But Ethan’s heart still had a trace of disbelief, and he hurriedly asked, “Maggie, is this person really okay?”

Maggie smiled upon hearing the words, and hurriedly said: “Young Master Ethan, it is true that this person has been with me for six years. He is a low-key and serious person and is very reliable in doing things. That’s why I sent him to the Chengnan project. Quality supervision.”

Maggie seemed to see a trace of doubt in Ethan’s heart, and hurriedly said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Mr. Ethan, I believe that the so-called quality of the project must be a lie fabricated by the other party. As long as it is rechecked tomorrow, The truth will be revealed to the world. And tomorrow I will send people from the Lei team to supervise and review the whole process. If the other party dares to play tricks, we will discover it the first time!”

Hearing Maggie gave such a guarantee, Ethan seemed to feel relieved at last.

In fact, Ethan also believed in Maggie’s ability to do things, she shouldn’t go wrong.

But Ethan is still a little confused. If the other party wants to engage himself, then why did he agree to his proposal to review the quality of the project so easily?

Obviously, if the project quality appraisal certificate in their hands is fake, then they will definitely kill the result of the appraisal certificate, and they will not even be given the opportunity to quibble on their side, and force themselves to stop work.

But the other party agreed so easily, which made Ethan really unbelievable, or in other words, he couldn’t believe it easily.

In Ethan’s view, either there is a bigger conspiracy behind this matter, or these people are stupid.

“Young Master Ethan, what’s the matter with you?” Maggie suddenly touched Ethan lightly, and couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “Are you on your mind?”

Ethan frowned, shook his head and said, “It’s okay, I just feel a little flustered in my heart, it always feels like something is going to happen.”

Maggie couldn’t help frowning when she heard the words, and asked, “You are puzzled, why did they agree to our proposal to review the quality of the project so easily?”

Ethan nodded.

Maggie groaned slightly, and said, “In fact, I felt strange at first, but I think maybe they think there is no reason to reject our application? After all, according to the normal procedure, as long as we have objections to their test results, we can ask for re-review. Yes, and in the program, they have no reason to refuse, maybe because of this, they agree?”

Ethan scratched his head when he heard the words. Perhaps for now, this is indeed a reasonable explanation.

However, the sadness on Ethan’s face has not been reduced by half. Maggie can see this very clearly. It is obvious that Ethan still has some doubts in his heart.

Maggie couldn’t help but smiled and said, “Ethan Norman, there are some things that may be suspected to be right, but if you suspect too much, sometimes it only adds to your own troubles. I know you may still have no idea about it. Let Kira, who is in charge of project quality supervision, bring all the quality inspection files he has on hand to my office. We will know the result after reading it from beginning to end. What do you think?”

Now, it seems that there is only one way.

Ethan nodded and said, “Well, Maggie, let’s go now.”

About an hour passed.

Ethan was a little flustered waiting in Maggie’s office.

He got up several times and looked in the direction of the office door, but he still saw no one, and his heart became more tense.

“Why haven’t you come yet?” Ethan couldn’t help looking at Maggie, who was buried behind the desk and handled the files seriously.

Ethan had to admit that his concentration was too far behind Maggie.

Now he felt like a long grass in his heart, and he was flustered.

But the situation has reached this point, and Maggie can still bear her mind to deal with daily tasks. Ethan really admires this point.

Maggie raised her head and smiled at Ethan: “I’m a little anxious waiting, isn’t it?”

Maggie glanced at the time and said, “It’s almost there. It will take some time for Chengnan to get here, and he also needs to sort out some materials. It will take time.”

After Maggie finished speaking, she smiled at Ethan, and then continued to deal with the files.

But Maggie was still disappointed with Ethan in her heart.

It seems that after all, he is still too young, can’t stand his temper, can’t hold his breath, and now just wait for the individual to appear, and he can’t sit still.

What about the next big scene? Isn’t the performance more exaggerated?

Hey, it seems that Ethan still needs training. Maggie sighed in her heart.

But at this moment, the door of Maggie’s office was knocked suddenly.

Ethan hurried to his spirits when he heard the sound. Before Maggie could speak, he said loudly, “Come in!”

As soon as Ethan’s voice fell, the door was pushed open, and then a young man who was twenty-five or sixteen years old, combing a middle-handed man, walked in quickly.

Seeing Ethan, the young man hurriedly showed a smile and bowed slightly: “Jiang, you are also here.”

Ethan nodded.

The young man hurriedly thought about Maggie and said hello, and smiled: “Maggie, there was a small block on the road just now. It might have been a bit of a delay. I’m really sorry.”

Maggie smiled: “It’s okay, Kira, you have been working hard recently. With you staring at the Chengnan Project, I feel more at ease. Sit down, have you brought everything?”

Na Kira nodded quickly and respectfully said: “I brought Maggie, just now you called me to let me come, I will quickly bring the latest project quality supervision files, as well as the bottom account of the purchase of construction materials. Here, do you want to watch it?”

Maggie got up, got up from behind the desk, and motioned Kira to sit next to Ethan: “You can put it here, I can just look at it myself.”

After speaking, Maggie also sat on the sofa, and the three of them began to read the thick pile of files that Kira had brought from beginning to end.

Although Ethan couldn’t understand this kind of engineering quality file at all, he couldn’t stand the explanations and explanations of Kira and Maggie beside him, so he could understand it.

Time slowly passed, more than an hour passed, and the thick stack of files brought by Kira was finally read.

Maggie finally breathed a long sigh of relief, and said to Ethan: “Young Master Ethan, now we have read everything. Now you can rest assured? Kira is my most trusted subordinate. I always feel relieved when he does things. , You see, didn’t he just handle this matter very well?”

Maggie smiled, and continued: “And those people actually said that there was a problem with the quality of our projects. I think this is because they are asking for trouble. We will wait and see the result tomorrow. I want to see the result. Come out, what else can they say.”

After reading everything, Ethan was finally relieved.

He reluctantly thought of Maggie and smiled, and said, “If this is the case, then I can rest assured, I hope that tomorrow will be just like what you said Ye Sister.”

Maggie nodded and said to Kira again: “Kira, you have done a good job. You have worked hard during this time. Don’t worry. When the Chengnan project is successfully completed, Maggie will not treat you badly!”

After Maggie finished speaking, Kira smiled quickly.

It’s just that Ethan and Maggie, who were immersed in excitement and joy, didn’t realize that behind Kira’s smile, there was a trace of panic and nervousness on his face…


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