I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 453

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Chapter 453

However, his nervousness quickly abated and went back, and replaced it with a smile on his face: “Maggie, you helped me when I was most difficult. I will do things for you and do the things you accounted for. That’s a matter of course and righteousness, what you said is to shame me.”

Kira immediately said again: “Maggie, don’t worry. I asked Ying to supervise the project quality. Then I will do it well. If I can’t do it well, I’m sorry Ye Sister, I’m sorry, Ethan Norman. Hmph, those people are so naive, they want to pick the bones from the quality of the project, they are just idiotic dreams!”

Kira said a lot of rhetoric, as well as words to please Maggie and Ethan.

Finally, he said: “Let’s do it, Maggie, the man on the construction site is temporarily suspended. I still have a lot of things to deal with. You and Mr. Ethan are busy first, so I will return to the project site first.

After speaking, Kira hastily packed up his things, got up and left.

Just as soon as she walked out of Maggie’s office, Kira leaned directly against the wall of the corridor outside, swallowing a sip of water, and the sweat on her forehead burst out instantly.

It can be seen that he seemed extremely nervous at this time, as if he had survived a disaster.

After a while, Kira hurriedly looked around and saw two people approaching not far away. She wiped her sweat quickly and walked away from the company.

“Hey Kira, are you back?” The two people who came on hurriedly greeted him.

He was okay, and responded with a silly smile: “Yeah, Maggie has something to do with me, are you okay? How about I invite you to dinner another day?”

“Haha, how can I ask you every time? This time I come, I will call a few more people, let’s get together, Kira, you must come by then!” The person smiled.

“Ho ho, then I have to look at the task of the construction site. If I have time, I will definitely come.”

“Hey, no wonder Maggie takes you seriously. Look at you. Whenever you put work first. Okay, I’ll set a time later. Everyone try to make room for time… Then we go first. busy.”

After speaking, the two walked away.

As soon as the two of them walked to the corner of the corridor and disappeared, the silly smile on Kira’s face suddenly stopped.

He snorted disdainfully, didn’t know what the corner of his mouth murmured, and quickly walked out of the company.

At this time, the two people who had just chatted with him, although they had gone far, still praised Kira for all the benefits.

Kira left the company non-stop all the way, then plunged into his car, only to breathe a long sigh of relief.

However, he did not rush back to the Chengnan project site as he just said with Maggie, but took out a delicate cigar from under the car seat, took out a lighter and lit it leisurely.

He took a few sips slowly, and his expression became much more soothed.

” , it’s been six years, it’s finally over!” He murmured, and then he slammed the cigar on the steering wheel of the car, his face suddenly turned cold.

He took out his cell phone and dialed a number directly.

“My work has been completed, can I leave this horrible place now?” As soon as the call was connected, Kira said in a questioning tone to the phone.

There was a short delay on the other end of the phone, and a gloomy voice slowly came out, “Are you sure you are talking to me in this tone? Is it because you have been there for too long, and you really think of me Enemy? I hope your attitude can be more respectful to me, otherwise you should know what will happen to you if I don’t say it?”

The cold voice of the other party made Kira take a breath. He also felt that his previous attitude seemed a little wrong, and he quickly eased his tone, saying: “I…I just feel like I’m here to take the courage. After six years, I feel a bit wronged…I…”

“Aggrieved? , six million will be called to your account early tomorrow morning. I hope you won’t feel wronged when you spend the money.” The phone sneered and said, “And I want to tell you. Yes, you can’t disappear now, otherwise they will be alert. You have been waiting for six years. Couldn’t you wait for the last day? Could it be… they have found something wrong with you?”

The other end of the phone groaned slightly, and hurriedly asked, “I asked you, did you show them all the materials I gave you? Did they believe it?”

Kira heard the words and hurriedly said: “Yes, I showed them all, and I think they believed me very much, and didn’t mean to question me at all. Especially that Maggie, I have been with her for six years, now I am Her confidant, she would never doubt me!”

“That’s good.” On the other side of the phone, “but this woman is still very difficult, so I advise you not to be too optimistic. She is someone who can play with me. If you think she is so simple, then I see. You will die in her hands sooner or later!”

Hearing that the person on the other end of the phone said about herself, Kira couldn’t help but smile contemptuously, her words were full of disdain, and said: “I have been with her for six years. Do you think you know her or I know her better? Hey, now I know this woman so well, what she will do, I know better than anyone else, don’t worry!”

After speaking, Kira ended the call, started the car and left the company.

And he still firmly believes that he knows Maggie enough and is strong enough to fool Maggie!

What he didn’t know was that when Zaid finished the call on the other side of the phone, he sighed a long time. He sat in a cafe, looked at the busy street outside the window, and said lightly: ” This idiot! Do you think you really know this woman? Ho Ho, you are too naive!”

On the other side, Maggie’s office.

As soon as Kira left, the faces of Maggie and Yan Yueshen suddenly became gloomy.

When Ethan saw this, he couldn’t help being a little surprised, after all, Maggie’s expression had changed too quickly.

“What’s wrong with Maggie?” Ethan asked puzzledly.

Maggie turned to look at Ethan when she heard the words, sneered, and asked, “Mr. Ethan, what do you think of this Kira?”

Ethan couldn’t help being asked for a moment, and hurriedly said, “He? Isn’t he your most important subordinate to Ye Sister? And I think this person is meticulous and honest and honest. I think it’s pretty good. What’s wrong?”

Maggie couldn’t help but shook her head with a wry smile, and sighed: “Hey, it seems that you are still too naive. Do you really think that the appearance you see is all the truth? Then you are very wrong. “

Maggie sighed slightly and said, “Young Master Ethan, if I said that this person is a spy someone else has planted next to me, would you believe it?”

“What?” As soon as Maggie said this, Ethan was shocked. He looked at Maggie in disbelief and muttered, “Maggie, you…are you kidding me? It’s not you. The most trusted and most respected subordinate? How could it be… , don’t make fun of me.”

Maggie shook her head when she heard the words, and said with a serious face: “Young Master Ethan, I’m not kidding. He is indeed a spy, and he was sent to live in the beginning, but I still don’t know who sent him. Who is it, but I think, it seems we will know soon.”

Maggie’s words have almost subverted Ethan’s three views.

Even though Maggie was so sure when she said those words, he still thought it was incredible.

That Kira looks so simple and honest, so harmless to humans and animals, how could it be a spy?

And he is Maggie’s most trusted person!

What made Ethan feel even more terrified was that Maggie was also full of doubts about the person she trusted the most.

And since she already knew that Kira was a red-skinned white-hearted radish sent by someone else, but she still valued him so much and placed him in the most important position beside her.

This woman is terrible, right?


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