I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 454

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Chapter 454

“Maggie, are you really sure about this matter?” Ethan still seems to be a little disbelief. After all, he just saw the performance of Kira, he seemed to think that this person is very simple and simple, not like a man. Guy with white skin and red hearts.

Moreover, Ethan reminded Maggie that he was afraid that Maggie would be too cautious and wronged a good person.

“After all, this is someone who has been with you for a long time, Maggie, so I think you should be more cautious.” Ethan finally ordered.

Maggie smiled, got up to pour Ethan a glass of water, and said faintly: “Mr. Ethan, you think this kind of thing. If I don’t check it out, would I dare to talk nonsense?”

Maggie pushed the cup in front of Ethan, and said lightly: “To be honest, I actually trusted Kira at first, because I saved him when he was at his worst and most endangered, so I think he too Will be loyal to me.”

“But it was about two years ago. One day I asked him to complete a job for me. He did a good job, but in the end I found his tricks!”

“The work was done well, but did you find his problem?” Ethan felt a little weird.

Maggie nodded: “Yes, it’s because he did so well, and what he didn’t know was that besides him, another person I sent out to do that thing, and that person’s ability to do things is his Ten times as much as that. But that person’s mission was not as good as one-tenth that of Kira, and later I personally investigated it, and it was true that the mission was extremely difficult. From this, I began to doubt him.

Maggie immediately said again: “Then I quickly sent several people to investigate Kira secretly, and it turned out that someone secretly helped Kira complete the task, so he was able to handle everything so smoothly. You know, he must be someone else’s eye placed beside me.”

Ethan was a little surprised when he heard Maggie’s words, because what Maggie said and the things that the group encountered. In his opinion, it was basically the plot in the novel movie. In reality, there is such a thing?

Ethan frowned, and hurriedly asked, “Then, you know that he is someone else’s eyeliner put by your side, why don’t you drive him away, maybe…”

Ethan gently raised his hand and made a motion of wiping his neck. He was really curious about why Maggie hadn’t done this.

After all, it was someone else’s eyeliner. Staying by your side would be a time bomb. No one knew what day he would explode.

And not only did Maggie fail to get rid of the nail beside her, she actually valued this person and cultivated him into her confidant?

Ethan really couldn’t understand this show operation.

Maggie seemed to see Ethan’s incomprehension, she couldn’t help but smile again, and said, “Do you think I’m a little stupid?”

Ethan shook his head in embarrassment, did not dare to say a word, but that was what he thought in his heart.

“No, I…I didn’t think so.” Ethan scratched his head.

Maggie chuckled and said, “It doesn’t matter if you think this way. In fact, even someone who knows the truth about this matter thinks I am a bit stupid to do this, but I did it anyway, because I’m taking a gamble!”

“What are you betting on?” Ethan asked curiously.

“Betting on tomorrow’s winning or losing!” Maggie said sharply.

“Tomorrow?” Ethan couldn’t help but stunned, “You mean, you already knew tomorrow…”

Of course Maggie understood what Ethan meant, and shook her head quickly with a smile: “Of course I don’t know, but I know that since the people behind him put him by my side, it’s just that one day, he can come in handy, and it seems that tomorrow This is the time. So what I have been waiting for is tomorrow!”

Maggie got up, paced the room twice, and said lightly: “The reason why I never get rid of him, and even reuse him on the face, is to know who the person behind him is, and I also want to use it. Kira acts as a bait to hang out the person behind him! Eliminating Kira is ultimately just to get rid of a dog that does things for people, and I want to uproot it so that I can never suffer from future troubles. Otherwise, I will get rid of one today. Kira, no one knows how many Kiras that person will send tomorrow!”

Maggie looked at Ethan seriously and asked, “Do you understand now?”

Ethan seemed to have an epiphany at once, and his expression was shocked.

He finally knew how much the difference between himself and Maggie was. This was definitely not a star and a half, and the gap between himself and Maggie was definitely not something he would be able to catch up for a while.

She has a calm mind and a long-term vision. The most important thing is that as a woman, she can be so calm.

And knowing that Kira was in the eyes of an individual, she dared to stay by her side and let him become her own cronies. This kind of thing is definitely not something ordinary people can do.

And even if someone could do it, maybe it might not be better than Maggie.

At this moment, Ethan couldn’t help but admire Maggie a little more.

It seemed that her father was very accurate, and Maggie valued her so much at such a young age.

“Then what shall we do next?” Ethan thought for a while, as if he suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly said, “Maggie, since that Kira is an inner ghost, will there be something he just showed us? Question?”

Ethan couldn’t help feeling a little nervous, and hurriedly said, “Could his information be false? And he is on the Chengnan project site. Will he cheat on it? If so, then we seem to be It’s really hanging!”

Obviously, since this little seven is an inner ghost, and the man in the blue suit so easily agreed to the review of the project quality, there must be some connection among them.

Moreover, an unknown premonition seemed to be gradually growing deep in Ethan’s heart.


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