I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 456

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Chapter 456

“For these two indicators, normally, we have to meet the five-level standard to be considered qualified, but the quality of the project here actually only reached the three-level!”

Ye Kira said to Ethan with a serious expression on her face: “At first, after I discovered this problem, it seemed that Kira was ready to do it, because I have been paying attention to him for the past two years, and he has never made any mistakes in his work. , And every task is done very well.”

Ye Kira immediately said: “After I investigated, I found out that when the two indicators were involved, Kira had secret contact with the contractor responsible for this block project, and then the quality went wrong. .”

“That is to say, that Kira did all this deliberately?” Ethan asked.

Ye Kira nodded with a serious face: “That’s true.”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help rubbing his hands nervously. Tomorrow, the review of the entire project would be conducted. Now that this kind of thing happened again, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Ye Kira seemed to see Ethan’s uneasiness, she hurriedly smiled and said, “Jiang, don’t worry, the problem has actually been resolved. After I found out that there was a problem with the quality of the project, I secretly fixed it. The project contractor, maybe that Kira doesn’t know yet, but our project has been stolen and replaced!”

Ye Kira continued, “Do you think if the problem is not solved, my sister can still sit here with peace of mind? Do you think she knows that there is a problem with the project, so she dare to ask others to review the project?”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.

So that’s the case, it seems that I really worry too much.

And Ethan couldn’t help being a little convinced by Maggie’s methods.

Obviously, this is a set of serial games. Both sides are totally calculating me with you, and I am calculating with you.

First, the other party inserted an eye next to Maggie.

But instead of pulling out this eye, Maggie took care of it. She valued this eye more and more, and secretly sent her most trusted sister to monitor his every move.

Immediately after this eye began to use means to defraud the Chengnan project.

But still under Maggie’s control, Maggie not only made the other party feel that she was successful, but also secretly undermined the other party’s conspiracy.

At this time, it is estimated that the other party already feels that he has a good chance of winning, and this is the only way to use the killer trick to get people to stop the Chengnan project, which forces Maggie to take the initiative to apply for the project quality review.

In this way, the other party felt that Maggie had fallen into her trap.

But actually? Instead, Maggie turned them around.

Because the other party didn’t know at all, there was no problem with the Chengnan project at this time, and Maggie was already waiting for the other party to take the bait.

If the quality of the Chengnan project is reviewed this time, and everyone has no problem with the quality of the project, then the other party will obviously be caught off guard.

Instead, I have enough time to deal with the engineering installation company.

Moreover, the other party’s delusional conspiracy to completely stop the Chengnan Project completely broke.

On the contrary, there is no more reason to stop the Chengnan project.

Moreover, it is estimated that the opponent has other combinations of punches, but in the case that the first punch is not done well, even if they have a careful plan and a strong method in the follow-up, they will all be invalidated, because this first step they are Failed.

After thinking about this, Ethan suddenly felt a sense of realisation.

He looked at Maggie with some surprise, it was hard to believe his eyes.

With such a complicated situation and the other party’s careful calculation, Maggie seemed to be busy dealing with it, but in fact, she had resolved all kinds of crises secretly.

It seemed that he was driven to the limit by the opponent, but the real result was that the opponent was played around by Maggie.

“Wonderful! Great!” Ethan didn’t know how to describe Maggie.

In the past, Ethan felt that Maggie seemed to be a little more talented in business, but what she didn’t expect was that her strategy was so good.

Talents are really rare talents.

It seems that my father’s vision is really good!

Originally, Ethan still had no idea, and felt that this Chengnan project seemed to be defeated in his own hands.

But now it seems that he is worrying too much.

Because of Maggie, she survived the catastrophe again this time.

Maggie just smiled lightly for Ethan’s praise. She didn’t mean too much pride, and said softly, “It’s all being forced into helplessness. Mr. Ethan, maybe you think this is already thrilling, but this is what it is. There, if one day, you can know all the plans of MR. Norman , I guess you will be surprised and speechless.”

Speaking of Eric Norman, Maggie’s expression suddenly became more solemn, and she said solemnly, “Young Master Ethan, I don’t dare to say anything without MR. Norman ’s permission, but there is one thing you have to believe that your father loves you. No matter when, he loves you more than he treats everything else, so… So I want to tell you that maybe in the future MR. Norman has something that will make you feel puzzled and make you think that your father is here. Use yourself, but I ask you not to hate him. There may be some things that you don’t understand yet, but one day you will understand that everything your father does is for you!”

Maggie’s last sudden sentence caught Ethan off guard.

Do you wonder what your father did?

Is there anything father doesn’t understand? Ethan didn’t think so.

In fact, deep down in his heart, he is much more relieved about his father’s abandonment of himself and his mother.

He felt that his father must have had difficulties at the time, and Ethan felt that although he had not met his father, he had experienced so many things, and that people like Maggie were able to work hard for his father, even if it was With these few points alone, father seems to be a person who has no problem.

Maybe he is really difficult, and how can he not understand him?

As for what Maggie said that her father used herself? Hate him yourself?

Ethan felt that this seemed a bit nonsense, why did he hate his father?

Ethan smiled faintly, looked at Maggie, and said with certainty: “Maggie, don’t worry, I understand what you mean, and I understand my father now, why would I hate him?”

Ethan smiled calmly, as if he hadn’t put all these things in his eyes.

But the more Ethan was, the more Maggie sighed.

Because obviously, Maggie felt that Ethan didn’t really understand what she meant.

She sighed and said silently: “No, you don’t understand, but I believe that one day, you will understand.”

After saying this, Maggie thought a little bit.

On the contrary, what she said made Ethan feel a little clouded.

Why don’t you understand? How can I not understand my father?

He is his father’s biological son, and his father has already entrusted himself with such a large project as the Chengnan Project. How could he not understand his father?

Ethan felt that Maggie seemed a little worried.

But what Ethan didn’t know, Maggie had seen through his thoughts a long time ago, and it was precisely because of this that she felt that Ethan didn’t understand her meaning at all, and didn’t understand Eric Norman’s difficulties.

Forget it, this is the end of the matter, take one step at a time. Maggie sighed secretly in her heart, and as she said, there may be some things that Ethan still doesn’t understand at all, but soon, in the near future, he will always understand.

Maggie thought for a while, then the topic changed, and she continued: “Oh yes, Ethan Norman, regarding tomorrow’s affairs. Is there anything else you want to tell?”

Ethan thought for a while, was about to shook his head, suddenly thought of something, and said, “Maggie, tomorrow those people will review the quality of the Chengnan project. Should we entrust a third party to conduct the review together? Or is it they? What is said? Even if we are confident in our hearts, there are some things that we have to guard against, right?”

Maggie nodded when she heard the words: “Well, I thought about this before, so I have already found a third-party testing agency. They will send someone over tomorrow to participate in the review and inspection together, and in order to completely make these people dumb. Silent, I also found some media specially.”

Maggie paused, and said, “The Chengnan project is a big deal for Buckeye. Many people are staring at it with a lot of eyes, so I plan to call in the media to let everyone return our innocence. Then the truth will become clear to the world. , I want to see what those people have to say, and I have prepared the lawyer’s letter. As soon as we detect it here, I will immediately sue the person who gave us the temporary suspension notice. People, instead of just waiting for death, we should take the initiative to attack. When the time comes, it will be up to the opponent to parry…”

Maggie really thought a lot, too many things thought of her head.

Regarding this, Ethan could only nod her head continuously. Maggie asked herself what else she would like to tell. Ethan felt a little ridiculous. With her, what else should she tell?

“Well, that’s good.” Ethan looked at Maggie, then at Ye Kira, and smiled slightly, “Thank you.”

Sisters Maggie and Ye Kira looked at each other and smiled. The former said, “Young Master Ethan, what is there to be grateful for? Don’t worry, with us here, the sky here in Buckeye won’t be able to turn it over for the time being!”

That night, Ethan did not return to Buckeye University, but slept all night in Pablo’s hotel. Early the next morning, Maggie drove Ethan and went straight to the southern city project site.


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