I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 457

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Chapter 457

Ethan and Maggie arrived at the construction site very early, less than 7:30.

But even so, a lot of people gathered on the Chengnan project site at this time.

Some are contractors for engineering projects, there are also media with 20 or 30 people, and some are third-party engineering quality inspection agencies that Maggie has previously commissioned.

At this time, there were no fewer than a hundred people here, and after Maggie’s Mercedes appeared, there was a small commotion in the team of ten people.

The contractors of those projects couldn’t help but start talking in low voices. Some people seemed a little worried, while others didn’t.

After seeing Maggie’s car, the media from all walks of life in the Buckeye River of 20 or 30 people rushed up. Before Maggie got out of the car, they had already surrounded her car.

“Bang…” Maggie got out of the car and slammed the door closed, and all the media began to rush to ask questions.

“Ms. Ye, we already know that the quality inspection department has issued a temporary suspension notice to the Chengnan project. It is said that there is a certificate of unqualified quality for a certain project. Is this true? Does that mean a sensation? The Chengnan project is experiencing an unprecedented crisis?”

“Ms. Ye, does the Chengnan project really have quality problems? This is Buckeye’s most eye-catching project. It is also a window of Buckeye to the world in the future, and it will be the top priority of the future Buckeye New District planning. May I ask if it is true? If something goes wrong, will you and your company give all citizens an explanation?”

“I heard that the Chengnan project was funded by the Norman Family from an overseas consortium. Are the rumors true? Now that the quality of the Chengnan project has a problem, can it be determined that the overseas Norman Family is preparing to get wool on the Buckeye Run away? As a party, do I have any explanation?”

“Huh? Miss Maggie, who is this gentleman in your car? Is it also someone who is related to the quality of this project? Or your boyfriend? Your boyfriend is very young, he seems to be a student, right? , May I ask if there is a problem with the quality of the project this time, is it also related to your over-investment in personal emotions and negligence in the control of the project? Will you apologize for this matter?”

Although Ethan didn’t get out of the car, he was able to hear the questions from the media just now.

Ethan’s face was gloomy, and he couldn’t wait to curse these people directly.

After all, there is no real hammer on the matter right now, but these people have already started to make irresponsible remarks, splashing dirty water on Maggie and the Chengnan Project, Ethan can’t stand it anyway.

These people are really hateful enough. Originally, things weren’t too big, but if they all reported as they did, maybe the things were serious, and some of their questions were obviously digging holes waiting for Maggie to jump.

Some people are even distorting the facts.

What is Maggie’s boyfriend? She neglected to manage the project because she was with herself.

When these people said this, there were even noses and eyes, as if he had seen it.

Ethan clenched his fist tightly, his face full of anger, he could hardly rush to get out of the car and go to these people for a theory.

But he still held back, because Maggie had already known him on the way before.

Maggie seems to know these people very well. She knows that these people will constantly dig pits for herself and constantly distort facts in order to achieve the purpose of obtaining explosive news.

And because of this, Maggie asked Ethan to stay in the car and not go out.

Because Ethan’s experience with these people is really pitiful, maybe just because he was careless in a word, he was caught by the other party and then exaggerated and exaggerated the report.

If that were the case, Maggie wouldn’t help even if she had the power of a fairy.

Instead, it was Maggie herself, facing these people, she knew their thoughts a long time ago.

Not only will she not be tired of coping, she knows how to guide these people instead.

Outside the car, Maggie waited until the noise of these people was quiet for a few minutes before speaking.

“Everyone, you can talk nonsense about some things, but if you distort the report of the facts, I’m sorry, I will ask a lawyer to deal with you directly in court.” Maggie said loudly, “I will only say two things here today. 1. Our Chengnan project will not have this quality problem at all. I can assure you that the current situation is because someone is making trouble behind it. As for who it is, I will find out and give you an answer. Reasonable explanation.”

Maggie paused, and then she said: “Secondly, the Chengnan project is indeed funded by Mr. Eric Norman, chairman of the overseas Shen Group, but it is only financial support, project operation and management, and most of the The capital investment is all done by our local enterprise. In other words, the Chengnan project is Buckeye’s project. It is here and no one can take it away. It is even more unlikely that the cutting of leeks and wool will happen. I ask everyone to put a hundred hearts on it.”

Maggie turned her head and looked at Ethan in the car, and finally said, “The one in the car is just a friend of mine. I hope that everyone will not be tempted, otherwise I will ask my lawyer to talk to him about this.”

After Maggie said a few simple words, everyone present suddenly became quiet a lot.

After all, Maggie had just put the ugly words on the front, and if they dared to report wanton, then it would be a lawsuit.

These people are just to gain attention, and there is no need to take such a big risk for a headline news.

“Then Miss Maggie, may I ask you to pack a ticket, saying that there is nothing wrong with the quality of the Chengnan project under your company?” Suddenly a media person asked again.

As soon as this person said this, almost all the media present began to follow suit and questioned together.

Maggie pondered for a moment, raised her head seriously, and said loudly, “Of course, I can promise!”

Maggie had just finished saying these words, and the twenty or thirty media opposite her shot and videotaped Maggie with spears.

Many people rushed to transcribe the words in their notebooks.

After all, this is equivalent to Maggie’s promise.

Since she has promised that the Chengnan project will not have any problems, of course these people are eager to see how it turns out.

But at this moment, in the presence of the crowd, a voice suddenly came over, and the dozens of media immediately turned their eyes again.

“Ho ho, I told you yesterday, don’t say it so dead, don’t say it so early, the result hasn’t come out yet, do you know what the result is?”

When the voice came, the crowd immediately gave up a passage to let the person in.

Immediately afterwards, a group of a dozen people walked in directly from outside the crowd.

And the leader was the man in the blue suit. He still hasn’t changed his clothes today. He still wears a blue suit, but his head is getting brighter, and the look on his face is getting more proud.

But the more proud the other party was, the more ridiculous Maggie felt.

“The result? Of course I know.” Maggie said coldly.

The other party curled his lips and said with a look of disdain: “Okay, then wait and see!”

After speaking, the man in the blue suit waved to the dozen people he had brought, and said, “Okay, let’s start work!”

“Hold on!” Suddenly, Maggie shouted at the other party.

“Are you doing something?” The man in the blue suit frowned and looked at Maggie, “Why, you have to make a mistake? You asked for a project quality review. Could it be that you have changed your mind now?”

“Of course not!” Maggie pointed to a dozen people aside, and said, “This is the third-party testing agency I invited. You said it was up to standard. I don’t believe it. I’ve invited them now. If you do the final test The result is the same, then I can recognize it.”

Maggie even kept a hand, which really surprised the man in the blue suit, and his face instantly became gloomy.

He looked at Maggie coldly, unexpectedly hesitated.

Maggie also sneered and said, “Why, are you scared? There is media here. If you can’t agree with my request, what is your credibility?”

“I…” The man in the blue suit seemed to want to say something, but he turned his head and glanced at the dozens or twenty shots that shot at him, and suddenly hesitated again.

“You can!” the other party said indifferently.

He couldn’t help sighing in his heart, he still looked down upon Maggie.

And now Maggie has said so, so if she disagrees, obviously she will be made difficult by these media to ask questions first, and then how they want to write, I don’t know.

The man in the blue suit hesitated for a moment, looked at the media, and could only nod his head: “Okay, yes!”

But before Maggie was happy, she saw the other party sneer at herself: “Don’t be too proud of yourself. What is the end result? Now everyone doesn’t know!”

After speaking, the man in the blue suit waved his hand again, and his dozen or so inspectors each carried their own devices and started to work.

The person in charge of the third-party testing agency Maggie invited also asked Maggie in a low voice, and then turned around to let her people go to work.

The next thing to do is to wait.

Maggie was not very nervous, because after all, Ye Kira was responsible for this matter, and she completely trusted her sister.

It’s just that Ethan in the car seemed to be a little unsure, got out of the car uneasy, and watched not far away from time to time.

At this moment, Dave, who was on the side, looked at Ethan from time to time, as if he had something to say, but he stopped talking.


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