I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 460

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Chapter 460

Ethan’s scream immediately attracted dozens of sharp eyes at the press conference.

Upon seeing this, Ethan couldn’t help but feel a little lost. After all, he just subconsciously screamed, but he didn’t expect so many people to look at him.

Ethan couldn’t say much for a while, so he could only shook his head slightly at Maggie.

Maggie believed in her sister’s abilities, and felt that the Chengnan project was okay, but Ethan didn’t believe it, even if he didn’t believe it particularly, but she definitely didn’t dare to say so much.

After all, Ethan is very clear that detecting such things is not so 100%. In case there is a slight negligence, then in the end, he may face endless abysses.

Ethan looked at Maggie, his eyes suddenly felt a little more imploring.

Ethan knew what Maggie wanted to do. He just wanted to use his own adventures in exchange for the complete destruction of the other party, but this kind of risk was too great.

Ethan may also be the cautious energy that he brought from his bones, and it was fully demonstrated here at this time.

He didn’t want to take a risk. In Ethan’s view, if he survives today’s hurdle, the Chengnan project will be able to function normally. For Ethan, he is already content. After all, this seems to be the best. As a result, if you are too greedy, I am afraid it will backfire.

But Maggie looked at Ethan, frowned slightly, and motioned Ethan to sit down with her eyes.

Regarding today’s situation, Maggie obviously felt that she had a good idea, and she didn’t need Ethan to remind herself what to do for the time being.

Just at this moment, the man in the blue suit sitting next to Maggie spoke up. He looked at Ethan and grinned and said, “Yeah, who is this? Why, Miss Maggie is not going to introduce you to everyone. ?”

Maggie certainly knew that Ethan’s identity had not yet been announced.

So she just faintly replied: “It’s just a company employee, sit down, I know it in my heart.”

In the last sentence, Maggie said to Ethan, as if with commands in her tone.

Regarding this, Ethan could only sigh heavily in his heart, and sat back again with unwillingness.

Maggie turned her head, looked at the man in the blue suit again, and continued: “You just said that you should give me the next guarantee, right? That’s okay, but I think this kind of thing is mutual. I promise you. You have to give me a guarantee?”

The man in the blue suit seemed to have expected that Maggie would have said this. He smiled faintly, and said, “Okay, let’s talk about it. I will give you whatever guarantee you want!”

Maggie was so excited when she heard the words, she said, “Okay, very good. Actually, my request is very simple. If your test result is no problem today, then I want you to still have your people. You will not be allowed within three years. One step further into the Seongnam project, do you dare to agree?”

Maggie looked at each other solemnly, her eyes full of determination.

In fact, she asked for this press conference today to achieve one of the most important goals, that is.

Maggie is very clear, even if the results of this inspection show that there is no problem with the Chengnan Project.

Then she can only be considered a temporary disaster, but almost everyone can imagine, with the behavior and style of the man in the blue suit, this time, things must be just the beginning.

If he feels that his dignity and prestige are damaged today, he will definitely stare at himself in the days to come, as long as he has a little problem, he will make things difficult for him.

Don’t say anything else, even if it’s just that he will give you a temporary suspension notice, I can’t bear it.

After all, the Chengnan project was suspended for one day, and the loss was huge.

On the other hand, he wanted to stop work. It was simply too simple. Just find any reason to stop work.

Maggie naturally took these into consideration, so she guided her step by step, and finally said the words here.

Maggie took it for granted that as long as she can make the man in the blue suit promise in front of many media that she will not disturb the Chengnan project in three years, and as long as three years later, the Chengnan project is completed, then she has nothing to fear. Of it.

As for any promise you can give him, the premise of any promise is the quality of the Chengnan project.

Maggie’s bet is that the Chengnan project will not go wrong!

Between the two sides of the game, it depends on who can have the last laugh.

Maggie looked at each other and urged: “Why, dare you not?”

Not only Maggie, but the woman who was the first to ask a question to a man in a blue suit also immediately asked: “Yes, Engineer Feng, don’t you dare to promise? Or you are simply scared. The Chengnan project will be fine. Can’t you come to Taiwan?”

“Yeah, yeah…” Immediately after this woman, many people there immediately asked directly.

The man in the blue suit looked a little impatient. He suddenly waved his hand and scolded, “What do you want to do? Do you want to force the palace?”

The scene suddenly became quiet, and the man in the blue suit snorted coldly and said, “Promise? , why can’t I promise? I’m afraid? What am I afraid of? Huh, you are too naive!”

He then said loudly: “Okay, don’t you just want to hear this sentence? Then I will say it. I am here in front of the many media present and promised to all Buckeye people, If today’s final review test result of the Chengnan project says that there is no problem, then I, and the team I am responsible for, promise not to step into the Chengnan project within three years!”

After speaking, the man in the blue suit turned his head and looked at Maggie, and said contemptuously: “Miss Maggie, what you want to hear, I have finished talking, now it’s your turn? Ho ho, maybe you dare not be the last Have you promised?”

Maggie snorted and smiled and said, “Well, since you have just publicly said your promise, then I will simply say something you want to hear today.”

Maggie got up and said solemnly: “Everyone, today I represent myself, my company, and the Chengnan project. I hereby promise that if one of the 22 indicators of the Chengnan project’s review test fails today, then I promise Demolish all the projects that have been constructed in the Chengnan Project for reconstruction!

As soon as Maggie said this, the audience was in an uproar.

Because everyone knows the weight of Maggie’s words.

The suspension of the Chengnan project already meant that Maggie would suffer a huge loss.

And if all the projects under construction are pushed back, the loss will be overwhelmed.

You know, although the Chengnan project has only started a one-phase project, even if it is, the investment in it is already several billion.

And although the start-up time is not long, there are already some projects that are inseparable.

Even in one area, a large number of residential communities have been built.

If this is demolished, it means that all the construction costs will be wasted, and most importantly, this is just the beginning.

Construction costs, and demolition also requires a lot of funds. If it is far away, even the demolition cost of so many projects under construction is an astronomical figure.

And all this, Maggie said very lightly.

Even Ethan on the side was stunned after hearing what Maggie said.

Ethan looked sad, he couldn’t even think about how could Maggie dare to say such a thing?

Is she crazy? In case something went wrong with this matter, the loss he would have to bear would be a few hundred million less.

This is all vain money, how easy it is to lose so much money, but if you want to make it back, it is even more difficult.

It’s just that Maggie didn’t seem to take it seriously, and she still went her own way.

After she finished speaking, she looked at the man in the blue suit and sneered, “How about it, is this the result you want?”

The man in the blue suit smiled and nodded: “Very well, since everyone has said everything, then wait for the result!”

The man in the blue suit looked down at the time and couldn’t help but smiled: “At this time, the result should have been out, and it is probably on the way to deliver it now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the door of the press conference hall. A man in a black suit walked in quickly, holding a portfolio bag in his hand.


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