I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 462

Chapter 462

Suddenly someone on the scene shouted: “One-third of the project quality is not up to standard. You treat human life as a child’s play, right? After this Chengnan project is completed, there are thousands of people living and working here. Yes, are you trying to kill someone?”

As soon as the man’s voice fell, another person stood up and pointed at Maggie and shouted angrily: “Huh. You black-hearted businessmen, all of you are masters who eat people and don’t spit out bones. Human blood buns are very fragrant, right? Don’t you have nightmares at night?”

The people present immediately exploded after the man in the blue suit read the quality inspection report aloud.

Almost instantly, Maggie became the target of everyone present.

Everyone got up from their chairs, some were surprised, some were filled with righteous indignation, and some pointed at Maggie, with words that were difficult to hear.

On the contrary, it was the man in the blue suit who looked smug at this time.

To be honest, this result is almost exactly the same as he expected.

The so-called promise before was nothing more than he was setting a trap for Maggie step by step, and he seemed to know very well that Maggie would jump inside.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that the Chengnan project is so serious. Miss Maggie, you can’t stop talking? Should you say something? After all, you just did it in front of everyone present. Promise!” The man in the blue suit smiled.

Maggie’s face was sometimes blue and sometimes pale. Undoubtedly, she was almost caught off guard by the incident today, and even now, she still felt a little weird.

Of course, the first thought in Maggie’s mind was that the report issued by the other party was false.

After all, Maggie knew very well that her Maggie Kira was personally responsible for the Chengnan Project. Even though Kira is still young, she wouldn’t make such a mistake?

You know, the record of committing such a fatal mistake is like a candle placed next to you in the middle of the night. Either you are blind, or how could you not be aware of it and not discover it?

This is absolutely unimaginable!

That being the case, there is only one possibility. This report is false, and it is a fake made by the other party deliberately against himself!

Maggie stared fiercely at the extremely proud man in the blue suit, and suddenly stood up and shouted, “Do you think it’s interesting?”

Maggie turned to look at those who were yelling frantically at her, and said with a cold face, “Everyone, please be quiet, I have two words to say!”

As soon as Maggie’s voice fell, a voice came from the crowd.

“What else can you say? Now that the results have come out, you still think about how to give us big guys and give Buckeye people a reasonable explanation and explanation!”

The person who spoke was the one who just got up and said that the Chengnan Project is the Tofu Dregs Project, and Maggie also noticed that this person always dances most happily. Obviously, either this person has a grudge with him. Either he came with a standpoint, he didn’t even want to hear himself finish.

At this moment, Maggie gradually calmed down from the shock and consternation.

She looked at the man coldly, and suddenly said, “Why can’t I explain? Can you say that there is no possibility of falsification of this information?”

Maggie snorted coldly, and continued: “I think if you guys at the scene remember it, just last year, the department where this Engineer Gon worked, but there was a black gold scandal. It seems that this time, they Isn’t it fake? Huh, a department with a history of history, why can’t I doubt that his results are fake? Why can’t I explain to myself?”

The fact that Maggie just said was actually impressed by many people present.

Because of that incident, it was a sensation in Buckeye.

At that time, the person involved was also the Feng engineer, and the other important participant in the incident was also the Buckeye Xu Family.

At that time, this incident seemed to put a lot of pressure on the Xu family, and many people even advocated a thorough investigation of the Feng engineer.

However, the final outcome of the matter was unexpected. Not only was the other party to the incident, Xu’s family safe and sound, the project involved was still proceeding smoothly.

Moreover, the Feng Da engineer didn’t even receive any punishment in the end. On the contrary, only seven weeks after the incident, he changed and became the person in charge of the quality inspection business.

In the end, the incident was left alone. Instead of being punished, the person involved was promoted and raised. Too many people in Buckeye have not forgotten this matter, and even still remember it fresh.

So after Maggie shook the incident, the restless crowd suddenly calmed down a lot.

After all, what Maggie said is reasonable. You, a person with a criminal record, just take out a so-called result, and want to sentence such a large project to the death penalty in the south of the city?

That is pure dreaming.


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