I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 463

Chapter 463:

Maggie immediately said again: “And I have commissioned a third-party testing agency before, and the results there have not yet come out, so I hope everyone stays safe. Maggie hereby promises that if the third-party testing results, if It is in full compliance with this test result, so I have no complaints and will fully follow my previous promise!”

Since Maggie had already said something, she had made the determination to make a desperate move.

After hearing what Maggie said, the mood of everyone present gradually calmed down.

Maggie turned to look at the man in the blue suit and sneered: “You’re happy, isn’t it too early?”

Hearing this, the other party didn’t say a word, but looked at Maggie with a gloomy expression, and said lightly: “Okay, then wait for the result.”

Finally, Maggie glanced at Ethan who was sitting aside, and she was surprised to find that Ethan’s face was still a little uneasy.

The incident soon passed more than two hours, and everyone present was full of expectations for the third party’s test results, and was a little impatient to wait.

Some people even lowered their heads and began to whisper.

It is true that this kind of waiting, no matter who it is, will feel a bit embarrassing and uneasy.

Especially Maggie, just because of the test report issued by the man in the blue suit, her current situation is in jeopardy. If you look back at the third-party test results, there are some unexpected results, whether for him or For the Chengnan project, it will be a huge blow.

Maggie thought and looked towards Qi Zhou. She couldn’t help frowning, because Maggie hadn’t seen Kira for a whole day today.

Normally, if Kira had something, she would basically tell Maggie, and on such an important occasion today, even if Kira’s identity was hidden, she would secretly crowd in the crowd.

It’s just that Maggie looked at it twice, and couldn’t help but feel a little curious when she didn’t see her sister.

But at this moment, another group of people walked in at the press conference.

These people are the members of the Lei group who Maggie sent to supervise the third-party testing agency.

By the side of Lei’s group, there are three third-party testing agencies.

The person from the third-party inspection agency looked serious, and carried a silver-white password box in his hand.

As soon as this group of people entered the door, almost all their eyes were attracted.

Some people even showed excitement on their faces, muttering something in a low voice.

The man walked directly in front of Maggie and the man in the blue suit, nodded slightly and said hello, and said, “Miss Maggie, Engineer Gon, here are the results of our agency’s testing of samples taken from the Chengnan project, please Rest assured, our institution is a Grade A testing institution, and every result issued by it is legally valid and responsible, and is fair and objective. If the two of you have objections to the test results later, you can ask another testing agency Perform an inspection, and if it proves that there is a problem with the results of our organization, then our organization is willing to take responsibility to the end.

After this man had finished speaking, he looked at Maggie and the man in the blue suit with a serious face, and said, “Then, may I announce the test results now?”

Maggie took a deep breath, nodded, and said, “Of course, please announce the results. This way, some people can shut up!”

Hearing what Maggie said, the man in the blue suit chuckled. He looked at Maggie and joked: “Miss Maggie, are you sure? Or let me see it or let it go. This audit result is in case it matches the result we issued. One way, then you really have no room for regret!”

“Regret?” Maggie sneered, “I don’t know what regret is, but I want to ask, isn’t you afraid? If you are afraid, then publicly admit that your inspection report is falsified and avoid it. Trouble everyone.”

The other party chuckled and muttered in a low voice: “Arrogant!”

Then he said to the person from the third-party testing agency, “Okay, hurry up and announce the results. So everyone can give up!”

Hearing that, the person from the third-party inspection agency nodded, and after entering a string of passwords, he opened the lockbox and pulled out a test report from it.

The person looked at the numerous media present, bowed slightly, and said, “Everyone, my organization was commissioned by Ms. Maggie to take samples from various project sites of the Chengnan project and did all types of tests. Now I will check the results. The announcement is as follows…”

The people from this third-party testing agency first talked about a lot of materials that no one understood, and it took more than half an hour to finally come to the final point.

During this period, the whole press conference was silent, and everyone was waiting for the announcement of that result.

The man suddenly looked back at Maggie, a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

And he also saw that Maggie’s expression at this time seemed to be extremely nervous.

Maggie was indeed very nervous, with a cold sweat in her palms.

Obviously, a word from this person will determine the life and death of the Chengnan Project.

“I announce that, after sampling and testing from the Chengnan project, 14 of the 22 major indicators of the Buckeye Chengnan project have been tested, and 14 projects have met the standards and are qualified projects. However, eight of them did not meet the engineering design commitment standards, and two of the indicators As a serious failure, this result is an authoritative test by our institution. If in doubt, please other institutions to participate in the test and approval…”

After this person’s words, the whole scene fell into a dead silence again.

Everyone was stunned and looked at Maggie one after another, seeming to want to see how Maggie would react.

And the person from the third-party testing agency, after reading out the results, bowed slightly to everyone, and then said to Maggie: “Miss Maggie, we have completed the testing work that you entrusted to our agency. For this result, I… I apologize, but the result is like this. If you have any questions, you can apply to other institutions to review the results, and you can also contact our institution through the legal department…”

After speaking, the man turned and left.

But this time, Maggie was really stunned, her face pale as paper.

“How is it possible?” Maggie gritted her teeth fiercely, her face in disbelief.

” , it’s impossible? How could it be impossible?” Hearing the words, the man in the blue suit stood up and pointed at Maggie proudly and scolded, “Maggie, what can you say now? There is something wrong with the Seongnam project, do you still want to quibble?”


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