I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 464

Chapter 464

“Have you all seen it? When I took out the test report before, what did Miss Maggie say? He said that my report was falsified, and he also took out some of the previous misunderstandings for no reason. It seems, but what’s going on now? Everyone has seen it? Now who is black and who is white, I don’t think we need to explain more, everyone can see clearly, right?”

“There is a problem with the Chengnan project. There is no doubt about this. I now want Miss Maggie to give me and the Quan Buckeye people an explanation. Are the promises you made before count?”

The man in the blue suit looked extremely excited at this time, and he almost tilted out the words he had wanted to roar at Maggie before.

What the other party is waiting for seems to be this moment.

So that when he just took out the test report by himself and was suspected by Maggie to be false, he didn’t argue too much.

It seemed that everything ended in what he expected.

And the man in the blue suit was followed by the “crazy bombardment” of the many media present.

Everyone has waited four or five hours for this result. In fact, many people have already complained.

Now that the results came out, these people were already prepared to ask questions, but now they are even more irritated before they burst out.

Soon, the first person yelled: “Yes, Miss Maggie, you just made a pledge that there will be no problems with the Chengnan project? Now the two test results have come out, and the test results are exactly the same. Can you still Is there anything to quibble? The Chengnan project has a quality problem, and it is a big quality problem. Now it has been dealt with. I want to know, how do you want to apologize?”

” , I heard that the Chengnan Project claims to have invested billions of dollars. It is about to build a new district in Buckeye, and at the beginning of the construction, I still remember that some people promised that the Chengnan Project would not have a slight quality problem. However, it hasn’t been long before time has elapsed before such a serious problem has emerged. I would like to ask Miss Maggie, does your face hurt? If you make black money, you won’t feel heartache, won’t you suffer retribution?”

“Miss Maggie, as one of the most black-hearted developers that Buckeye has been exposed to so far, can you tell everyone, do you have to invest in ideas? Is everything profit-oriented? What shit life and promises don’t make sense. Do the numbers? No wonder you have such a big industry at a young age? I would like to ask, how much blood is on your hands?”

“It’s ridiculous. I just insisted that the quality of my project was okay, and I even found a third-party testing agency to prove my innocence. I want to know if Miss Maggie didn’t have enough money. Or maybe you simply miscalculated and misunderstood the wrong person? The testing agency just wanted to sincerely expose the tricks in your Chengnan project? , I really responded to the old saying, if you do anything wrong, you will die, Miss Maggie, wish Good luck for you and your Chengnan project!”

In an instant, the dozens of mouths on the scene turned into machine guns, and they sprayed at Maggie mercilessly.

And among these people, there are only a few people who are asking questions about the matter. Most of them are completely gloating or even provoking vengeance.

But even so, Maggie was helpless. Her face was flushed at this time. For so many years, the situation at this time was already the most embarrassing situation she had encountered. She didn’t even know what to do.

Maggie tried to explain to everyone, but the final result was that many people’s words were sprayed back, and faced with other people’s questions about 9 why the quality of the project would be problematic, Maggie was still at a loss and did not know what to do. answer.

Because of the current result, even she herself hadn’t expected it at all, and it exceeded her expectations.

Maggie believes in her sister and believes that Kira will not disappoint her expectations and will do her job well.

But now it turned out to be like this, and Maggie’s heart was so angry.

“What the hell did you do!” Maggie wanted to ask Kira this question incomparably.

But now the occasion is not allowed, Kira is also gone.

“Could it be…” Maggie suddenly had a terrible thought in her heart, but she swallowed it back, and kept admonishing herself in her heart, “Impossible, Kira is my sister, she is Wouldn’t do such a thing, absolutely would not…”

But if this is not the case, then why is there such a situation?

Maggie was very upset in her heart, and she was even more disappointed with Kira.

How to do? What should I do now?

Even though Maggie has experienced many big scenes, she is still struggling to cope with today’s results.

She hurried to look at Ethan, but saw a helpless and extremely disappointed look on Ethan’s face.

Ethan sighed heavily at Maggie, seemingly helpless.

Moreover, Ethan’s performance at this time was already very restrained when such a thing happened.

After all, just before, Ethan had dissuaded Maggie not to be too risky, not to be too full of words, too dead.

It seems that Ethan’s thoughts were right at the time. Being cautious sometimes makes you miss a lot, but sometimes it can save your life.

At this time, both Ethan and Maggie’s understanding of this sentence has already fallen into the woods.

Faced with the question, Maggie froze, as if she was no longer as decisive and fierce as she was before.

And at this moment, the man in the blue suit on the side began to oppose Maggie again.

“Miss Maggie, please don’t make any more useless explanations. Now the results have come out. Everyone is not a fool. You can’t deal with it in a few words!” The blue suit man asked with a sneer, “We only have one question now. , That is, will you abide by your previous promise to demolish all the Chengnan Project that is already under construction at this time?”

As soon as the other party’s words landed, many of the media present also echoed: “Yes, yes, Miss Maggie, please answer us quickly? Will you keep your promise and demolish the project under construction?”

“Should you take your promise as a shit? If you have no integrity in business, who will believe you? Get out of Buckeye!”

“Yes, if you don’t keep your promise, get out of Buckeye. I call on all colleagues present, let’s put a resounding slogan on tomorrow’s front page headlines, let the Chengnan project get out of Buckeye!”


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