I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 465

Chapter 465

Everyone on the scene seemed extremely emotional at this moment. All the people present at this moment shouted in unison the slogan: Get out of Buckeye!

Maggie looked embarrassed, she felt that she could hardly stand it anymore.

And although she had made such a promise before, it was because she was sure she would not lose, so she dared to say that.

This ending made Maggie unexpected, and she didn’t even dare to say that she had to fulfill her promise.

Because I said a word, but tens of billions of funds were wasted in vain.

Even though she grew up next to Eric Norman and had a father-daughter relationship with Eric Norman, she did not dare to make such a decision.

Besides, in the current situation, I am the culprit. How can I dare to let Eric Norman and Ethan pay for their wrong decision?

Maggie thought for a while, it seemed that her gaze had become more determined.

At this point, it seems that you can only sacrifice yourself. Of course, the Chengnan project must not be easily abandoned. This is not only about the success or failure of the tens of billions of funds, but also about the success or failure of Eric Norman’s plan.

So what Maggie can do now is to take all the responsibilities for herself and resist all the pressure alone, even if she says she will not fulfill her promise in front of everyone…

But in that case, Maggie’s whole person has become a mouse crossing the street, an object that everyone shouts and beats.

What Maggie valued most was her reputation. She knew very well that after this incident, her reputation would be discredited, even if she left Buckeye and went to other places or even abroad.

But this incident has already become a scar, a clear mark on Maggie’s body, and a basis for others to mock her in the future.

That’s all, the matter is here. Let’s take a step and take a step.

Maggie finally looked at Ethan, her eyes full of apologetics, she lightly spit out the three words “I’m sorry” on her mouth, and then, with an expression of willingness, grabbed the microphone in front of her.

Maggie sighed heavily and was already ready to speak.

“I…” Maggie stood up and was about to speak, but the microphone in front of her was snatched away.

Maggie was taken aback for a moment and looked around, and saw that Ethan had already stood in front of her for some time, looking at her indifferently, holding the microphone tightly in her hand.

“What are you going to do?” Ethan asked in a low tone.

Since Ethan had just seen Maggie’s expressions and actions, he had already guessed what she was going to do.

Ethan thinks she knows Maggie very well, and knows better that this kind of thing happened. With Maggie’s character, there is a 99.99% possibility that she will take all the responsibilities by herself.

And what will she bear? Of course, it is only possible to take everything to yourself.

“I…” Maggie wanted to speak, but paused, and said lonely, “This is the end of the matter, and all the responsibilities are mine. Of course I have to bear it. In any case, the most important thing is to keep the Chengnan project!”

Hearing this, Ethan couldn’t help shook his head again and again, with some displeased expression on his face: “I will hold you accountable for your responsibility, but I can’t just leave you out and watch you become the target of everyone!”

When Ethan spoke, his eyes were unusually firm, such firmness that Maggie had never seen before.

At this time, Ethan seemed to have completed the transformation in an instant. From an ignorant young man who didn’t know the world, he suddenly became a leader who can be alone.

Ethan’s sudden change caught Maggie by surprise and surprise.


Maggie seemed to have something to say, but was interrupted by Ethan: “It’s nothing, this matter, now listen to me!”

After Ethan finished speaking, he suddenly grabbed the microphone, turned to look at all the media present, and said, “Don’t worry, since Mr. Ye has just made a promise, then we will definitely fulfill this promise!”

Ethan suddenly raised a finger and solemnly said, “Give us one day. Tomorrow, as long as tomorrow, all the construction in progress of the Chengnan Project will be demolished!”

Ethan’s sudden appearance originally surprised everyone present.

And at this moment, he unexpectedly said this again, which really made everyone confused.

The people below first looked at each other and then whispered to each other.

After a while, a person stood up from his seat, pointed at Ethan, and asked with a rather disdainful question: “Who are you? Are you saying these things?”

As soon as this person said this, everyone present suddenly broke out in a concerted voice: “Yes, who are you?”

“We don’t want you to say this. We want Miss Maggie to say this. What you said is useless! We don’t even know you!”

Ethan smiled and looked at those people, with a touch of contempt at the corners of his mouth, and said lightly: “Ho, what I said is useless? Okay, then I’ll introduce myself!”

Ethan cleared his throat and was about to speak, but was pulled by Maggie behind him. The latter frowned and shook his head and said in a low voice, “No, you…”

Ethan did not pay attention to Maggie, but looked at everyone present again, and said, “Maybe you all know that Maggie is the general manager of the company that invests in Chengnan Project, but you may not know what is behind this company. Who is it? Now that this is the end of the matter, I will pick it out. I am the boss behind this company. All the funds for the Chengnan Project are all taken out of my pocket. So, today I will explain It starts to be demolished tomorrow, and it will be demolished tomorrow. Are you satisfied now?”

Ethan spoke very loudly, and after he finished saying this, almost everyone present had their mouths open, with an incredible look on their faces.

Because Ethan’s words just made them feel unbelievable.

“He… he is the boss of the Seongnam Project? Really?”

“Before, there were various rumors about the boss of this company. Some people said that it was the Norman Family behind them. Some people said that Maggie approached the big boss. But… I didn’t expect that the boss was… a student?”

“My god, this is another heavy news today. The boss behind the mysterious Chengnan project has jumped out by himself? And he is still so young? This is… it’s getting more and more interesting.”

“At such a young age, he has more than 10 billion funds? Which big family is he?”

Suddenly, the focus of everyone present was on Ethan.

Some people marvel that Ethan is in charge of so many industries at such a young age.

Some people are still questioning Ethan’s identity.

And more people are actually thinking, what Ethan said just now is not counted!


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