I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 466

Chapter 466

After all, that’s an investment of tens of billions. If according to Ethan’s words just now, wouldn’t the tens of billions be just like that?

And in the end, he was not only a slap in the face, but he also became infamous.

What makes these people even more confused is why Ethan jumped out at this time.

You know, the two test results now prove that the engineering quality of the Chengnan project is problematic, and the Chengnan project has become a hot soldering iron overnight.

Now it is estimated that many people can’t wait to find out the relationship between themselves and the Chengnan project.

Although Ethan is the boss behind the scenes, fortunately, no one knows his identity. In this way, Ethan may lose his money, but at least he won’t be ashamed and he is targeted by many people.

And since the promise was made by Maggie herself, no matter what the result was, she still had to bear it on her own.

At this moment Ethan jumped out, clearly setting off the fire, extremely unwise.

You know, as a real estate agent, everyone knows that there is a problem with the project you are dealing with. Who will buy your real estate next time and buy your property?

This is the way to stop!

Maggie already knew this, so she was ready to sacrifice herself without hesitation at the beginning.

But why doesn’t Ethan know these things?

Of course he knew very well, he jumped out hastily, what will be faced.

If you don’t identify yourself, Maggie will be responsible for all future responsibilities and gangsters.

But after identifying herself, it was obvious that Maggie’s pressure would be too much less, and instead she would become the person accused, abused, and humiliated.

Who makes him the boss? According to the logic of normal people, since you are the boss of this company, cutting corners and making tofu dregs projects are definitely what you advocate, and at least they are tacitly approved.

For this kind of person, who will let you go?

But Ethan finally stood up without hesitation, because he felt he had the responsibility to stand up.

Ethan looked at everyone present, and then said loudly, “We are willing to bear all losses. Since there is a problem with the quality of the project, we are also responsible for resolving the problem. So now that this occasion is here today, I will simply make it clear. I also ask all media friends present here to report my next words truthfully.”

Ethan cleared his throat and said louder: “No matter how much it costs, since we have made a mistake, we will definitely make corrections. So I hope everyone can supervise us and give us a chance to make corrections, and I also believe that, With the lessons learned this time, we will only do better in our future work!”

Ethan’s words were loud and loud, and his words instantly cooled the hot mood on the scene a bit.

Many people can’t help but sigh at Ethan’s courage, and they are even more shocked by Ethan’s words.

Because of such a huge project, suddenly apart from this serious problem, it is estimated that a normal person will first think of how to perfuse this problem, try to shirk the responsibility of the matter, remove yourself clearly, and let yourself lose Reduce to a minimum.

This kind of thing had happened many times before Buckeye, and the most famous one was nothing more than the accident before the Xu family.

And Xu’s approach is nothing more than shirk responsibility, reduce the pressure of public opinion, and finally wait for the limelight to pass, continue to work on the problematic projects.

But like Ethan, not only did he clarify his identity when he came up, but he didn’t shirk responsibility at all. Instead, he kept acknowledging that it was his own problem. This was the first time that Buckeye and even many people knew it.

It can be said that Ethan’s move has really reorganized the perceptions of many people and amazed many people present.

“Ho ho, it’s pretty fast to admit it, but what’s the use? There are such things for the first time and the second time. Do you think someone will listen to you? Tell these reports?”

The man in the blue suit suddenly opened his mouth and looked at Ethan mockingly, and said, “Don’t you think you are particularly naive?”

Of course he thinks Ethan is a bit naive, because of course he knows it. Thank you the media. What you want is the gimmick of bloggers’ eyeballs, and what you want is news headlines. Who cares about what you will do next?

They will be happy if you continue to have problems.

But just when the blue suit male voice just fell, a voice suddenly came over the scene: “Who said that? I’ll report this incident intact. For nothing else, I will direct this. Mr. Yi’s energy to take on!”

The person who said this was a female reporter with short hair and looked shrewd and capable.

She looked at the man in the blue suit with disdain, but sneered: “In fact, it is not terrible to have a problem. The terrible thing is that you dare to admit it and take it. I feel that compared to this gentleman’s courage to take it. Some people hid behind the Xu family like an ostrich, waiting for the Xu family to settle the matter before they emerged. How much stronger is it?”

Obviously, the words of this female reporter were meant to be heard by Engineer Gon.

When the latter heard this, his face suddenly became gloomy, and he stared at the other side fiercely, as if he wanted to say something, but he wanted to say nothing.

Faced with so many media and exposed Laodile again and again, of course he didn’t dare to say something.

Ethan smiled slightly at the female reporter, and said, “Thank you very much. Now that this is the case, let me see today’s press conference, so I will stop here. I repeat, since the Chengnan project Sure enough, there is a problem. We acknowledged our mistakes and apologized to everyone. We will also actively rectify it. What I hope is that everyone will not lose hope for the Chengnan project. We will still work hard to build the Chengnan project!”

As soon as Ethan said this, the female reporter who had just picked up Ethan’s support, hurriedly applauded, and then, other people present also clapped.

Although the Chengnan Project suffered a great loss today, there is no doubt that Ethan’s remarks were still very moving.

To be able to admit mistakes and promise to correct them is already very difficult for many people, and more people choose how to quibble.

But Ethan’s words today really convinced everyone present.

And just for his courage to take it, he can also bear the applause.

“Hey, hey, what do you think? He is the culprit who has caused such a big engineering quality problem, and you applaud him? What do you media want to do?” Seeing this, the man in the blue suit hurriedly got up and shouted stand up.


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