I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 473

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Chapter 473

Ethan asked Maggie to stop, of course not because of pity for these people.

Now Ethan’s heart is full of anger, not to mention Dave, even if he has something to do with Dave, he doesn’t want to let it go now, not to mention that the security guard just said nothing about himself and Maggie. It is no problem to teach some lessons.

It’s just that Ethansheng was afraid that Maggie’s hand was heavy for a while, and it really made the matter worse, but it didn’t end well.

Although these people will deserve what they end up, if Maggie suffers hardship because of them, Ethan feels that it is not worth it.

So Ethan finished speaking and waved his hand to Maggie, signalling her to forget it, and just give a lesson.

Maggie heard the words, glanced at Ethan, nodded slightly, and then with a fierce force, she directly threw the man with a 180-degree back fall and threw it heavily on the ground.

Then Maggie stepped on the opponent’s face and said indifferently, “Do you still want to touch it?”

At this time, the man’s face was extremely scared, and he shook his head repeatedly: “No… I dare not…”

Maggie snorted coldly, and Lian Shang’s high-heeled shoes violently kicked the man, and the hard toe of the shoe hit the man’s waist.

“Ah…” The man screamed, like the security guard before, clutching his waist and rolling on the floor painfully.

Maggie then looked at the other security guards again, her eyes filled with chills, and said, “Do you still want to stop me now?”

When the security guards heard this, they looked at each other and shook their heads.

But they just shook their heads and still did not move their positions.

After all, they got the order of Kieran Donovan. They were the eldest masters of the Haoyuan Group. They were just a group of young men. The eldest masters didn’t speak. How could they dare to let Maggie and Ethan go in.

You know, although the strength that Maggie showed just now is a bit frightening, they know even better that Kieran Donovan’s talent is even more cruel.

Anyway, today they can’t fall on both sides, but at the very least, even if they offend Maggie and get repaired, they can still keep a job!

These people thought, still biting their heads and poking in place.

Maggie’s icy eyes glanced past everyone again, and she coldly shouted, “Not yet?”

This time, Maggie didn’t wait for these people to answer, and slammed her foot on the arm of the person just now.

There was another crisp bone cracking, followed by a scream from the person, and then fainted directly in pain.

But under Maggie’s foot, one of his arms was obviously completely abolished.

Faced with such a bloody scene, Maggie ignored it, without even turning her head, to see how miserable the person was.

Just looking at the few people in front of him, he whispered: “Get out of the way!”

This time, everyone present was completely stunned and stunned.

Facing such a woman with such a stern method, these people tremble all over, and they can’t help but breed fear in their hearts.

Their legs seemed to be a little reluctant, and all of them obediently gave way to Maggie.

On the contrary, Maggie did not have a trace of pride or even the pleasure of victory on her face. After all, in her eyes, these people were too insignificant.

Maggie glanced at Ethan and whispered: “Let’s go.”

Ethan nodded and walked directly into the Haoyuan Building.

Only after walking a few steps, Ethan didn’t wait to reach the elevator, but was suddenly stopped by a voice.

“Stop me!”

Ethan stopped and turned his head, and saw Kieran Donovan walking slowly towards him, with a little coldness on his face.

Of course Ethan knew that Dave was already openly against himself now, and Kieran Donovan didn’t even say anything.

“Why, Liu Dashao’s scar is healed?” Ethan asked jokingly.

Kieran Donovan thought that Ethan would ask himself what he was doing, but he didn’t want him to mention it directly. This really made Kieran Donovan a little bit frustrated and extremely angry.

“You say it again!” Kieran Donovan’s face suddenly became gloomy. He pointed at Ethan and shouted angrily, “Huh, you are now a lost dog, dare to be so arrogant?”

At this moment, Maggie suddenly walked past Kieran Donovan and said coldly, “I advise you to retract your desperate fingers. Your people have already told you that you will end. If you still live or die, I can You are welcome.”

Maggie’s words immediately made Kieran Donovan feel cold behind her back.

Because he knew very well, just when Maggie walked past her, she had all the time and the opportunity to break her finger.

Obviously, she didn’t do that, she was already warning herself.

Kieran Donovan’s face was ugly, he swallowed a mouthful of water, and slowly retracted his fingers, but still bravely said: “How can you think you can get me? It’s a joke, do you know where this is? Do you know that I am waiting for you,” How long have you been waiting?”

As soon as Kieran Donovan’s voice fell, dozens of figures sprang from all directions of the Haoyuan Building.


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