I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 474

Chapter 474

Obviously, Kieran Donovan has been preparing for a long time in order to wait for Ethan.

In order to return the previous humiliation to Ethan, Kieran Donovan waited for a long time.

The humiliation in the past made Kieran Donovan still unable to let go. He couldn’t restrain the hatred of Ethan in his heart. He just wanted to one day double the shame on Ethan.

In the past, I could only think about these things in my mind, but Kieran Donovan knew that now the opportunity came.

In the past, Ethan was very powerful, relying on nothing more than a huge amount of property and a brilliant identity.

At that time, his father had to live like a dog in front of Ethan.

Not to mention yourself?

But now it’s different, Ethan’s good days are gone forever.

Kieran Donovan already knew that Ethan had lost all his net worth because of the Chengnan Project, and he might be in debt.

And the Chengnan project, which made him look extremely noble in the past, was also approaching bankruptcy.

Ethan now seems to have become the dog of the mourning family, the object of Buckeye’s crusade.

Now, as long as you go out and read the media reports of Buckeye, it is not difficult to see that all of them are articles about the crusade against Ethan and the Chengnan project.

Some people even gathered around the door of Maggie’s company to ask for an explanation.

Although many of them have nothing to do with the Chengnan Project.

But even so, it can’t resist the enthusiasm of many people. Many people just enjoy the thrill of pushing the wall down.

At this time, Kieran Donovan was not only enjoying the pleasure, he was even thinking about how to make Ethan more humiliating.

So when he heard his father accidentally say that he wanted Ethan to come to his company, he started planning these things.

Obviously, the security guards at the door just now were just an appetizer dessert. The main dish prepared for Ethan today is exactly the dozen brawny men who just sprang out.

These people directly surrounded Ethan and Maggie, with a vicious look, and seemed to be ready to do something at any time, and put Ethan and Maggie into an appearance that their parents did not recognize.

Seeing the sudden arrival of a group of people, Ethan immediately understood what was going on. He secretly glanced at Maggie, feeling a little nervous in his heart.

Originally, Ethan thought that even if he came here by himself, Dave would not dare to do anything to himself.

But Ethan suddenly realized that Dave didn’t seem to be, but this Kieran Donovan would not take care of any kindness.

Because this person is an ungrateful thing.

“What do you want?” Ethan asked coldly, “Liu Dashao, don’t hesitate the scar and forget the pain, have you forgotten your own fate? , if I didn’t tell you before Face, it is estimated that you are about to burn your head now, why, want to avenge revenge?”

From Ethan’s point of view, his own is indeed kind to Kieran Donovan.

You know, last time this dog had imprisoned Linda, he had already murdered him, and then walked in his company, wanting to attack himself.

Which of these two things was singled out was enough for Kieran Donovan to die several times, but for the Chengnan project and to win Dave, he still chose to let him go

But what about him? And his Lao Tzu, the way to return to himself now is really interesting.

Maybe this is the father and son.

The more Ethan thought of this, instead of a trace of fear, he was full of anger.

He and Kieran Donovan looked at each other angrily, and said coldly: “And you are naive, what do you think you can do to me? … and I have to tell you one more, a very important point, you still have Your father, really annoys me now!”

When Ethan said the last sentence, his eyes were full of chills. Obviously, he was not talking for fun, he was really angry.

He was angry at the betrayal of these people and their ignorance.

They always feel that if the Chengnan project is defeated, they will be completely defeated, and they will be reduced from the superior “Mr. Ethan” to the bereaved dog that they can bully at will.

Ho ho, what is this ignorance?

You know, even if the Chengnan project is completely overthrown and restarted, Ethan still has enough capital reserves to crush everyone.

Even if he is on the cusp of the storm, as long as he is willing to make a move, he can still swallow the mountains and rivers with anger.

And these people who think they can bully and crush themselves don’t even know that their pitiful force is not even a fart in front of them.

Because even if it was the most brilliant Xu family in Buckeye, all of its forces combined together would probably not be enough for the thunder team under his father’s for half a day.

Do they mean they can ride on their heads and shit? What do they think?

Ethan shook his head and smiled bitterly. What smiled was their ignorance and a hint of stupidity.

But until now, Ethan can still laugh at himself, which is a great insult to Kieran Donovan.

He roared at Ethan angrily, and said, “Shut up and take revenge for me? , is it too ridiculous for you to speak? Why are you embarrassed in front of all Buckeye people? Face, what kind of kindness do you have for me?”

Before Kieran Donovan had finished speaking, Ethan coldly interrupted, “I didn’t kill you, that’s kindness!”

“I’m pooh!” Kieran Donovan sipped fiercely, and continued to growl, “Who do you think you are? You are a fart, and even if you are not as good as a fart now, my dad and I irritated you. What can you do to me? Rubbish, miserable dog, do you think you were the one you were yesterday? Ho Ho…”

While talking, Kieran Donovan took out a pendant from his pocket, stretched it to Ethan, shook it, and said proudly, “Ho ho, I guess you should remember this? Haha, do you know why it is in my hand?”

What Kieran Donovan holds is the sapphire pendant Ethan gave to Linda.

And the moment he saw the pendant, Ethan’s heart couldn’t help but hesitated.

He suddenly opened his eyes, staring at the opponent fiercely, and exclaimed, “Why is this thing in your hand?”

Kieran Donovan let out a lascivious laugh, seeming to be deliberately provoking Ethan, and said, “Does that still need to be said? , to be honest, the chick feels really good. I wanted to f*ck her before, but I was told by you. It’s a good thing, but now I have got what I wanted, haha…do you feel that you have green on the top of your head?”

Of course, Kieran Donovan’s words were deliberately told to Ethan.

He hadn’t even touched a finger of Linda, and the pendant was nothing more than borrowed from Xu Tianlin. His purpose was simple, just to stimulate Ethan.

And obviously, he succeeded.

The moment he saw the pendant, Ethan erupted like a volcano.


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