I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 475

Chapter 475

“What the hell did you do?” Ethan almost exhausted his energy, thinking about Kieran Donovan rushing up.

Due to the recent Chengnan project, Ethan has been exhausted, and he has not contacted Linda for a long time.

But Kieran Donovan suddenly took out the sapphire pendant and said something very provocative. Ethan’s head suddenly became hot, really thinking that this guy did something to Linda.

After all, he didn’t know exactly what Linda was like now.

But Ethan was about to rush forward, but was stopped by Maggie.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of it. If he really does something, I will make him better than dead!” Maggie comforted Ethan, “Don’t be impulsive.”

How could Ethan not be impulsive, because something happened to his girlfriend now, no one could not be angry.

But the more angry Ethan is, the more proud Kieran Donovan feels.

What he wanted was this kind of effect. He wanted Ethan to be angry, and let him feel helpless. Finally, he thoroughly felt what despair was.

Immediately afterwards, he laughed loudly and said: “Haha, not only did I play that little girl, but my group of brothers also played, otherwise you think, why would they follow me? Haha, all my women Can’t bear it, what’s the point of being alive?”

Ethan was burning with anger, as if there was fire burning in his chest, desperately trying to break free from Maggie, rushed towards Kieran Donovan.

But no matter how Ethan struggled, he couldn’t get rid of Maggie.

Of course Maggie was very angry, but she knew that the punishment of these people was done by herself and must be done by herself. Ethan would not have any effect except being cleaned up and messed up by others.

Maggie stared at Kieran Donovan coldly, and said coldly, “You are looking for death, don’t worry, I will fulfill you.”

Kieran Donovan sneered for a while and said contemptuously: “Are you the only one? How old are you?”

Kieran Donovan looked at Maggie’s body and couldn’t help but licked his lips, and said, “Ho ho, you also have a good taste, or if you are obedient, how about I let you go?”

Maggie sneered: “Let me go?”

“Yes, I am actually very pitiful, especially for beauties, I really can’t do anything…” Kieran Donovan smiled, “I have my office upstairs, do you want to go? I promise You fly so cool!”

Maggie sneered again, and shook her head: “No, I think it’s here!”

Maggie’s words immediately caused everyone present to burst into laughter.

Especially Kieran Donovan, who was so presumptuous, pointed at Maggie and said to the subordinates beside him: “Haha, look, this girl is so pretty, here? It’s okay, you take it off?”

Maggie looked at each other teasingly, patted Ethan, motioned to let Ethan step aside, and said, “You still come!”

Having said that, Maggie opened her arms and made a gesture of grabbing.

This made Kieran Donovan happy, he thought Maggie was really ready to compromise with him.

After all, there is only Ethan by her side, and Ethan’s small body is simply dispensable in front of her own hands.

For Kieran Donovan, this was simply a pie from the sky. He grew up so big, but he hadn’t tasted a stunner like Maggie.

Kieran Donovan squinted and walked towards Maggie unpreparedly, but he didn’t know that in Maggie’s eyes, at this moment, he was like an ant who had fallen into a spider trap without knowing it.

Kieran Donovan took two steps forward and directly reached out to pull Maggie’s clothes.

But in an instant, Maggie suddenly grabbed a hand at lightning speed, and directly squeezed Kieran Donovan’s wrist. Then, after breaking it, he heard “哢嚓” and Kieran Donovan’s wrist completely changed shape.

Kieran Donovan let out a miserable cry and wanted to break free, but Maggie pulled his arm along the way, and then suddenly slapped the other hand with a palm, directly hitting the opponent’s chest.

Maggie’s hand seemed to have little power, but Kieran Donovan felt as if he had been hit by a huge boulder. The whole person was pushed back by the huge force in an instant, and his arm pulled by Maggie was also in an instant. , Was torn apart by huge force.

Then Maggie threw Kieran Donovan far away with a violent fall.

“Bang…” Kieran Donovan fell heavily to the ground, and for a short while, he had just survived, but he lost half his life in a flash.

Kieran Donovan spit out blood fiercely, and painful feelings spread all over his body.

Especially the palm that Maggie had just slapped on him. It seemed insignificant, but it was sturdy. Kieran Donovan felt that at that moment, his internal organs seemed to be shaken in the wrong position.

At this moment, there was a fiery pain in his chest, as if he was about to fall apart.

And Maggie’s actions just now scared Kieran Donovan’s men directly.

These people stared at the scene in front of them blankly, and they couldn’t believe that all this was actually done by a woman.

After all, Maggie looked so weak, how could such a huge power burst out?

But this is the fact. The scene before me has really reorganized a lot of the three views.

Maggie didn’t seem to agree at this moment, and even after the high-intensity movements just now, she didn’t catch a breath.

This is even more surprising.

Not to mention Maggie’s body, even those strong men like them will feel tired after just a few violent movements.

Who is this woman? These people can’t help thinking of this question at the same time.

And Kieran Donovan, who was on the side, was piercing in pain at this time, especially when he saw that all of his subordinates were standing on the spot at this time, without a trace of reaction, he was even more angry.

“What are you looking at? Give it to me…” Kieran Donovan roared with all his strength, “Kill me this lady, hurry…”

Kieran Donovan was obviously completely angry, and of course he didn’t expect that Maggie would have such skill.

But at this time he was even more angry that he was beaten so badly.

Damn, even if you are great, can you be better than these twenty people combined?

At this time, Kieran Donovan couldn’t care more about bullying less, what group of men bullying women, what she wanted now was to get rid of Maggie.

And let Ethan kneel at his feet and admit his mistakes!

Hearing the words, many of Kieran Donovan’s subordinates had just reacted from the state of being stunned just now, and one by one quickly turned their eyes on Maggie.


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