I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 478

Chapter 478

The Liu family is a single pass for three generations. By the generation of Kieran Donovan, all the old and young of the Liu family regarded him as a treasure, so Kieran Donovan was spoiled as he is now.

But no matter how spoiled you are, you won’t be the queen!

Dave trembled all over his body, his eyes turned to the direction of the door, and then he saw Ethan and Maggie slowly walking in from the door.

Dave understood at once, and the hatred in his heart surged like a tsunami.

“It’s you guys, right?” Dave roared heartbreakingly, “You are the one who beat my son, right?”

Facing Dave’s madness, both Ethan and Maggie looked extremely calm.

Maggie faintly replied, “He asked for it, and you asked for it.”

“You…you…” Dave pointed at Ethan and Maggie with trembling hands, hurriedly took out their mobile phones, dialed a number, and shouted, “You…you now give me all the brothers and bring them Come on guys, call them all up!”

What Dave called was his own brother.

Although Dave had already washed his hands in the golden basin, he asked about the situation, but after all, he came from that step. He still has the number one hundred and ten subordinates in his hands.

As soon as Dave said this, those who knew Dave were all startled in a cold sweat.

Obviously, Dave is going to make a big move.

At this time, it is estimated that neither Ethan nor Maggie can get out of this Haoyuan Group.

And it’s so hard to die. Even if Ethan and Maggie hate Dave, they should keep a back hand when they do things. How could Dave let you go after they are absolutely extinct!

The crowd murmured in pieces, and some people even started to discuss how Dave would deal with Ethan and Maggie.

Even though these two people have some background, if Dave is sensible enough, he will certainly not embarrass them too much.

But unfortunately, Dave at this time has long lost his reason. He is obviously like a mad dog, just wanting to bite his enemy to death and tear it apart!

Faced with Dave’s call, Ethan and Maggie didn’t make any response, not even an expression.

The two were standing here, and the entire large room seemed to be quiet at this moment.

In the room, only Kieran Donovan had a silent sob and scream, and Dave’s painful cry.

During the period, someone came to comfort Dave and told him that he had called an ambulance and would come soon.

But Dave pushed the man away angrily, still holding his son and crying bitterly.

The man stepped aside with a look of embarrassment, and stopped speaking.

The room was quiet again for a few minutes, and everyone seemed to be waiting to see how Dave came up in a while, what would happen to Ethan and Maggie.

Soon, about a few minutes later, everyone heard a rush of footsteps in the corridor outside.

Listening to the voice, it is estimated that there are no less than a hundred people.

At this moment everyone held their breath, waiting to see what would happen.

It’s just that the sound of footsteps suddenly stopped when they were approaching the door of this room.

Immediately afterwards, there seemed to be a sound of scolding and arguing in the corridor outside.

Then there was a wave of screaming and screaming…

Then there was a lot of noise in the corridor, messy clanging and dull sounds of crashing into each other.

The voice came, really stunned everyone in the room. They were a little unclear, so they all waited and talked about each other, but no one knew what happened.

At this moment, a voice came from the corridor again.

It was a burst of screams, one after another, and the sound came from different people, but the same thing was that each of them seemed extremely miserable and painful.

This scream lasted for seven or eight minutes, and finally came to an end.

And so far, Dave’s hundred and ten brothers have still not seen a single figure.

“This…what’s going on outside this?” Suddenly someone asked silently, “Did someone fight just now? It seems to have stopped? What about Mr. Donovan’s person?”

As soon as this person’s voice fell, the whole room started to roar again, and everyone was talking about what happened in the book.

At this time, a young man looked at Ethan and Maggie, hesitated for a moment, and summoned his courage to walk outside the door.

He wanted to see what happened, and his actions instantly attracted the eyes and attention of everyone present.

The man stepped to the door, and just stepped out of the front foot, his foot suddenly stopped in the air, and then the man’s head was raised high, as if he had seen some terrible monster, his face showed a look of fear.

“This…what’s wrong with this?” When everyone saw him move like this, they hurriedly pointed and discussed.

Some people shook their heads suspiciously, expressing that they didn’t know why, while others followed the person’s horrified gaze and tried their best to look out the door.

Soon, the man who was about to step out the door retracted, and then took a step back quickly, and then another step…

This man’s actions made everyone look dumbfounded.

But soon, they seemed to understand why this person had such strange actions.

Because just as this person stepped back, a huge figure suddenly appeared at the door of the room.

The figure bowed slightly and squeezed in from the door.

I saw that this person was more than two meters tall, tall and wide, and it is estimated that he weighs three hundred jins.

Although he is wearing a suit, his strong muscles can be seen through the suit.

This person looked like a monster, he was half taller than everyone present, and everyone looked at him, naturally full of fear.

As soon as this person entered the door, he walked straight to Maggie. He bowed slightly towards Maggie and whispered, “Miss Maggie, do you need anything?”

Obviously, everyone can tell that this person is Maggie’s subordinate.

Especially Dave, seeing this man with wisps of blood still in his suit, suddenly became a little nervous, and asked, “Who are you? Where is my person?”

King Kong raised his head, glanced at Dave disdainfully, and couldn’t help but sneered: “Your people? They are all outside. If you want to call an ambulance, you’d better call more, otherwise it won’t be enough!”

Dave was shocked when he heard this, staring at King Kong dumbfounded, and said in amazement: “You…what did you say? I…I’m brother number ten, you…”

Before Dave finished his words, he heard King Kong sneer: “I yeah, you are the No. 100 straw bag. It’s a fart. Before I could make a move, my brothers solved it. That kind of role, you too Ashamed to show it out?”


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