I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 479

Chapter 479

“What? All killed?”

As soon as King Kong’s words came out, it caused an uproar in the room.

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief, and then there was a heated discussion.

Some people find it incredible, while others question King Kong’s words.

And more people are still staring at the door, wanting to see what the scene is outside the door.

It’s just that how hard they tried, it didn’t help in the end. In the end, they couldn’t see anything. They only heard the wailing. That wailing sounded creepy.

“What did you say?” Dave looked surprised, and obviously he did not believe King Kong’s words.

After all, he is the number one hundred and ten. No matter how strong this King Kong physique is, how strong his companion is, can it be so strong?

After a few minutes, you can get the number one hundred and ten, then who are they? Superman? How many of them are there?

Dave gritted his teeth, he glared at the opponent fiercely, and hurriedly yelled at the door: “Bring me here, where are you? Come on…”

But he kept shouting for a long time, but no voice responded to him.

Outside the door at this time, there was no other sound except for the sad screams of his group of men.

Dave didn’t believe in evil, so he quickly put down Kieran Donovan and walked quickly into the corridor outside the door.

As soon as he left, those who wanted to know the situation outside the door hurriedly followed him to the door.

It’s just that everyone walked out the door expectantly, but was directly stunned by the scene in front of them.

“This…what’s going on?” A person suddenly called out in shock. Obviously, he felt extremely shocked and terrified about the scene in front of him, and the expression of this person’s eyes was filled with fear.

Because right in front of him, the long corridor was full of people at this time, and these people were wailing at this time. There was no good place on the whole body, or they were beaten up. Blue eyes, or broken legs and feet, everyone looked so tragic.

And beside these people, leaning against a corner at this time, poking a few people in black

Although these people don’t have the strong bodies that make people feel scared when you see them, you can still see that these people’s physical qualities are different from ordinary people.

“This… four or five of them, they’ve overturned so many people?” Suddenly a voice from the crowd sounded, and the tone was full of suspicion.

“Is this still a human? It’s terrible, isn’t it? Oh my god, it’s still a win if you comment on one person against more than twenty?”

“This…what can I do?”

Obviously, the few people in Lei’s group in front of him easily settled Dave’s one hundred and ten men. This scene really shocked everyone present.

While they were shocked, they felt even more panic.

Because these people were brought by Ethan and Maggie, a few of their subordinates are enough to overturn so many people, what about yourself?

These people looked at each other with pale faces. Everyone knew very well. They had betrayed Ethan and secretly calculated the Chengnan project, causing them to lose several billions at once. What kind of deep hatred is this?

But today Ethan and Maggie brought such powerful subordinates, so can they let them go?

Everyone has no bottom in their hearts. They don’t know what will happen in the next scene, and one by one becomes nervous.

Suddenly, a Lei group member outside the door raised his head, looked at Dave, and asked with a joking smile, “Anything else? If so, let’s come together?”

Dave’s face changed slightly when he heard the words.

He still has a fart. The family that he has run for many years is now here, and they have all been overwhelmed by them without any effort.

Dave knew very well that no one could count on him now.

He snorted and went straight back to the room, and the contractors who squeezed out to watch the excitement also hurriedly followed back.

If just now they were full of indifference and contempt for Ethan and Maggie, then at this moment, they would not dare anymore.

These people know very well what the fate will be if they continue to recreate the situation.

When everyone returned to the room, they were surprised to find that Ethan and Maggie had each pulled out a chair and sat down, looking at everyone present coldly.

Maggie sneered and said, “Mr. Donovan, can this meet-up ceremony be what you like?”

Dave looked at Kieran Donovan on the ground, and his anger surged again, but he knew better that at this time he was unable to fight Ethan and Maggie.

“You are too much!” Dave roared angrily, “I don’t care if you kill all the people outside the door, but this is my son, you…you actually…”

Before Dave finished speaking, he was interrupted by Maggie indifferently.

The latter said coldly: “This is what you asked for. We are kind enough for the betrayers. We have shown the greatest kindness and trust to you, but what about you? You secretly colluded with others and caused us losses. At that time, have you ever wondered if you are too much?”

Dave was said to be speechless. This is the case. Of course he was unable to refute it.

Maggie snorted coldly and continued: “Okay, let’s start talking now. You call us, don’t you just have something to say?”

Dave gritted his teeth and said, “There is nothing to talk about. We called you over today for one thing. You have to calculate the project and pay us the original amount, otherwise…”

“Otherwise, what do you want?” Suddenly, Ethan spoke with a stern tone, “Shit logic, I hired you to build the Chengnan project. In the end, you secretly colluded with others and killed the Chengnan project. Looking back, you are still shameless Come over and ask me for money? Is your face or something?”

Ethan didn’t want to come, but he felt that he couldn’t swallow this breath. He came over, actually just want to ask Dave this sentence.

Maggie immediately said: “When I signed the contract before, I remembered that I signed it very clearly. If there is a project quality problem, then the final responsibility is to be borne by you. As for the payment or not, I still ask you. Go take a look at the original contract!”

Of course, Maggie remembers every clause in the contract. In fact, she originally planned to find these large and small contractors to settle the accounts today, but she didn’t expect that these people would go ahead of her and directly tore their last fig leaf.

However, Maggie is naturally not too worried about what these people will quibble about, because according to the terms of the contract, there was a problem with the Chengnan project. These people are the first to be held accountable, and there is no exemption clause in the contract, that is, as long as If the quality of the project went wrong, these people could not shirk the blame.


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