I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 480

Chapter 480

Of course, if they want to remove their responsibilities, there is no way, unless they have the project quality verification certificate signed by Maggie himself.

The significance of this certificate is to prove that the quality of a certain project has been qualified, and the certificate will be issued only after project acceptance.

It’s just that, as soon as the Chengnan Project has not completed a project, it will not be possible to issue a certificate if it is not completed.

Second, the hand is on Maggie’s body. She has never signed this kind of thing. She knows better than anyone else. Even if the other party wants to fake it, it is impossible.

In other words, no matter how sophisticated the other party wanted, since they chose to troubleshoot the quality of the Chengnan project, they could only reap the consequences in the end.

But Maggie still seems to underestimate these people too much.

When she finished speaking, Dave sneered and asked, “Then Miss Maggie, are you sincerely planning to settle the project payment to us?”

Even now, she could still laugh, Maggie was not afraid of anything, and she didn’t even respond.

Dave sneered, and directly stretched out his hand, letting someone on the side hand over a stack of files, and said with a smile: “In that case, I want to show you something good!”

After speaking, Dave asked people to pass the things to Maggie.

Maggie couldn’t help being a little curious, but when she read the stack of files, her face suddenly changed!

“This is fake, it’s impossible, I haven’t signed this kind of thing at all!” Maggie repeatedly vetoed it, her expression unbelievable.

When Ethan saw this, he hurriedly took the things and looked at it again. After reading it, Ethan also looked extremely shocked.

Because the files in their hands were nothing else, they turned out to be dozens of acceptance certificates, and at the end of each acceptance certificate, it was Maggie’s official seal and handprint!

“This is a forgery!” Ethan also got up and said, “You think you can shirk your responsibility by just taking out this kind of thing?”

Dave laughed, and said nonchalantly: “What responsibilities are you still telling me? What responsibilities do I have now? All responsibilities are yours. The project is completed by you. And now that you have accepted it, then there will be project quality problems. Naturally it has nothing to do with us, ho ho, who do you want to be responsible for you?”

“You fart!” Maggie shouted angrily, “Most of the Chengnan project has just started construction, so far no building has been completely completed. What kind of acceptance certificate should I give you? What’s more, I can confirm one hundred. I have never signed this qualification certificate, so you must be fake!”

Maggie was very convinced about this, didn’t she remember that she hadn’t done anything?

However, Dave smiled again and said meaningfully: “Ms. Ye, please take a closer look at the first sentence of the qualification certificate. Is it written? At the request of Party A, he gave it to the construction in progress and issued it. The project acceptance certificate. This was proposed by your party on the initiative. What does it have to do with us? And I will deny you, so I’ve been determined by someone. The official seal is indeed your official seal, and the handprint, It really belongs to you, what else can you say?”

While talking, Dave threw a report with a firm fingerprint to Maggie. It was written in black and white that the fingerprint was indeed Maggie’s!

Maggie was shocked, she couldn’t believe it.

And she quickly thought that if the fingerprint really belongs to her, then this time she seems to have been calculated again.

Maggie crazily recalled in her mind, who could get her official seal and her fingerprints?

It seems that there is only Kira!

Thinking of this, Maggie fiercely slammed her hand on a small table from a year ago, and there was a trace of cracks in the table.

Maggie looked upset, she really couldn’t understand that Kira was her own sister, why did she calculate herself like this?

Over the years, she has given her what she wants, and has never even scolded her or hit her finger.

But in the end, she betrayed herself in such a way, and she really wanted to push herself on the road to absolutes!

Maggie was very distressed, gritted her teeth, and muttered to herself: “This white-eyed wolf!”

She was full of hatred, wishing to catch Kira right now and ask everything plainly.

But I don’t even know where she is now…

Maggie sighed heavily, at this moment she finally felt a bit of weakness.

“Maggie, what’s the matter with you?” Suddenly, Ethan gently touched Maggie and asked, “What the hell is going on? Could it be…Is this really you…”

“No!” Maggie shook her head decisively, and said, “I will tell you in detail when I look back on this matter, but now it seems that what they have in their hands seems to be real, and I can guarantee that we were calculated!”

Hearing this, Ethan only felt a little uncomfortable!

It has been calculated again, what is the origin of the person who wants to put himself to death?

At this time, Dave seemed to feel a bit proud of moving back to the game.

He proudly said: “How about it, do you believe it now? , if you believe it, please settle all the project funds obediently, otherwise…”

“Otherwise, what do you want?” Maggie stared at Dave, with a hint of murder in her eyes.

Dave also took a stance of going all out. Now his sons are already like this. He, Maggie and Ethan have become unshakable enemies. Of course he will not back down. Even what he thinks now is how to get revenge. go back.

“Otherwise, let’s see you in the court!” Dave sneered, “I believe that as long as this matter goes to the court, then you will surely suffer. Now, no matter how miserably the Chengnan project is defeated, you still have a chance to survive. There are still several billion in reserved funds. But if we take the matter to the court and you refuse to pay, then the court will definitely freeze your bank account. At that time, you will really be dead!”

Of course, Dave didn’t just talk about it. He knew the doorway inside. He knew what Ethan and Maggie were most afraid of at this time.

Although Ethan and Maggie are currently in a difficult situation, they still have a lot of funds on hand to turn around.

But if the funds are frozen, the end will be sad.

Dave was very proud. He felt that he had grasped the pain points of Ethan and Maggie, and as long as he could grasp their pain points, he would be able to pinch them to death!


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