I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 481

Chapter 481

“So, you don’t have to choose now!” Dave said sinisterly, “Paying for our project, maybe you will spend hundreds of millions of dollars at once, but if you don’t pay, you will be embarrassed. You will be completely pauper. Then, Are you still so arrogant? Do you still dare to move my people?”

At the end of the talk, Dave gritted his teeth.

As soon as he said these words, Ethan and Maggie looked at each other and seemed to understand what he meant, and the question Dave said seemed very practical.

Now Dave has a lot of engineering acceptance certificates in his hand, as long as he takes those things to sue himself, then he really didn’t run away.

If they refuse to pay the project money, they will definitely be frozen in the end. The final result is that their situation is ten times more difficult than it is now.

At that time, don’t talk about the reconstruction of the southern part of the city. It is estimated that I want to demolish the tofu residue that is already under construction, and I have no money to do it.

At that time, if you can’t advance, you can’t retreat, that’s your worst result!

Ethan looked at Maggie, and it seemed that neither of them had any countermeasures.

He sighed in his heart and said, “Go ahead, what do you want?”

Dave sneered. He looked at Kieran Donovan who was dying on the ground, and said fiercely: “I don’t want anything, I just want to tell you, now that you want to live, there is only one chance left, ho ho, you want to grasp it. Live? How about I give you a chance!”

Immediately afterwards, Dave pointed his finger to the outside of the building. At this time, it was already windy outside, and the wind rolled up patches of dark clouds. It seemed that it was going to rain today.

Dave said: “I will give you a chance now. You will go out and kneel outside the Haoyuan Building. Kneel until my son is discharged from the hospital. During this period, as long as you are still kneeling, not only will I not go. I will not ask you to settle the project payment if you sued you.”

“Ho ho, is this a good deal? You know, this is one of the few good deals for you!” Dave sneered.

He was deliberately humiliating Ethan and Maggie. His son was beaten like this by them. Not only did he want to humiliate, he even wanted to kill Ethan now, but now his own strength does not allow it!

At this time, all eyes fell on Ethan and Maggie.

Faced with such humiliation, everyone wanted to see how Ethan would react, whether he would face it tough, or would he be softened for the sake of billions.

“Ho ho…” Suddenly, Ethan sneered and slowly said, “Are you kidding? Kneel you down? Are you worthy? Do you think I care about your threat? It’s ridiculous, you are not Do you want to sue me? Go.”

Ethan’s tone was very calm, and it seemed that Dave didn’t pay attention to it at all.

Regarding this, Dave was furious. He pointed at Ethan and roared, “No wonder I am so special. You asked for it yourself. See you in court! I want to see if you will kneel down. Begging me to withdraw the complaint!”

At this point, Ethan had nothing to say. He got up and walked outside, sneered at Dave, and finally said, “You are so funny.”

After speaking, Ethan went out. When he walked to the side of the Lei Group members outside the door, a few people bowed slightly to Ethan, but Ethan patted one of them on the shoulder and said coldly. : “Go, deal with the people inside, as long as you don’t die!”

The members of the Lei group nodded, “I understand Ethan Norman.”

Ethan responded and walked out without looking back, but as soon as Ethan and Maggie walked away, the members of the Lei Group stormed into the room just now.

Not long after, there was a real heart-piercing howl and loud noises from all sorts of things.

Ethan and Maggie went downstairs and went straight to the parking lot. After getting in the car, they drove away.

Ethan did not go to Empire Hotel, but asked Maggie to send herself back to school.

Ethan felt that his mood was terrible these two days.

Several billions of dollars were thrown into the water in an instant, and he felt a little ashamed of his father.

Ethan returned to school, lay down in the dormitory for a while, then called Linda and asked her to meet in a cafe near the school.

Obviously, Linda still failed to get out of the incident that her father found herself before.

But she also heard about the Chengnan project, and naturally understood Ethan’s difficulties better.

So when the two met, Linda comforted Ethan.

But Ethan only dealt with a few words. In fact, he just wanted to take a look at Linda. After seeing that Linda was fine, Ethan was completely relieved.

When Kieran Donovan told Ethan what happened to Linda before, Ethan was scared.

Ethan sighed and said to Linda, “I may be a little busy lately, so please hello to yourself.”

Linda nodded, smiled sweetly at Ethan, and was about to speak, but the phone rang.

At the sight of the phone, Linda’s smile disappeared in an instant. She put the phone back into her pocket and pretended not to see it.

“What’s wrong? Who is it?” Ethan frowned and asked.

Linda sighed: “It’s my mother. Now she is trying her best to let me recognize that person. I don’t know what my mother thinks. That person abandoned us so cruelly. She once said to me. She would never forgive him for the rest of her life, but as soon as he appeared, my mother seemed to have forgotten all the hatreds and all the sufferings she suffered because of that person, and obeyed that person without a single complaint.”

Linda sighed, “Hey, why did she become so fast…”

Ethan looked at Maggie. This was the first time he heard Linda talk about his father.

“Then you… do you want to recognize him?” Ethan asked tentatively.

Linda hesitated for a while. She hesitated for a long time before shook her head: “I don’t know. I hate him. I hate him very much, but it is my father after all. I don’t know whether I should hate him, and maybe he I came to me just to make up for the regrets I have had for so many years. I don’t know if I hate him, I will chill him…”

Obviously, facing his sudden father, Linda was very complicated, a little overwhelmed and at a loss.

“Then do you think I should hate him?” Linda suddenly turned to Xiang Jianghao.

Ethan also hesitated. In fact, he knew that he was not qualified to comment on others, because his fate was too similar to Linda’s, and he was abandoned by his biological father since he was a child.

But Ethan didn’t hate his father. Even at the moment when Eric Norman reappeared in his life, Ethan believed that his father must have had difficulties when he left him.

That being the case, what reason does he have to make Linda hate his father?


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