I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 483

Chapter 483

“Who?” Maggie glanced at her hand and asked in confusion, “It’s already eight o’clock.”

The secretary was about to speak, but a figure suddenly appeared behind him.

The man smiled and said loudly, “Miss Maggie, don’t come here unharmed? Take the liberty to ask for trouble!”

That person was familiar with him, and he didn’t mean to see anything outside.

Instead, when Maggie saw this person, she was puzzled: “Why are you?”

Ethan also looked surprised when he saw this person, and a hint of curiosity appeared on his face: “What are you doing here?”

The person here is not someone else, but Xu Tianlin.

Of course, Maggie knew Xu Tianlin, the Young Master Xu of Buckeye’s first family, and he was a survivor in Buckeye.

It’s just that Maggie didn’t know what exactly Xu Tianlin was looking for at this time.

Ethan was even more curious. He had been in contact with Xu Tianlin before. Ethan knew that this person was extremely arrogant and very arrogant.

Ethan doesn’t have a good impression of Xu Tianlin, even such a person. It won’t be a pity if you don’t have contact for a lifetime.

Moreover, Ethan could clearly feel that Xu Tianlin seemed a bit difficult, he seemed to be pervasive. Every time Ethan saw this person, he felt that this person was dangerous.

Especially today, this person suddenly came on the door, which surprised Ethan more and more.

Obviously, Xu Tianlin will not visit the door for no reason today, especially at such a critical time.

“Haha, the two of you seem to be a little surprised by my arrival?” Xu Tianlin looked at Ethan and said with a smile, “This should be called Ethan Norman, right? Ouch, I only found out before reading the report. Ethan Norman is the investor behind the Chengnan Project. I am so lucky to meet.”

Ethan ignored the other party, but hurriedly tidied up the things Maggie had handed him before.

“Are you here?” Maggie waved at the secretary behind, motioned to let her go out, and closed the door by the way.

Maggie just continued and said, “It seems that we and the Xu family don’t have much business intersection, right? Xu Tianlin came today, and he should be able to go to the Palace of Three Treasures, right?”

Xu Tianlin laughed loudly: “Smart, really smart, of course I won’t go to the door without incident.”

Xu Tianlin glanced at Ethan, as well as the things Ethan packed up, smiled and waved his hand: “Mr. Ethan didn’t need to pack up. I won’t look at those things. After all, I’ve seen them a long time ago, haha…”

As soon as Xu Tianlin said this, Ethan and Maggie looked at each other immediately, seeming a little surprised and amazed.

He has seen it long ago? What does it mean? This is a notice from various departments. Only a few people have read it. How could he have read it?

Thinking of this, the two turned their eyes on Xu Tianlin’s body.

They seemed to have noticed that Xu Tianlin came today with unkind intentions.

“What do you mean?” Maggie looked at Xu Tianlin with keen eyes, as if interrogating.

Ethan asked bluntly: “Couldn’t…you did all these things, right?”

What Ethan was referring to was of course the unnecessarily reported matters

You know, of the dozen or so reports, most of them are unwarranted, completely nonsense and even illogical.

Obviously, this is someone else who is hacking himself, but Ethan is still thinking about who is hacking himself.

And now, he seems to have the answer.

It’s just this answer that both Ethan and Maggie felt uneasy.

Because does it mean that Xu Tianlin is the one who always hides behind and engages in the Chengnan project?

And you must know that Xu Tianlin is the eldest son of the Xu family. Does that mean that the combination of punches behind it is the Xu family that completely knocked down the Chengnan project?

If so, it would be terrible!

After Ethan said that, he and Maggie hurriedly looked at each other. They seemed to feel uneasy in each other’s eyes.

After all, the Xu family is Buckeye’s largest family, and neither its strength nor the connections behind it should be underestimated.

If they are really eyeing the Chengnan project, it seems that they can fully explain everything that happened before, and it also indicates that things will become more difficult.

Xu Tianlin’s gaze was a bit arrogant. He didn’t seem to put Ethan and Maggie in his eyes at all. He just smiled disdainfully and said, “Yes, I did the things on your desk. How about it, fun?”

Xu Tianlin is very honest. He even felt that when the matter was up to now, he didn’t need to cover it up anymore. After all, Ethan and Maggie were already like fish.

But what he said, to Ethan and Maggie, was really like a blockbuster falling on the surface of the water, which immediately caused huge waves.

It seems that things are developing in the worst direction more and more!

Ethan looked at Xu Tianlin, and hurriedly asked again, “Chengnan Project, you are the one behind you, right?”

Xu Tianlin smiled again: “Yes, I did all your contractors. How about it? Is my confidential work done very well? If I don’t say, you are still in the dark, right? Haha…”

At this time, Xu Tianlin seemed to regard himself as a winner. He was already defiant and felt that he could be arrogant and unruly.

He even mocked Ethan and Maggie, saying, “It’s you, ho ho, I really feel sorry for you, what a good situation once was just before you, don’t you cherish it, how is it now? Do you regret it? , what a pity, what a pity, it’s too late!”

“Are you very proud?” Ethan asked coldly.

Xu Tianlin smiled and walked directly to the sofa to the side, with Erlang’s legs folded, and said, “Don’t I deserve to be proud? What a perfect plan and how precise execution is. If I didn’t say you would know what was behind this Am I manipulating? , the defeated player, I am proud, what can you do to me?”

Xu Tianlin’s words directly stimulated Ethan and Maggie, especially Maggie. After she heard that Xu Tianlin was manipulating everything behind her, they were about to explode.

First, she was angry and Xu Tianlin was so insidious and cunning. Secondly, she thought of her sister even more.

It seems that Kira was also used by Xu Tianlin!


Maggie directly wanted to rush to Xu Tianlin, and said viciously: “Bad son, what’s the matter with my sister? Why did she choose to help you and betray me? Where is Kira? Tell me!”


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