I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 484

Chapter 484

To be honest, Xu Tianlin didn’t know Kira at all, so naturally he couldn’t understand Maggie’s words even more.

But when he heard the word betrayal, he seemed to understand something.

“Why, your sister betrayed you?” Xu Tianlin sneered, “That’s really sad, what kind of face is there for someone who even betrays his sister?”

Xu Tianlin sighed and said directly: “To be honest, I don’t know who your sister is, and even if she betrays you, it is not me who takes refuge, so I advise you to be polite to me!”

“Not you?” Maggie was taken aback for a moment, and hurriedly asked, “Not who you are? Didn’t you say that you are behind the Chengnan Project? She was not deceived by you, so who else? “

Xu Tianlin chuckled and shook his head: “Miss Maggie, you are also the general manager in charge of billions of assets. Why are you so naive? Do you really think that I am the only one behind the killing of the Chengnan Project? “

Now, Xu Tianlin doesn’t have much scruples at all. He bluntly said, “Your sister may be someone else, but I don’t care about your sister’s life or death at all, and it has nothing to do with me. I care about things. There is only one, which is why I am here!”

Hearing Xu Tianlin’s words, Maggie’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom.

In addition to the Xu family, there are other people behind this incident? Moreover, Maggie thought that she was about to get a message from her sister, but now it seems that she has fallen into trouble again.

“Who is the person you are working with?” Maggie asked directly regardless of Xu Tianlin’s words.

Xu Tianlin looked a little unhappy, cast a blank look at Maggie, and said, “Why should I tell you? What qualifications do you have to question me like this? What are you? You are just a defeater!”

Xu Tianlin’s words completely angered Maggie. She suddenly jumped forward and jumped directly towards Xu Tianlin. The whole person was as agile as a cat, before Xu Tianlin had time to react, she had already jumped on him. One hand stuck his throat, and Maggie’s other hand, at some point, unexpectedly had an extra butterfly knife.

Maggie’s eyes showed icy light, she stared sharply at Xu Tianlin, who was under her control, the butterfly knife in her other hand flew around in her palm, making a whistling “swish”, and then her hand turned, the butterfly knife He put it directly on Xu Tianlin’s neck.

This scene came too suddenly, and it really frightened Xu Tianlin. He was shaking involuntarily, and his shirt was soaked in cold sweat instantly.

“You…what are you doing?” Xu Tianlin asked tremblingly.

He never expected that Maggie had such a vigorous posture that he hadn’t even seen her movements clearly before the other party had already held him down.

And looking at the butterfly knife that was placed on his neck, and the coolness had penetrated his body, Xu Tianlin was almost suffocated with fright.

“I… I warn you not to mess around? This… this… this thing is very dangerous, don’t mess around, put it down quickly…”

Maggie did not have a chance to say Xu Tianlin’s words, she still looked at him coldly, and asked in a low tone, “I asked you for the last time, who is that person!”

Xu Tianlin was completely frightened, but he remembered that Zaid said to himself that his identity could not be revealed to others.

It’s just that now that he is in danger, Xu Tianlin can’t seem to manage that much anymore, after all, survival is crucial.

He looked at Maggie’s gaze, and seemed to feel the ferocity of this woman.

It can be seen that Maggie cares about her sister very much. If she really annoys her because of her sister’s affairs, Maggie moves her hand a little, isn’t she dead?

Xu Tianlin had no choice. If Maggie was as meek as a sheep, he would be a hungry wolf. But at this time Maggie transformed into a fierce tiger, but he was not even a rabbit.

“I… I said, I said, you should put the knife down first, this is not a joke.” Xu Tianlin said as he slowly pushed Maggie’s butterfly knife from his neck with his fingertips.

But Maggie didn’t mean to remove the knife, and the butterfly knife made a circle in her palm again.

“Swish”, Xu Tianlin only felt that the tips of his fingers were sore, and then a stream of heat rushed out of the fingertips.

Then the butterfly knife returned to its original position.

“Say!” Maggie asked coldly.

This time Xu Tianlin was completely desperate. Although he just broke a fingertip, he was terrified. After all, the blade was swaying in front of him just now, and he could even feel the wind brought by the blade.

“Tell me, I say I say.” Xu Tianlin completely persuaded, and hurriedly said, “I said all, I just know that the person is Zaid, his identity seems to be very mysterious, and also very rich, in fact I did not I wanted to start with your Chengnan project. This person found me and gave me a financial support, so I did.”


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