I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 487

Chapter 487

Maggie thought for a while and began to talk slowly.

“Actually, your father has nothing to do with the Norman Family overseas!”

The first sentence Maggie said at the beginning completely subverted Ethan’s cognition.

“What? No… it doesn’t matter? What does it mean?” Ethan seemed a little confused. His father’s surname was Shen, the overseas Norman Family’s surname was Shen, and his father was still the head of the Norman Family. How could it not matter?

Before Ethan thought that his father’s ability to be the head of the Norman Family overseas should be related to his grandfather. Perhaps his grandfather was the previous head of the Norman Family overseas. Otherwise, how could such an important position be left to him? Own father.

And although Ethan doesn’t have many memories of his father, Eric Norman, one thing is still fresh in his memory, that is, his father was taken from China to a foreign country when he was in his twenties.

If there is no strong relationship, how could his father not be taken far away abroad?

Maggie could see Ethan’s doubts, and she just nodded faintly, and continued: “Actually, it’s not unrelated, but it doesn’t matter much. Um…”

Maggie hesitated for a moment and then spoke again: “Let’s put it this way, in fact, you and your father’s Norman Family. They are in the same line as the overseas Norman Family. Both originated from an ancestor. Compared to the overseas Norman Family, your home in China A Norman Family has a more pure blood. It belongs to the descendant line of the descendant family. It belongs to the Zong family, while the overseas Norman Family is a branch of the Norman Family. Do you understand that?”

Hearing the words, Ethan nodded without understanding. Although he could understand Maggie’s meaning, what did it have to do with his father’s inheritance as the head of the Norman Family overseas?

Soon, Maggie continued: “Although the two parties have reached your father’s generation and their blood relationship is very far away, the Norman Family is a very special existence, that is, no matter when it comes, no matter the family blood relationship reaches various points, the family The bond between them has always been there, and it seems to be a tradition left over from the distant past. No matter how rich and powerful the Norman Family is, they must respect the clan one hundred percent.”

Maggie went on to say: “It seems that not long after you were born, the Norman Family overseas suddenly broke out in a huge division within the family. The entire Norman Family overseas almost collapsed at that time. And the Norman Family overseas It is so powerful, if a huge family really falls apart. Or civil strife, affected and affected, it is estimated that a large group of people. And in order to reconcile the contradiction, the overseas Norman Family and your family will begin to try to communicate And I hope to send someone to the Norman Family overseas to take the role of head in order to bridge the contradictions between the various forces. After thinking about it, your grandfather decided to let your father go overseas to take the role of head.”

When Maggie said these words, she seemed to have some hesitation.

Obviously, although she told Ethan that things probably went through, there are still many things she didn’t say, and there is no doubt that those contents are the truth.

In fact, the truth behind the scenes was too bloody and cruel, and it was naturally impossible for Maggie to tell Ethanhe.

So what she just said is nothing more than a version processed by herself.

She just wanted Ethan to know what her family was like.

Hearing what Maggie said, Ethan felt that he understood a lot, but he became more confused.

He thought about it for a long time, only to realize something was wrong, and hurriedly said, “But if according to what you just said, the overseas Norman Family originally asked my father to be the head of the patriarch, then this matter is not particularly glorious. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s definitely not a bad thing. So why hasn’t anyone mentioned it to me since I was a child? My mother said that my father is dead? And in the past two decades, I have hardly heard anything about my father’s family. What about my grandfather? Where is the Norman Family? Why have I never heard of this?”

Obviously, Ethan was keenly aware of something strange, and what made Ethan even more unbelievable was what was happening right now.

Ethan hurriedly said again: “And more importantly. Since my father is now the head of the overseas Norman Family and he is still a member of the clan, it is logical that the overseas Norman Family should respect my father more? Then why do they still Do you want to send someone to work on the Seongnam project in secret? , let alone they don’t know that my father is behind the Seongnam project. The reason is ridiculous.”

Faced with Ethan’s endless questions, Maggie seemed to have no idea how to explain it.

She just wanted to reveal to Ethan some secrets about her family, but she hadn’t thought about so many details.

“This…your grandfather…” Maggie didn’t know how to answer for a while, and she faltered for a long time without saying an answer.

Ethan smiled. He looked at Maggie as if he had insight into everything, and asked, “What you said just now is false, right?”

It has been seen through. Maggie couldn’t help being a little surprised.

She realized more and more that the nearest Ethan was no longer the innocent and innocent child when she first came into contact with him. He now thinks a lot and has an unusually sharp vision.

If I wanted to deceive him like I did in the past, it seemed that it was no longer enough.

Maggie hesitated for a moment, she wondered if she should tell Ethan everything.

After all, Eric Norman once instructed himself that the less Ethan knew about this, the better.

I was already playing with fire, and if I tell Ethan again, it seems that things are going to be serious.

Maggie sighed and nodded: “Indeed, part of what I said just now is false. But your family is the clan in the Norman Family, and everything in the Norman Family abroad is true. As for… Why is your father going to the Norman Family overseas, and your grandfather and the Norman Family’s affairs? I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. Perhaps the only one who can answer your question is MR. Norman .”

Maggie paused, she saw Ethan’s extremely longing gaze, shook her head, and sighed: “Jiang, there are some things that I don’t tell you, just for your own good. Let me tell you this way. Behind it, it is unusually bloody and cruel, and quite dangerous, and your mother, or your father, chooses to hide these things from you, because they love you enough and fear that you will be hurt.”

“Your father really loves you, maybe you can’t feel it now, but I believe you will know one day.” Maggie said earnestly.


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