I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 495

Chapter 495

Ethan sighed, looked at the few people, and said loudly: “Don’t worry, just three hundred million, I will return the money to you.”

Ethan couldn’t help but make these people a little bit at a loss what to say.

After all, where are they rushing for these three hundred million, what they want is the ten times the liquidated damages signed in the contract.

And if Maggie and Ethan can’t come up with the money, they can further pressure Ethan and Maggie to use the Chengnan Project or other assets to repay their debts.

But if Ethan really got through the phone, and he was going to come back three hundred million and give it back to him, wouldn’t it be a waste of fun for them to go around such a big circle?

In the end, although they got the money, it was only 300 million, which was far from what they expected.

These people couldn’t help whispering to each other for a while, and their faces didn’t look pretty.

Finally, they all set their eyes on Maggie’s body, and several people fixed their eyes on Maggie’s phone.

At this time, Ethan and Maggie also looked a little anxious.

They are also eagerly waiting for the call to be connected.

Moreover, by now, the situation in Buckeye is no longer under their control, and the water inside is too deep. If they don’t ask Eric Norman to help, they will probably lose even worse.

Although Ethan felt that the last thing had reached this point before he found his father, he was a little bit sad on his face, but obviously, he really couldn’t help it.

Ethan also looked at Maggie, thinking about what his father would say after the call was answered.

Almost everyone present was waiting for the call to be connected.

But the result was really beyond everyone’s expectations, because Eric Norman shut down.

Maggie suddenly became a little confused. She looked at Ethan in surprise, and said, “Why…how could it be turned off? MR. Norman never turned it off in the past!”

Obviously, this result was completely unexpected by Maggie, because she had been with Eric Norman for so many years, of course, it was clear that Eric Norman’s mobile phone almost never left her body and never turned off.

After all, he is the head patriarch of the Norman Family dignified overseas, and he still has many properties to take care of. How could it be shut down?

“Turn off?” Ethan also looked a little weird, and hurriedly said again, “You can call it again!”

Maggie heard the words and hurriedly called again.

But at this moment, the few creditors who were hanging on their hearts suddenly relieved a lot after hearing Maggie say that the phone was turned off.

The few people smiled at each other, seemingly happy to hear some great news.

The fat middle-aged man headed even more ridiculed: “Miss Maggie, is it shutting down, or are you incapable of getting money? , if you can’t get money, I would advise you to say it clearly, there is no need Use this trick to coax us, we are all grown-ups, not little babies.”

Maggie ignored the person, just rolled her eyes and continued to make the phone call.

But this time, Maggie was disappointed again, and Eric Norman’s phone was still shut down.

She put down the phone and shook her head slightly at Ethan.

“Still shut down? Why?” Ethan’s expression was a little ugly. He felt a bit speechless. When did his father shut down the phone, he turned it off at this time? Isn’t this just playing yourself to death?

Maggie shook her head and said in a low voice, “Your father never shut down the phone, but today…”

Before Maggie finished speaking, the debt collectors on the side laughed.

Especially the middle-aged man in the lead snorted triumphantly and said: “Miss Maggie, Ethan Norman, do you have anything else to say now? I have given you a chance to let you fight I went to borrow money on the phone, but the result? The ghost knows whether you really didn’t get through the phone, or did you just show it to us?”

The man sighed, smiled, and said: “Okay, the opportunity has been given to you, this time you don’t blame us anymore, Mr. Ethan, we will give you two ways now, or we will also deal with the court. Either we choose to go private, I heard that you can’t continue the Chengnan project, or you can take a look, transfer part of the project to us, we don’t want more, half of the Chengnan project, what do you think …”

The fox’s tail finally appeared. Before the other party had finished speaking, Ethan looked at him fiercely, his eyes full of chill.

“What did you say?” Ethan glared at the other party, with a torch-like stare, “Dare you dare to say it again? , I owe you 300 million, and you want to take half of the Chengnan project? , may I ask you Do you need a face?”

Ethan faced such a shameless suggestion from the other party, without the slightest politeness, and went straight back.

Maggie also had a gloomy face, obviously already a little intolerable.

But those few people still disagreed. The middle-aged man headed sneered and said, “What is shameless? It is only right to pay off debts. Now you feel that you can’t accept it. What have you been thinking about? Huh, you have today. Isn’t it because you are greedy for petty gains, cut corners in the Chengnan project, and were eventually found out? I tell you, I only give you two options, otherwise, let’s deal with the court. I Can you tell me anything when you see it!”

Ethan was very annoyed, very angry, he stared at the other side fiercely, and wanted to tell the other side to sue himself quickly.

Anyway, this is the end of the matter, and isn’t the other party here just to carve up a piece of cake from yourself? If that’s the case, then everyone

But at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared at the door of Maggie’s office.

“Oh, what’s the matter, this is so angry?”

When everyone heard the sound and looked in that direction, they were immediately taken aback.

The debt collectors were shocked when they saw the incoming person, and the few people looked at each other, and then they hurried up to say hello with a smile on their faces.

“Oh, how are you young Master Xu, why are you here too? I’m so lucky to have a chance…”

“Yes, yeah, I didn’t expect to meet you Da Xu Tianlin here, Da Xu Tianlin, you are here…”

The person here was Xu Tianlin. He didn’t pay much attention to the few people in front of him. He just laughed at them, pushed them away, and said with contempt, “Don’t get close to me, do I know you?”

The few people were so embarrassed that they looked at each other and didn’t dare to speak again.

Xu Tianlin bypassed these people and walked directly to Ethan and Maggie, but because of those things yesterday, he didn’t dare to go too close.

He looked at Maggie, seemed a little nervous, and said, “That… I didn’t expect it, I’m here again.”


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