I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 497

Chapter 497

As soon as Xu Tianlin said these words, Ethan and Maggie became alert. They looked at each other, and they obviously did not believe Xu Tianlin’s words.

After all, Maggie still said yesterday that the cancellation of the Chengnan project now only revealed a little bit of wind.

Since it is just wind, it will naturally not produce results so quickly.

Maggie snorted and directly refuted: “You are alarmist. It is true that there is such a trend above, but if the Chengnan project is really cancelled, it is still very early. You think you can just say something Fudge us? Ho Ho, you are too naive.”

Maggie certainly wouldn’t believe Xu Tianlin’s words, for one thing she didn’t want this to happen in her heart.

Secondly, it was also because the Chengnan project was initiated, but it was a shocking thing. After all, it was equivalent to establishing a modern new district in Buckeye. Whether it was from the provincial government or the top leaders of Buckeye, this was extremely impressive. Valued and supported.

Now he said he wanted to revoke it? Isn’t this too casual?

And those big guys who supported it at the beginning, but now turn to stand up against it, doesn’t this mean that you are slapping yourself in the face?

How can the adults who live in the temple do this kind of face slap?

So no matter how you look at it, Xu Tianlin’s words are not credible. This is at best because he casually made up for selling the Chengnan project to fool them.

It’s just that when Maggie finished speaking, Xu Tianlin didn’t rush to explain. Instead, he smiled mockingly and said, “Believe it or not, let me tell you now. The first few big guys had a meeting before, but they discussed it in person. One of my dad’s close friends was in this matter, and it was secretly recorded. I wonder if you want to take a look?”

This guy still has videos? This really made Maggie a good day.

And she didn’t seem to be lying when she saw Xu Tianlin’s triumphant expression.

“Is it possible that the upper person really made the decision on the Chengnan project in private?” Maggie muttered to herself, and she couldn’t help but feel a little more nervous.

She thought for a while before she said, ” , just blow it up, do you really think you can bluff me? Video? Who knows if your video is true or false!”

Maggie’s words are naturally a radical approach. She can’t tell Xu Tianlin: What, do you have video? Show me quickly, or something.

Xu Tianlin is also very clever. Although he also understands that Maggie is stimulating himself, who made him want to show Maggie the video?

Anyway, the process is not important. What he wants to see most is the expression on Maggie’s face after watching the video.

Ho ho, I want to see if you can get tough with me in a while!

Thinking of this, Xu Tianlin smiled, took out the phone directly, found a video, and handed it to Maggie’s hand.

This video was indeed secretly filmed. After all, this was a private meeting of a few of Buckeye’s heads. They openly recorded the video. I am afraid that the person who did not make the video felt that they were too comfortable.

The video is not long, it takes more than ten minutes before and after.

But it is undeniable that the content of this video really shocked Maggie in a cold sweat.

Because in this video, the heads of Buckeye almost counted the various problems of the Chengnan project, and almost unanimously decided to cancel the Chengnan project.

Watching the entire video, Maggie was already sweating in her palms.

She looked ugly, turned to look at Ethan, and handed over what was in her hand.

Ethan seemed to know the result from Maggie’s face, but he still read the whole thing.

Just after watching the video, Ethan seemed a little restless.

In fact, whether it is Maggie or Ethan, it is very clear at this moment that even if the Chengnan project has encountered various difficulties, no matter how difficult the difficulties, as long as the few heads of Buckeye are still supporting the Chengnan project, the Chengnan project With confidence, all the problems are not problems.

But now, what they fear most, fear appears.

Obviously, these people are not only not supporting the Chengnan project, they have even become opposed to the Chengnan project.

This is a very terrible thing. To put it simply, they have gone from a biological son who has been dominated by thousands of people to stepsons with problems all over the body.

If they are in a good mood, they may give you a good face, but if they are in a bad mood, they are embarrassed, and you may be at risk of being abandoned at any time.

And the most disturbing thing is that now the few heads of Buckeye are already wondering in private how to abandon this “stepson”.

The worst news is just so.

The faces of Ethan and Maggie were almost black, and they finally understood why this Xu Tianlin dared to “rob” so blatantly, thinking about 300 million to eat the Chengnan project, it turned out that he had already received this message.

Indeed, Xu Tianlin’s timing was too good, and the video was too powerful.

It was like a heavy punch. After the punch came, Maggie and Ethan instantly lost the strength to fight back.

Moreover, Maggie was even more aware that as long as the video in her hands was transmitted, it was almost equivalent to crushing the last straw of the Chengnan Project.

I don’t care about it because I have invested several billions here.

I wanted to cancel the Chengnan project and the intention of planning a new district was cancelled. No matter how much money you invest, it will not help.

Without policy support and help, even if you put in 100 billion yuan, it will be like a dead stone.

Moreover, more people will only be more resistant to the Chengnan project, and more people who want to come over and get a share will also jump out…

As soon as the content of this video is announced, the result seems obvious, and the Chengnan project is really worthless by then.

Thinking of this, Maggie couldn’t help showing a wry smile, because she finally understood why Xu Tianlin only paid three hundred million.

Because he knew that as long as the contents of this video were made public, the Chengnan project would be worth three hundred million.

He pinched his throat.

Xu Tianlin looked at Maggie and Ethan, smiled, and suddenly said, “Well, I didn’t lie? What do you have to say now?”

Xu Tianlin continued to smile slyly: “And I told you the truth, in fact, whether this Chengnan project will be cancelled or not? How valuable is it? You can no longer control it. To put it bluntly, how much is the Chengnan project worth? , It’s not what you can decide, it’s us, okay?”


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