I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 500

Chapter 500

Who is Eric Norman? Although Xu Tianlin has never seen him, he has heard of Eric Norman’s reputation.

He is the richest overseas Chinese and the head of the Norman Family, the first overseas Chinese family. It is said that his personal assets can be ranked in the top ten in the continent, and this time it is only public information. How much money does he have secretly? No one knows how many industries.

And it is said that Mr. Eric Norman Shen was a guest of many famous families in the continent, and even a few royal guests.

Whether it is financial or power, it is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

What’s more, his most important identity is the head of the Norman Family overseas. This identity alone is enough to crush many wealthy people of the same level.

Because those people are rich, but compared to the huge power of the Norman Family, those people are not enough to look at them. At best, they are some upstart local wealthy owners.

The Norman Family is a large family that has been operating overseas for more than 100 years. Not only does it have a power of thousands of people under his own hands, but he also has the power of thousands of people from his own hands. For the sake of face, do some shameful deeds for them.

Therefore, Eric Norman is almost a god-like existence overseas.

Perhaps the Xu family is already a top-level existence in Buckeye, but they are not even a fart in the Norman Family, even in front of Eric Norman.

At this moment, Xu Tianlin finally understood why Ethan seemed to be able to control such a huge amount of money before he was too old, and that a shrewd woman like Maggie was willing to assist him.

The reason is simple because I am Eric Norman!

With such a brilliant father, not to mention a mere Chengnan project, as long as Ethan is willing, he can buy Buckeye…

On the contrary, it was himself. In the past, he thought that Ethan was an idiot, and he could kill him in minutes.

As everyone knows, in front of others, he is basically an ant.

Xu Tianlin became a little worried.

He worried about what he should do next, whether he should continue to worry about the big cake of Chengnan Project.

After all, the real big benefactor behind this project has already appeared.

That’s Eric Norman. If you let him know that he was doing everything possible to calculate his business, and he almost sold his son’s cabbage price to the Chengnan project, then wouldn’t he kill himself?

Xu Tianlin felt a tingling scalp when he thought of this.

Obviously, even though things have reached this point and the cakes have reached his mouth, Xu Tianlin still does not have the courage to eat.

After all, if you dare to be so presumptuous, it is estimated that not only will you not be able to eat the cake, but you will lose all your life.

It’s not worth the gain!

While thinking about it, Xu Tianlin secretly moved towards the door.

He wanted to leave here quietly without everyone paying attention.

But who would have thought, he just moved two steps, he felt the soles of his feet light, and then the collar tightened behind him, he was lifted directly from behind.

“Where do you want to go?”

Xu Tianlin was terrified. He turned around and realized that it was the young man who had just slapped himself when he mentioned himself.

The young man was so strong that at this moment he carried his collar and lifted himself up without any difficulty.

Xu Tianlin’s heart was pounding and he said incoherently, “I…this…I am not…”

Before he finished speaking, he heard the young man sneer and said, “You scolded MR. Norman just now, so you want to leave like this?”

Xu Tianlin was almost shocked when he heard what the other party said, and his whole body trembled involuntarily.

“I…I didn’t mean it. I didn’t know he was Mr. Eric Norman. If I knew, how dare I say that? Big… Brother, let me go, I… I apologize, I give MR. Norman Isn’t it enough to apologize?”

The young man chuckled again: “Apologize? If an apology is useful, why would human beings invent a gun?”

After speaking, the young man looked at Eric Norman and asked in a deep voice, “MR. Norman , how do you deal with this person?”

Eric Norman looked up and down Xu Tianlin, and said lightly, “Is he the one who has been behind the Chengnan Project? Hey, do you say you have the courage? Or are you fearless?”

Eric Norman hardly thought, and said casually, “Take him away.”

When he heard the word processing, Xu Tianlin suddenly felt that the roots of his hair were about to explode.

Of course he knows very well what the other party’s so-called handling means, he doesn’t want to just die like this!

“No…you can’t kill me!” Xu Tianlin yelled very nervously, “MR. Norman , I know I was wrong. Give me another chance. I promise I will leave Buckeye from now on and I promise I will never show up again. Yes, I know I was wrong, just let me go…”

Eric Norman sneered, “Why, regret it? But it’s too late. In this world, you and I are all betting. If you win the bet, you can go to the next bet, and if you lose, there will be no more. A chance to regret.”

After Eric Norman finished speaking, he waved his hand directly to signal the young man to take Xu Tianlin out.

Xu Tianlin was completely dumbfounded and struggled desperately.

He shouted: “You can’t do this to me, do you know who my dad is? My dad is Xu Xiao, he is the richest man in Buckeye, and our Xu family is in Buckeye, but your hands and eyes can reach the sky. What if you dare to treat me? , My dad won’t let you go…”

Eric Norman seemed to be a little impatient, waved at the young man who had bound Xu Tianlin, and signaled not to let Xu Tianlin bark again.

And he just sneered slightly, “Chu Family Xu Family? Okay, then I would like to see how much waves his Xu Family can make!”

After Eric Norman finished speaking, he no longer cared about the matter over there.

The young man dragged Xu Tianlin out like a dead dog.

At the very beginning, Xu Tianlin was still struggling and shouting desperately, but shortly after he was dragged out of the room, his roar suddenly disappeared.

After a while, the young man walked back calmly, and said respectfully: “MR. Norman , it’s already done, what should I do next?”

Eric Norman didn’t even turn his head, but said coldly, “Didn’t he say his dad said Xu Xiao? Then go and send him back to Xu’s house!”

The young man nodded repeatedly: “Understand MR. Norman , then these people…”

The young man turned to look at the people who were collecting debts.

Suddenly, those people were almost scared to death on the spot!

Obviously, when Eric Norman reported himself, he was already scaring a few of them to death.


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