I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 503

Chapter 503

“Accident? What’s the accident?” Ethan immediately got up and asked curiously.

Eric Norman pondered for a moment before slowly saying: “Things have to be talked about decades ago. At that time, the overseas Norman Family, which is now the branch I belong to, already had a certain degree of influence overseas. But at that time overseas The actual controller of the Norman Family was delusional to bring the strength of the overseas Norman Family to a higher level, so he started the idea of ​​the ultimate secret that our Norman Family has guarded for generations.”

“What do they want to do? Take things as their own, so as to use them to enhance their own strength?” Ethan asked.

Eric Norman nodded: “Almost, their purpose is like this, but their methods should be tactful. After all, even if the overseas Norman Family is very powerful, they must also take into account the feelings of the other 35 of the Norman Family. And the Norman Family’s house rules are frightening them. If they take things forcibly, the final result will definitely be a loss for both sides, and the Norman Family may also fall forever. After all, if the huge Norman Family cannot be twisted into a rope, Then in the eyes of other families who are eyeing, we are just pieces of fat!”

“So they first used the excuse to say that they had a difficult problem that needed to be solved. They had to borrow something. As long as the problem was solved, the thing would be returned in full.” Eric Norman said, “At that time the lord of the Norman Family was your grandfather, and your grandfather naturally saw that The intentions of the Norman Family overseas, so categorically rejected their request, and categorically warned them that things can never leave the clan family, and the rules of the Norman Family can never be broken.”

“What happened later?” Ethan quickly asked again, “Are they still unscrupulous?”

Eric Norman nodded: “That’s natural. In fact, after the Norman Family began to flourish overseas, their ambitions have become bigger and bigger. Even in the process of their rise, they killed more than their blood status. A higher level of separation. It’s just that the overseas Norman Family has already become a climate at this time, and the entire Norman Family’s 36 families rely on the support of the overseas Norman Family in many aspects, such as capital and resources. That incident was just a symbolic condemnation, and there was no too specific action. However, this has only contributed to the arrogance of the overseas Norman Family, and they began to become more and more defiant until finally, it happened. That thing that shook the 36 houses of the Norman Family.”

“What’s the matter?” Ethan asked curiously.

Eric Norman sighed, there was a hint of compassion on his face. He slowly said, “That’s it, you still have uncles.”

Eric Norman looked at Ethan, and a flame of hatred suddenly rose in his eyes.

Ethan also clearly found something wrong with Eric Norman. It seemed that his father had burst out a powerful aura from the inside out, and he was a little bit out of breath.

“I also have an uncle?” Ethan asked hard, “Where is he?”

“He’s dead!” Eric Norman gritted his teeth, “and it was the overseas Norman Family who did it!”

“What?” Ethan couldn’t help being surprised when he heard this, “Aren’t we the clan? Did they all dare to attack the clan? Dad, didn’t you just say that there are rules in the Norman Family’s house rules. If someone rebels against the clan, everyone Does the Norman Family condemn it?”

Eric Norman sighed in frustration, and shook his head helplessly: “Yes, the house rules are indeed so, and in the past thousand years, this family rule has been implemented perfectly. Until the rise of overseas Norman Family, this family rule seems to gradually become Furnishings.”

Eric Norman seemed to be caught in the memory. He continued: “Your uncle and I are twins, and we have been in a good relationship since we were young… In those days, the ultimate secret of the Norman Family needed to be guarded all year round, and because I was the eldest son, this mission It should have fallen to me, but it was that time. Because I had something to do, I had to let your uncle take care of me. As a result, something happened this time, and in the end your uncle died, and he died for me. “

“Later we learned that the person who actually killed your uncle was from the Norman Family overseas.” Eric Norman continued, “In fact, the previous generation of the Norman Family overseas, although he was ambitious, he still had reason. There are still some scruples in the thirty-six family. But his son, Shen Aotian, the de facto owner of the Norman Family overseas, is an out-and-out lunatic. That time he planned to kill your uncle and took the lead. Implemented. What’s even more daunting is that his purpose is to forcibly take away the ultimate secret!”

“It’s too much, then my grandfather can only anger the Norman Family overseas? This kind of arrogant thing, even if it is a dead fish, I have to fight him!” Ethan suddenly asked.

Eric Norman sighed heavily, staring coldly, and said: “This kind of challenge to the bottom line, our clan will certainly not give up. Whether they killed your uncle or tried to steal the ultimate secret, it is an unforgivable thing. So. Your grandfather first summoned all the 36 Shens of the Norman Family and prepared them to attack the Shens overseas.”

It seemed that the matter was finally approaching the part of the sex, Ethan listened with all his attention, without the slightest distraction.

“What happened later?” Ethan asked.

“Later… and later the thirty-six families were very clear. They supported our clan to maintain the Norman Family’s clan rules passed down from ancient times.” Eric Norman sighed, rather helplessly, “But in the end, when the Norman Family fought overseas, Most of these people have turned their backs!”

“What?” Ethan was taken aback, “Most of them have turned their backs? Why? Why did they do this? Didn’t they push the Norman Family to a dead end?”

Eric Norman shook his head, clenched his fist, and slammed it on the marble coffee table a year ago, and suddenly the thick coffee table was shattered into a pile of fragments.

“Perhaps, these traitors, they all have their own considerations!” Eric Norman gritted his teeth, “They and Shen Aotian are the same. They think that the Zong family has given them too much oppression over the past thousand years, so they also want to borrow This opportunity is to re-establish an order, and our clan is the victim of their new order.”

Eric Norman suddenly sneered and said coldly: “They are all farting, they are just for their own personal gain. They ruined the entire Norman Family, and it is precisely because of their ignorance that finally led to 36 of the Norman Family. The family was slaughtered directly, and our clan was ultimately outnumbered and defeated.”

“Don’t you want to know about your grandfather? In fact, as early as 18 years ago, in the internal battle of the Norman Family in Pingyang Valley, your grandfather had already fought and died with more than 90 other members of the Norman Family.”

Eric Norman looked at Ethan: “My son, now the entire Norman Family is actually the only one left!”


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