I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 504

Chapter 504

Hearing this, Ethan was both shocked and somewhat regretful.

Although he didn’t know those people, after all, they were all close relatives with him by blood.

Ethan was also angry, angry at the sinister and viciousness of the Norman Family overseas, and angry at the traitors who turned their backs.

Perhaps this is fate. Ethan sighed. He looked at his father, and suddenly a question arose in his heart. He hesitated for a moment before asking: “Then…Dad, you…How did you survive? You? Didn’t it mean that our clan was all killed in battle?”

When Ethan asked, Eric Norman’s troubled face blushed slightly, he hesitated, and did not say a word for a long time.

Eric Norman’s face was ugly, as if he was thinking of some unbearable past.

“Dad? What’s the matter with you?” Ethan frowned and asked.

Eric Norman shook his head: “No…I’m fine, I…”

Eric Norman seemed to be hesitating, he walked to the window, lighted a cigarette and took a sip.

Then he said: “Actually… I was not there when the Pingyang Valley battle was decisive. I was out of town. When I got home, the clan and the families that supported the clan had been slaughtered.”

“What about you? Haven’t you thought about revenge?” Ethan asked, clenching his fists with both hands, “Such hatred…”

Eric Norman was taken aback again. He was unnaturally questioned by Ethan’s two sentences, and he appeared a little embarrassed. Then he said, “I…I certainly thought about revenge, and I tried it, but failed.”

Ethan became more and more puzzled. He looked at Eric Norman, and then asked: “Dad, how did you become the head of the overseas Norman Family in the end? This… all this seems to be a bit illogical. Huh? The overseas Norman Family massacred your relatives, and you finally returned…”

Ethan is indeed full of doubts about these issues, in his opinion, these issues are too difficult to explain.

Why did someone kill your whole family and become their head in the end?

However, although Ethan was puzzled, he didn’t think much, because in his opinion, his father would definitely give himself a satisfactory explanation.

Eric Norman sighed and hesitated for a while before he said: “Actually… these are a long story. In short, the ultimate secret passed down by the Norman Family at the time was in his father’s hands. What they need is that thing, so in order to get something, they have to please me. At that time, Dad was also alone. Facing the Norman Family overseas, there are more than 20 plus Norman Family members. Dad has no power to revenge. I was able to bear the humiliation and reached an agreement with the overseas Norman Family for the time being. I lied that I would hand over things to them in 18 years, but I need money, a lot of money. In fact, Dad is just a bit of money, I know my strength is not as good as the other party, so I can hope that in these ten years, Dad can accumulate enough strength, one day to pass all the hatred and humiliation, and all return!”

After listening to Eric Norman’s words, although Ethan didn’t say anything, he felt very uncomfortable after all.

And he even felt that his father was hiding something from him, but he didn’t know what it was.

But Ethan didn’t say much, because he believed that no matter what it was in the past, at least the current father wanted revenge.

At the very least, his father is now an upright man.

In the future, he smiled at his father, got up and walked to his father, smiled and said: “Dad, let’s work hard together, and return all the hatred and humiliation in the past!”

Eric Norman looked very excited when he heard this from Ethan. He nodded heavily and said, “Son, don’t worry, Dad has been waiting for this day for almost 20 years, but we have to wait some time. , Because relying on our current strength, if we want to defeat the opponent, it will be much worse.”

Eric Norman paused, and then said: “But soon, we will have enough power. As soon as that day comes, we will have endless power. When that time comes, any shit overseas in the Norman Family will be turned into powder! “

Hearing this, Ethan looked curious, and raised his head and asked, “What is that?”

Eric Norman smiled: “Daddy won’t tell you for now, I will personally take you to see and see when I have time!”

Eric Norman’s words made Ethan more curious, what exactly was his father talking about?

You must know that what you and your father have to face is that the overseas Norman Family is separated from the more than 30 Shen families. The difference in strength between the two parties can be called a gulf, but his father said that he will soon be able to crush What does the opponent’s power mean?

Ethan was full of curiosity and was thinking, and Maggie happened to come in.

She smiled and said that she was here to inform Ethan and Eric Norman that Feng Yan was ready to go down, and came to invite them downstairs.

Then the three people went downstairs, and at this time, downstairs of the company, there was already a group of black off-road vehicles waiting there.


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