I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 505

Chapter 505

Buckeye, Xu Family.

As the first family of Buckeye, the Xu family owns an entire house, which not only covers a large area, but also has top-notch design and decoration.

At this time, Xu Xiao was practicing calligraphy in her study.

He is in a good mood these days, because he knows that the Chengnan project has exhausted his cysts.

Although Xu Tianlin ran back and forth in this matter, everyone knows that without Xu Xiao’s tacit approval and support, Xu Tianlin would not have so much capacity and face.

To openly work on a large project decided by the upper level of Buckeye. The risks involved are very high. If Xu Tianlin is not operating behind them, even if they have the handle of the Chengnan project in their hands, even if they have already penetrated into the Chengnan project. , But it is absolutely impossible to get things done so easily.

Behind this, it was mainly Xu Xiao’s operation, and after all, his efforts paid off. Under Xu Xiao’s difficult public relations, the big men in Buckeye finally agreed to his request.

At this time, Xu Xiao was just when Chunfeng was proud. He knew very well that as long as he won this project, his Xu family would really be able to stand alone in the world in Buckeye in the future.

In the past, although the Xu family already had the reputation of the first family of Buckeye, in fact, several of its friends in Buckeye’s rivals, as long as they are not strong enough to be several times their opponents, not only are they always at risk of being surpassed, even, finally People may also try to do some small actions.

Although the Xu family will not fall into the abyss, life is definitely not easy.

Therefore, because of this, Xu Xiao tried every means to improve the strength of his family. Only when he was truly unmatched would others be afraid of you, even if he had any intentions against you. Because of your strength, you are daunting!

Xu Xiao finally wrote heavily, and a big “end” word was completely written.

Xu Xiao’s accomplishments in calligraphy are still very high. He writes with dragons and snakes, and writes calmly and vigorously. He has a bit of energetic spirit in every stroke.

And the reason why the word “end” was written is nothing but because in Xu Xiao’s opinion, the Chengnan project at this time has already been settled, and the matter is over. All I have to do is to eat the Chengnan project and take a complete leap. He became the first person in Buckeye!

In Xu Xiao’s view, his own word is very meaningful, but he didn’t want to. The words he wrote casually were really very meaningful, because at the moment he started writing, a hurried figure ran from outside the study. Came in.

The visitor was in his fifties, and his face was a little flustered. When he entered the door, he even forgot to knock.

Xu Xiao couldn’t help feeling a little unhappy when he saw this, and his face was slightly gloomy and said, “What’s wrong, Ma, you’ve been by my side for so many years, don’t you know if I don’t allow others to disturb me when I am practicing calligraphy?”

Xu Xiao’s tone was full of blame, and he glanced at the man uncomfortably, then lowered his head and continued to write.

But he just lowered his head, and before he could write, his wrist was suddenly grabbed by the man.

Xu Xiao couldn’t help being startled, and said very upset: “What the hell do you mean, Ma? What do you want to do?”

The man’s face was pale, he shook his head at Xu Xiao quickly, and said, “Master, something has happened!”

Xu Xiao’s hand trembled slightly, and he hurriedly raised his head to look at the man and asked, “What’s the matter? I panicked.”

Although he said so, Xu Xiao saw the other party’s nervous look, and naturally knew that there must be something extraordinary.

After all, this old Ma has been with him for almost 20 years. Since he was a small follower, he has achieved the position of a steward now. What kind of storms have not been seen.

Now, when he encounters some small things, he can’t even blink his eyes.

It seems that something must have happened.

The old horse looked at Xu Xiao with a trace of hesitation in his eyes, and slowly said, “Master, yes… something happened to the young master…”

Hearing this, Xu Xiao’s heart felt a little, and he couldn’t help but feel a little more nervous. He hurriedly asked, “What’s going on? Where is he now?”

The housekeeper Ma lowered his head, sighed, and whispered: “Hey, come with me…”

After speaking, the old horse turned and walked outside.

Seeing the other party like this, Xu Xiao’s doubts in his heart couldn’t help but become heavier, and he even became more anxious, and there was a trace of unknown premonition in his heart.

Xu Xiao meditated briefly, and hurriedly followed.

In the center of the Xu family residence, there is a white marble fountain surrounded by a small square covering an area of ​​more than 100 square meters.

At this time, the relatives and servants of Xu’s family stood around the small square.

Before Xu Xiao approached, he heard a heart-piercing cry from the crowd.

When Xu Xiao heard the cry, the whole person was startled subconsciously, because the cry was not someone else’s, but the voice of his wife.

Moreover, Xu Xiao seemed to have detected something wrong from the miserable cry of his wife, and a huge boulder suddenly hung in his heart.

He looked at the circle of people in front of him, and he was a little afraid to go ahead, because he was afraid that he would see something that he could not accept.

“Old… old horse, what’s the matter? You… speak quickly!” Xu Xiao said with a trembling tone.


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