I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 506

Chapter 506

The old horse pondered for a moment, before finally saying in a low voice, “Master, young master… young master he… is gone.”

As soon as Lao Ma said this, Xu Xiao suddenly felt that his heart was violently pulled by something. He almost didn’t catch his breath. He shook and almost fell down. Lao Ma hurriedly stepped forward to help, and said: “Master, you must take care of your body, master, you can’t come back from the dead, you must not do anything else, let us go up and down in the Xu family, but we still count on you to manage and decide!”

Xu Xiao gasped hard, obviously this sudden bad news made him hard to defend, and he really couldn’t accept it.

At this moment, Xu Xiao even hoped that all this was just a nightmare she had done.

But obviously this is not a nightmare. Old Xu Xiao burst into tears. He looked at the old horse with a pitiful expression and said, “Old horse, tell me, this…is it all fake, right? Tian Lin It was fine when I left in the morning. He even came to greet me specially and said he was going to get the Seongnam project, but why did it end up like this…”

Xu Tianlin looked at the old horse in despair, his eyes full of a father who suffered the pain of losing his son, showing a pitiful look.

Lao Ma sighed and hurriedly stretched out his hand to signal the crowd to disperse. While supporting Xu Xiao to walk into the crowd, he said: “Master, you have to be sad, things…I don’t know what happened. A car stopped just now. He passed the gate of our house, and then the eldest master… the eldest master was pushed down from the car, and the car drove away. When we saw the eldest master, he was already like this and his pupils were dilated To the edge…”

The more Xu Xiao heard this, the more sad he felt. At this time, he had been helped by the old horse to Xu Tianlin’s body.

At this time, no part of Xu Tianlin’s body was intact, his whole body showed a blue-violet color, and his lower body was still covered with a large sack.

According to Lao Ma, when Xu Tianlin came back, his whole body was wrapped in a sack, and they also opened the sack, only to see Xu Tianlin’s inside.

At this time, Xu Xiao saw clearly that the man was his son Xu Tianlin, and the last thought in his heart was completely wiped out.

He almost felt the heaven in his heart collapsed, and his whole body was soft, he knelt down with a thump, and cried with grief in his arms.

“Who is it, who did it?” Xu Xiao screamed from the sky, almost exhausting his whole body and roared out wildly.

It is really difficult for him to accept the fact that his only son is gone. All he is thinking about now is, who is the murderer who killed him in the middle age!

But after Xu Xiao screamed, no one answered him, because no one knew who did it.

At this time, Xu Xiao’s wife also raised her head with tears on her face, looked at him, and said griefly: “Xu Xiao, I…my son has today, all thanks to you, I tell you, if you can’t The murderer who killed my son finds out and takes revenge. I will never end with you!”

After speaking the cruel words, Xu Xiao’s wife cried bitterly again holding her son’s body.

Xu Xiao looked at her wife’s heartbroken appearance, and her heart became more uncomfortable.

Xu Xiao hurriedly called Lao Ma and asked, “Lao Ma, you immediately send everyone to find out who is good for me. I want to know who is so impatient in Buckeye that he dares to live. My Xu Xiao’s head broke ground and dare to provoke me, I will make him worse than death, and pain 10,000 times more than me!”

As soon as Xu Xiao finished speaking, the old horse did not move. He looked at Xu Xiao and said indifferently: “Master, this matter is already clear now, why bother to investigate? You will not forget, young master. Where did you go this morning?”

With this reminder from Lao Ma, Xu Xiaolima seemed to wake up from a dream and exclaimed, “You mean, that woman named Ye?”

Lao Ma nodded: “There is also the gold master behind that woman, the kid named Ethan. Master, do you think, in this huge Buckeye, who else would dare to touch the young master? Apart from them, there will be no The second person, not to mention that we have forced them to the point where they are exhausted recently. How can they not hate our Xu family, how can they not hate the young master? So, the young master has such a fate, one is that we are too careless, two Come, these people are jumping the wall in a hurry!”

After Lao Ma said this, Xu Xiao immediately realized it.

He widened his eyes and said loudly, “It seems that it was indeed what they did, shit, these bastards… You now, now you go and mobilize all the power you can mobilize for me, I will go personally, I My son can’t die in vain, I must let them pay their debts today!”

Although Lao Ma really wanted to persuade Xu Xiao to think twice, after all, since he dared to kill your son, he must be prepared.

So if I went there rashly, I’m afraid I would be caught by others.

However, Lao Ma looked at Xu Xiao’s angry expression, and dismissed the idea of ​​reminding him. After all, it was his son who died now, so he talked more nonsense, and made sure what Xu Xiao would do.

Moreover, he felt that there was no need to be too scared. After all, the Xu family was a family that rose locally in Buckeye. Not only did they have a great relationship network in Buckeye, but also their own power should not be underestimated.

If the Xu family’s power is not big enough, how can they stand upright in this huge Buckeye for so many years without falling?

Xu Xiao thought for a while, and hurriedly said again: “You are like this. Now, in my name, you will notify the big churches in Buckeye and say that you will sell me Xu Xiao’s face anyway. They used all of their strength to help me smooth out the bitch surnamed Ye and the kid surnamed Jiang! After the incident, I must thank you Xu Xiao!”

Hearing this, the old horse nodded repeatedly, “Master, I understand…”

After speaking, the old horse turned his head and left.

At this time, Xu Xiao was like a tiger that had been entrenched for many years. The tiger’s body was shaken, his mane was erected, and he slowly got up from the entrenched stone platform.

It is true that Xu Xiao hasn’t done anything in person for so many years. Since Xu Tianlin was eighteen years old, he has almost always been behind the scenes to make suggestions and advice for his son.

But Xu Xiao must do this today, and he must do it himself.

At this time, the flame of revenge was already burning in his heart.

At this time, in the entire Buckeye, almost all forces were mobilized.

How many to hundreds, as few as tens, countless forces, at this time, all are moving in one direction.

However, at this time, Ethan, Maggie and Eric Norman had just walked into a restaurant.


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