I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 509

Chapter 509

Hearing this, Feng Ze smiled disdainfully, and pointed at Eric Norman, “Okay, do you like pretending? Then I’ll see if you can pretend to continue today. Let’s take a look, don’t leave if there is a kind!”

After speaking, Feng Ze turned around and left to call someone.

Just at this moment, a middle-aged man with a blessed figure just passed by the door of this private room. The man looked at Feng Ze and was suddenly curious.

“Xiao Feng, what are you doing here?” The blessed man asked, “Today, Mr. Chen takes you very seriously. If you don’t go back and accompany others, it doesn’t seem to be good to poke here! Ho Ho! Although you are now half the son-in-law of the Xu family, whether you can get righteous this time depends on what Mr. Chen said!”

The speaker is also a well-known figure in Buckeye, the chief steward of today’s government, the chief secretary of the No. 1 figure in Buckeye, and a great figure who can reach the core level of Buckeye.

As soon as he saw this person, the expression of disdain on Feng Ze’s face disappeared, replaced by a flattering smile.

“Hey Secretary Luo, why don’t I go out and go to the bathroom? Something happened here, just to solve it, you are…” Feng Ze said humblely.

Then Secretary Luo smiled: “I also go to the bathroom. Since there is something wrong, you can solve it quickly. Don’t let Old Chen wait in a hurry. Oh, yes, what’s the matter? Need help?” Secretary Luo couldn’t help asking. .

As soon as the other party said this, Feng Ze had an idea. He smiled and replied, “Hey, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a few people who say bad things to us, Mr. Chen, and even slander and spread rumors. Hearing that, did you come over and reason with them? Old Chen is highly respected, and he is as heavy as Mount Tai in our hearts. How can I let them be so slanderous!”

Feng Ze is purely babbling. He knows that although Secretary Luo is the secretary of the number one person, he is actually the confidant of Mr. Chen, and Mr. Chen is likely to succeed the current number one person in the next session and become Buckeye’s family will naturally not allow others to slander.

So if I said that, it would surely make Secretary Luo angry. Maybe he didn’t need to speak for a while, Secretary Luo would speak to punish Ethan and others inside.

Although Secretary Luo is just a secretary, she is also a pivotal figure in Buckeye. Is it not easy and simple to clean up Ethan’s few bereaved dogs?

Sure enough, as soon as Feng Ze said this, Secretary Luo’s eyes suddenly widened, and he said with an angry face: “What? Who are they? Are they living enough? How dare to say that Old Chen! I think they really think they are. What kind of character is it? Get out of the way. I will look at it today. What kind of character is in it!”

While talking, Secretary Luo directly pushed Feng Ze away and walked angrily to the private room door.

And Feng Ze naturally didn’t say anything, just secretly laughed, isn’t this the result he wants most?

This is the best way. To be honest, Feng Ze was still thinking about what he had to say before he could let Old Chen speak to punish Ethan and others.

Even though Mr. Chen helped him and the Xu family a lot with the Chengnan project, he could be regarded as his side.

But after all, where is the position of the other person, how can he be able to ask for it in a few words? What’s more, the Xu family also promised benefits at the beginning, and only then asked for help from Old Chen.

But now it’s naturally very good. I don’t need to find ways to please Chen Lao. In fact, as long as Secretary Luo takes the shot, Qu Ethan and Maggie are already enough.

Feng Ze grinned and looked triumphantly at the private room where Ethan, Eric Norman and others were located, a sinister arc appeared in the corner of his mouth.

“Ho ho, I see how you are struggling this time!” After speaking, Feng Ze hurried to follow.

At the door of the private room, Secretary Luo glanced at the three people in the private room, a pair of keen eyes scanned from the three of them one by one, and finally fell on Eric Norman, and he couldn’t help frowning.

In fact, Secretary Luo knew about Eric Norman. After all, there was a lot of rumors about Eric Norman’s previous investment in Buckeye. As a butler, Secretary Luo naturally knew a lot.

But after all, he has never seen Eric Norman, and the dress of Eric Norman today is quite different from his impression, and Secretary Luo has already drunk a lot of wine, so even though he feels that Eric Norman is familiar, he still knows him well anyway. Can’t remember who this person is.

But soon, Secretary Luo didn’t bother to think about it. He turned his gaze away from Eric Norman, and said with a gloomy face: “You just maliciously slandered Mr. Chen here? You guys are really ignorant, you think. Who am I? It’s ridiculous to be able to eat two meals in such a high-end restaurant and feel like I am amazing?”

The appearance of Secretary Luo made the three of Eric Norman and Maggie Ethan a little unclear. Therefore, Eric Norman didn’t know this person, and I don’t know what the purpose of this person’s sudden appearance was. Secondly, they didn’t even understand what he meant, and what slander Chen Chen did? What and what?


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