I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 510

Chapter 510

Immediately afterwards, Secretary Luo set his gaze on Maggie.

In the past, because of the Chengnan Project, Maggie naturally dealt with Secretary Luo and others, so the two not only knew each other, but also had friendship.

It’s just that when the Chengnan project was still sweet and delicious, Secretary Luo was quite respectful to Maggie, and even a little flattering.

After all, the Chengnan project was infinitely beautiful at that time, and it was the existence of the great figures above that they were extremely fancy. Some people even intended to make the Chengnan project the city card of Buckeye.

Such an important project, and Maggie is the person in charge of the Chengnan project. In the future, let alone Buckeye, even in the entire large area, it will be a highly anticipated existence. Maybe Maggie can directly compete with a higher level in the future. The existence of direct dialogue between characters.

At that time, Secretary Luo felt that if she manages the relationship with Maggie, she will definitely help her in the future.

Only after the Chengnan project fell into a dilemma, this Secretary Luo completely revealed his true colors.

Not only did he no longer give Maggie a good face, but he even helped the Xu family to do a lot of things in secret.

Under this situation, the relationship between Secretary Luo and Maggie was completely broken. Even after the Chengnan Project was in danger, when Maggie found Secretary Luo, the other party not only ignored Maggie, but even drove her out.

Therefore, seeing Secretary Luo again at this moment, Maggie has an unspeakable urge in her heart.

Secretary Luo was naturally even more so, and after he saw Maggie, he instantly understood what Feng Ze said just now.

Originally, he was still wondering who was so bold and dare to speak ill of Chen Lao openly, but now that he saw Maggie, he completely understood.

Secretary Luo sneered and said, “Who I thought it was. I didn’t think it was you, ho ho, so it’s not surprising. I’m afraid you didn’t want to shirk the responsibility of your Chengnan project. Give it to someone else? You woman is really shameless. Your own problem is your own problem. You don’t want to repent. Now you still dare to blame it. Believe it or not, I can make you cry even if you regret it. come out!”

Maggie didn’t get angry when she saw the other party. It’s not that he didn’t know what Secretary Luo did, and she naturally hated him even more.

It’s just that Maggie was about to speak, but she heard Eric Norman on the side asking first: “Maggie, who is he?”

Obviously, Eric Norman was more interested in Secretary Luo.

Maggie glanced at Eric Norman, and hurriedly said the identity of Secretary Luo, and finally did not forget to add: “The matter of the Chengnan project, he and the old Chen behind him have a great relationship.”

Eric Norman smiled when he heard the words, “Oh, that’s the case. If that’s the case, then it happens to be here today, so let’s count the old and the new hatred together.”

Eric Norman’s eyes showed a touch of decisiveness. Since this Secretary Luo is also against him, of course he will not be merciful.

But his words made Secretary Luo, who did not know the identity of Eric Norman, feel a little ridiculous.

He chuckled out loud, shook his head and smiled bitterly, and asked, “What did you just say? Excuse me, please speak up, I didn’t hear clearly. What do you want, the old hatred and new hatred together? Hoho, you want to follow me What kind of new hatred and old hatred? Who are you? What are you, dare to talk to me like this, do you take yourself too seriously?”

“Ho ho, you must have something to do with the Seongnam project, right?” Secretary Luo continued, “Why, is it because the project was stopped because of the unwillingness? Huh, there is no way, who made you cut corners? , This is retribution, that is the end. But what I am curious is, you are about to go bankrupt, why are you still here to eat and drink? Is it possible that you are still trying to save this project? Hoho, then sorry, I am afraid you are going to miscalculate, honestly Let me tell you. Now that the above decision has been made, the Chengnan project is to be cancelled. Even if you think of a solution, it will not help!”

Secretary Luo is at the top of Buckeye’s core and naturally knows a lot of inside information.

And the most important thing is the result of this incident, which was caused by them.

After saying this, Secretary Luo looked very proud, sneered, and said to Eric Norman: “Why, now you think you have strength, do you count with my new hatred and old hatred?”

After speaking, he turned around to leave, and finally glanced at Eric Norman contemptuously, and said contemptuously: “You are also worthy of pretending to be with me, without looking at your own virtues, are you worthy?”

But just when he was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped by Eric Norman.

Facing these words from Secretary Luo, Eric Norman didn’t seem to be too angry.

Because at his level, he has long since been displeased and angry.

He just looked at Secretary Luo lightly, and asked, “Wait a minute.”

Secretary Luo stopped, looked back at Eric Norman, and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Eric Norman smiled slightly, “Don’t do anything, don’t you believe it? I want to prove it to you in front of you!”


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