I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 511

Chapter 511

“Proof?” Secretary Luo frowned, looked suspiciously and impatiently at Eric Norman, and said displeased, “Prove how capable you are, or how ridiculous you are? Hoho, I want to see if you can What about me!”

After speaking, Secretary Luo looked at Eric Norman with contempt in his eyes.

Eric Norman glanced at Maggie and asked, “Maggie, what does he do? Oh, yes, didn’t he just say, is there an old man?

Maggie nodded heavily, and hurriedly told Eric Norman again about the identity of Secretary Luo, and then shaken off the details of the old Chen.

After hearing this, Eric Norman just smiled, and couldn’t help shaking his head, and muttered, “Hoho, now anyone can actually climb on my head to provoke me, that’s all, if that’s the case, then I will fulfill you. Up.”

While talking, Eric Norman took out his mobile phone and searched for it, only to find a number and dialed it directly.

Eric Norman is obviously very familiar with the person on the other end of the phone, and the conversation is unusually warm.

After a few words of greeting, Eric Norman got to the point, and directly explained all the things about Secretary Luo and the old Chen.

The person on the other end of the phone immediately became very angry when he heard the words, and said directly and sternly: “There is this kind of thing? MR. Norman , you are a big overseas investment in the mainland. How did they do it? Buckeye, the little Buckeye? Do this kind of extravagant deeds? Don’t worry, MR. Norman , I will call Buckeye’s superior immediately. This matter is very mean and nasty. We must deal with it seriously. I will directly ask them the people in the provincial capital. Can you control it? If I dare to say that I can’t control it, I will personally take someone to investigate, and I must find out the matter!”

The man finally said angrily: “It’s shameful that this happened!”

Eric Norman didn’t say much, just thanked the person on the other side of the phone again and again, and finally said: “That matter, please. Besides…The Chengnan project that I invested in Buckeye has also been cut by them now. To be honest, this The project is very beneficial to Buckeye’s business development and the people of Buckeye, but now…look at this project…”

The person on the other end of the phone sighed heavily, and said, “Fuck, Buckeye’s people are just fooling around. Don’t worry, MR. Norman , I’ll call and let you know, as long as it’s for the good of the people of Buckeye. , We must raise our hands to support, and we must deal with those who run counter to the people resolutely, and we will never be merciless!”

Then the two briefly said a few more words, and then Eric Norman ended the call.

At this moment, Ethan, who was standing next to Eric Norman, looked at his father. He had just listened to the content of Eric Norman’s phone, and he naturally heard that person’s promise to Eric Norman.

It’s just that Ethan became more and more curious about who his father had called.

Finally Ethan looked at Maggie in doubt. Maggie seemed to see through Ethan’s curiosity, and quickly explained in a low voice, “Don’t worry, this time, I wondered if MR. Norman would call this person, but now It seems that my doubts can be dispelled. Don’t worry, not only will all these people be miserable this time, but the Chengnan project is probably fine.”

Hearing Maggie’s words, Ethan was obviously surprised.

And he was more curious about who the person on the other end of the phone was.

“Sister Maggie, that person… who is it?” Ethan asked not curiously.

Maggie just smiled faintly, and said: “That was a friend MR. Norman made many years ago, and at this time MR. Norman ‘s friend is already one of the top!”

Although Maggie’s words were very vague, Ethan could naturally understand what he meant.

Ethan couldn’t help trembling subconsciously, sighing at the power of his father.

And at this time Ethan understood the meaning of Maggie’s words.

Indeed, if the father can use this relationship, it seems that all the problems in front of him will not be a problem!

Ethan looked at his father, and couldn’t help feeling that he should look up to this man at this time. He is so capable and well-connected, maybe he won’t be able to keep up in his life.

And just as Ethan was sighing, Secretary Luo on the side chuckled. He looked at Feng Ze behind him and smiled arrogantly.

“Xiao Feng, did you hear what the person said just now? Ho Ho, do you find it ridiculous?” Secretary Luo asked with a sneer.

Of course Feng Ze understood what Secretary Luo meant, and hurriedly said, “Ho ho, of course it is ridiculous. There are really some people in this world who don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is so great that they take themselves too seriously. I don’t think my face is glamorous, so I made up and acted in a play, right?”

Feng Ze smiled contemptuously, and then said to Secretary Luo: “Secretary Luo, I think let’s go. Don’t waste your tongue with this group of people. I will bother you to hand over a message to the relevant department and deal with it directly. Let’s all these people!”


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