I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 512

Chapter 512

“It must be handled, of course, and it must be handled seriously!” Secretary Luo coldly snorted, “Some people dare to be so arrogant now that they are in this field. Maybe in his past, there are any secrets and unknowns. As for the evil, I think this matter must be investigated carefully. If you don’t keep it in place, you can bring about a big case!”

Secretary Luo turned his head and stared at Eric Norman, and said in a negative tone: “I think some people would dare to be so arrogant if something is found out at the end, or dare to pretend to drag the relationship to find someone!”

Secretary Luo obviously had no faith in the phone call that Eric Norman had just made.

He didn’t think that just like Eric Norman’s “dogs of family loss”, what kind of big people could be found.

What’s more, even if you find it, how can you really treat yourself to Old Chen?

Secretary Luo and Mr. Chen were able to climb to where they are today step by step. Which one is not because of a deep background and great magical powers.

Even though Eric Norman had a lot of abilities, he definitely couldn’t help himself.

On the contrary, Eric Norman’s move just now made Secretary Luo very uncomfortable.

If you dare to be so arrogant in front of your own face, then just wait and see how I deal with you!

Thinking of this, Secretary Luo was about to take a step away, and still murmured with a sarcastically smile: “Ho ho, I want to see, what can you do to me!”

But as soon as his voice fell, his cell phone rang before he even started.

Secretary Luo was taken aback, and asked who would call himself at this time?

But after he saw the caller’s number, he was taken aback again.

Because this call was made by a friend who is in charge of Buckeye’s personnel.

Secretary Luo hesitated for a moment, and then answered the phone: “Hey, old Zhao, haha, how are you free today? Thinking of me, why are you free to go fishing this weekend…”

As soon as Secretary Luo finished speaking, he felt that something was wrong in the atmosphere, and then the other party said nervously, “Fishing? You still catch a fish, Lao Luo, what good things have you done? Who did you provoke? Did you know that something happened to you, and it’s still a serious matter!”

Hearing this, Secretary Luo couldn’t help but stunned. After a moment of surprise, his mind turned rapidly, but he did not understand what the other party meant.

“What’s the matter, Lao Zhao? What’s the matter?” Although he heard the other party’s tone a little nervous, Secretary Luo didn’t care too much. In his opinion, he was about to enter the top of Buckeye’s right Character, what will happen to himself, and what can happen?

“Ho ho, if you have something to say slowly, you see that you are nervous, why, at your level, what else can make you so nervous? Don’t worry, even if there is something, there will be no big thing. , I will find Lao Chen to solve it later!”

Secretary Luo seemed to be fully aware of what the other party said, and he didn’t take the other party’s words to heart at all. In his opinion, he was the commanding height of his life at this time. One step forward would be to rush to the top of Buckeye. What things, who can pose a threat to themselves!

But then, the person on the other end of the phone directly poured cold water on Secretary Luo!

“Are you still dreaming about the Spring and Autumn Period? I tell you, I didn’t joking with you, what I said is true, you have an accident!” The other party sighed and said truthfully, “I just received a notice from the superior department. , You have been suspended now, and it won’t be long before the monitors will find you.”

The other party paused and continued: “And I’m telling you, this time, it’s not a joke, but you have a little bit in your heart. I just received the above notice and I haven’t reported it to the old man. You called, so prepare yourself early, too much work, I really can’t help you!”

The other party sighed heavily, and finally said: “Okay, you can do it yourself, hey, I have persuaded you a long time ago to be a low-key person and be patient. I guess you have offended someone…”

After speaking, the other party ended the call in a panic.

After listening to the other party’s call, Secretary Luo was shocked.

He muttered to himself, apparently ten thousand people did not believe the other party’s words: “I have been suspended? How is it possible?”

Although he knew very well that the other party might not be joking about this kind of thing, but he couldn’t figure out why it was!

Secretary Luo circulated a few times in his mind, and she couldn’t help but feel a little flustered in her heart. Then she picked up her mobile phone and was about to find a few friends in her own province and city to help ask if it was true.

And if it is true, he thinks he should do something. Although there is still old Chen behind him, he still has to make plans in advance.

And just as Secretary Luo was about to make a call, Feng Ze on the side suddenly said: “What’s the matter with Secretary Luo? Is something wrong?”

Obviously, even though Feng Ze didn’t hear all of the things on the phone just now, he heard them almost, which made him feel curious and nervous.

He thought that Secretary Luo would not be suspended, right?

Secretary Luo shook his head, pretended to smile calmly, and said: “It’s okay, small problems, I can solve them by calling!”

In fact, Secretary Luo has encountered this kind of thing in the past, it was nothing more than suspension of investigation, and as long as he used the relationship a little bit, the matter was resolved easily in the end.

So this time, although Secretary Luo felt surprised, she was not particularly nervous, but she felt a little bit unfounded in her heart.

However, just as he finished speaking, suddenly his mobile phone rang again.

The call this time made Secretary Luo a little stunned, because the caller was his immediate boss, the number one person.

“Hey… Mr. Zheng…” Secretary Luo answered the phone nervously, and said to his heart how he called at this time, “You…”

“What are you! The last name is Luo, what have you done? Humph!” The other party looked very angry, and then continued, “I tell you, now you are suspended, and someone will come to investigate you soon. Got it!”

Just now, when he said this from his friend, Zhao, Secretary Luo didn’t take it seriously, but when he said it from his boss, Secretary Luo suddenly became a little flustered: “Wh…what did you say?”

What made Secretary Luo nervous was actually the sentence behind the other party. Someone soon came to investigate him. If this was said from someone else’s mouth, it would be fine, but if it was said from his boss, it would be a big problem. .

“Zheng… Mr. Zheng, what the hell is going on? I don’t know. I really didn’t do anything. You must believe me and help me! I have no credit for so many years. There are also hard work…”


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