I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 514

Chapter 514

At this time, Secretary Luo was even more nervous.

He looked at Eric Norman with horror on his face. At this moment, he finally remembered why he felt that this person was so familiar from the first meeting.

Isn’t it familiar? Because of the previous investment promotion, he did not spend much time investigating Eric Norman, and he knew this person very well.

He knew that Eric Norman was from Buckeye. He went to the Norman Family overseas and inherited a large number of industries in his twenties, and it was even more fun to invest abroad.

Moreover, Secretary Luo seems to have also investigated that this Eric Norman seems to have something to do with a large-scale fighting that took place in the Pingyang Valley of the Buckeye ten years ago.

It’s just that the matter seemed to be deliberately hidden so deeply that Secretary Luo curiously wanted to investigate further, but in the end it was of no avail, and was even warned by some mysterious people with unpredictable origins.

Since then, Secretary Luo has been more restrained. Even though he was curious in his heart, he never dared to touch that incident again. He just secretly looked for opportunities to continue collecting Eric Norman’s materials.

But he was a person who knew Eric Norman so well before, but after all, he capsized today.

The person who had been extremely curious, stood in front of him at this time, and said so many things to himself, he didn’t even recognize it.

Secretary Luo no longer knows if he is too stupid or if he is really bad luck.

He once investigated Eric Norman, and of course he knew how powerful Eric Norman’s methods were.

This time I was planted in his hands, it was really done.

Secretary Luo was heartbroken, a little regretful at the beginning, but the matter has come to this, he knows that regret is useless, and it is true that he finds ways to make up for his mistakes.

Secretary Luo looked at Eric Norman, his gaze softened for the first time. The soft gaze was obviously succumbing, a true surrender to countless times his own strength.

“Shen…It turned out to be MR. Norman …” Secretary Luo wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “This…I just thought it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t expect that I would meet MR. Norman here. MR. Norman , you…”

Eric Norman knew that Secretary Luo knew his identity, and wanted to ask for mercy.

But since he had already moved to fix his thoughts, nowhere would he be given a chance to beg for mercy.

Eric Norman sneered and interrupted him: “Do I know you?”

When Secretary Luo heard the words, he swallowed back embarrassingly what he hadn’t said. He looked at Eric Norman, not knowing what to say for a while.

Eric Norman had no taboos at all, and continued: “Is it because you know my identity that you feel that you have caused a catastrophe and want to ask for mercy? Hoho, in that case, there is no need, because I have a I don’t know if it is an advantage or a disadvantage. In short, this is considered a habit, that is, whenever I want to fix a person, I will inevitably fix it, and I won’t give him a chance to breathe.”

Eric Norman snorted coldly, and said with a serious face again: “I want you to know that this is the end of going against me!”

What will happen if you fight him? The end will be extremely tragic!

When Secretary Luo was investigating Eric Norman, he also heard about an incident. It is said that in Western Europe, there was a family with great prestige and influence in the local area, who offended Eric Norman for business reasons.

At first, Eric Norman was calm, but when the other party relaxed his vigilance and felt that Eric Norman and the overseas Norman Family were nothing but the same, he suddenly made a move. After a series of combination punches, the once dominated family was instantly ruined.

Since that incident, Eric Norman has also completely gained a foothold overseas.

You know, he was only in his early thirties, and in terms of his strength at that time, without the power of the overseas Norman Family, he was worth one-third of the opponent’s strength.

And as far as Secretary Luo knew, the overseas Norman Family never intervened in that matter, and even so, Eric Norman successfully completed the counterattack.

After this battle, the reputation of Eric Norman overseas was almost frightened.

And Eric Norman not only expanded his own strength, but also reportedly conquered the overseas Norman Family.

Compared to the large overseas family that was once killed by Eric Norman, Secretary Luo certainly understands how much he has.

It seems that I can also imagine what kind of fate will be when I finally meet myself.

Yes, he won’t be able to end the game anymore. With Eric Norman’s method, he will not do anything if his family is not destroyed.

Thinking of himself, thinking of his family, and that huge family business, Secretary Luo shivered.

He looked at Eric Norman with a bit of sadness, and said lightly: “MR. Norman , you… just give me a chance, just once, I promise I will never…”

“Hoho…” Eric Norman sneered and interrupted Secretary Luo’s speech again. He then looked at each other contemptuously and said, “Give you a chance? Hoho, don’t you think it is funny? I give you a chance. , If next time I really fall in your hands, you will let me go? I understand this by myself, and then I know that in this world, people who have helped you once may help you a second time. And those who have harmed you once, even if you give him countless opportunities, as long as they are given the right time, he will still choose to harm you!”

Eric Norman paused and continued: “Do you think I should let you go?”

Secretary Luo had to admit that Eric Norman was right.

If Eric Norman let him go now, not only would he not be grateful to him, but if he had the right opportunity in the future, he would definitely kill him.

Thinking of this, Secretary Luo looked at Eric Norman no longer begging for mercy, instead he was full of hatred.

Since you won’t be forgiven, why bother to beg for mercy?

He stared at Eric Norman, and testified: “Hey, he is indeed the richest overseas Chinese man who can dominate the situation, and his hands are dark and ruthless. In that case, I don’t bother to beg you anymore. Remember, even if I am dead, I also want to curse you not to die, you…”

“Shut up!” Secretary Luo didn’t finish speaking, Maggie stopped doing it immediately, pointing at Secretary Luo and scolded, “If you dare to talk nonsense anymore, believe it or not, I will send you on the road?”

Maggie had already walked towards Secretary Luo while speaking.

Of course she would not care about the broad daylight, let alone the identity of Secretary Luo.

Maggie just wants to ensure that Eric Norman’s majesty will not be trampled on, and if anyone dares to trample on Eric Norman’s majesty, Maggie will definitely be the first to jump out and teach him a lesson without hesitation!

But at this moment, Eric Norman shook his hand and signaled Maggie to step back. He said lightly: “Forget it, he won’t have a good end anymore, we don’t need to do it anymore!


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