I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 517

Chapter 517

Maggie nodded heavily after hearing the words.

She had already had the urge to do something.

Maggie naturally knew that behind the Chengnan Project, Xu Xiao was doing tricks. In the past, Maggie had planned to do tricks, but there was no suitable opportunity.

Today, it seems that the opportunity is just right, and Eric Norman has already spoken, and Maggie has no more scruples, and walks directly towards Xu Xiao.

Xu Xiao looked up and down Maggie, his eyes were full of contempt. He sneered, “Hey, Eric Norman, you are also an overseas owl, so ridiculous, why do you think such a woman can deal with me? Are you a subordinate? Huh, it’s not a secret. A few of them are all retired special fighters. They were all masters in the camp at the time. Usually a few mature years can not shake one of them. Do you think this How can a weak woman get them?”

Xu Xiao didn’t put Maggie in his eyes at all, and just as he said, how could a weak woman in this area be worthy of the seven or eight masters around him?

It is estimated that a normal person would think so.

Eric Norman did not respond to Xu Xiao, but smiled faintly.

Maggie also smiled contemptuously, and while walking towards Xu Xiao, she sneered and said, “Can you help them? You’ll know if you try!”

Xu Xiao was also unambiguous, snorted coldly, and waved his hands to kill Maggie.

Xu Xiao snorted coldly, and said, “I can’t help myself. I originally wanted to keep you for a while. It’s all you want to kill yourself. No wonder someone else!”

While Xu Xiao was talking, his subordinates had already reached Maggie, and one of them was handsome and punched Maggie first.

After all, this person is a special fighter retired, and his body skills, speed and strength are much stronger than ordinary people.

This person couldn’t help but sneered. Even if Maggie weren’t beaten to death on the spot after thinking that she had punched her, she would have lost her life.

It’s just that when this person was most proud, he suddenly realized that Maggie’s figure in front of him flashed and disappeared in an instant.

This person couldn’t help being surprised. When he was about to look for Maggie, he suddenly felt that his neck was hugged by a pair of warm and delicate hands…

If it is placed on other occasions, with such a pair of warm hands hugging him, this person must be enraged and feel that his peach blossom has arrived.

But what he could not think of was that he would not have any luck today, and he didn’t even know that those hands that held him were more cruel than death!

Almost as soon as this person felt those hands, he also instantly felt the immense power from those hands. It could even be said that it was an incredible force, so big that he didn’t want to know a slim figure at all. The woman broke out.

On the contrary, it is more like a top Hercules, or, a beast!

Because almost at the moment when Maggie’s hands were exerting force, the brawny man felt that his neck was snapped!

Almost for an instant, this strong man didn’t even react at all, his neck was snapped, and his spine was broken, and he died!

And this is just the beginning…

Right after this man was dealt with, Maggie’s figure was like a ghost, walking between the seven or eight strong men.

But Maggie didn’t skip a person, and that person screamed and fell down.

After only dozens of seconds, the few brawny men who were still aggressive just now turned out to be dead bodies lying on the ground.

After solving the last person, Maggie clapped her hands, looking at Xu Xiao as if nothing happened.

After so many years of killing all at once, Maggie did not even have a trace of fear, but was surprisingly calm. This not only shocked Feng Ze, Xu Xiao and others present, but also scared a few people to tremble.

What devil is this?

Feng Ze was so frightened that his whole body was weak, and his whole body was a little untenable. After a while, he only felt warm in his crotch…

It was the first time he saw a murderer, he was not mentally prepared, and he even wondered if it was his turn next!

As for Xu Xiao, although he still pretended to be calm, he was already shocked in his heart.

He couldn’t believe that such a tragic situation in front of him was only done by a weak woman, Maggie.

“You…how could you…”

“How is it possible? Kill a few of them?” Maggie sneered, interrupting Xu Xiao’s words, and continued, “It’s just a few idiots, I even feel ashamed to deal with them!”

Maggie walked towards Xu Xiao while she was talking. This move could not help but frightened Xu Xiao back again and again. Just now, Maggie instantly killed those people in an instant, and she actually became pregnant with Xu Xiao.

“You…what are you going to do…” Xu Xiao said in a bit of astonishment, “I warn you, don’t think about what to do to me, I… I am not just bringing so many people today!”

Xu Xiao snorted coldly, pointed to the outside, and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can take a look. There are still hundreds of people outside of me at this time!”

As soon as Xu Xiao’s voice fell, Feng Ze hurriedly ran to the window, stretched his neck and looked over.

Of course he wanted to see if Xu Xiao was in Kuang, after all, if what he said was false, then he would die here today.

But if it is true, it seems that he can survive this catastrophe safely today.

After all, even if Maggie is very powerful, she can kill seven or eight strong men with no effort.

But what can be done even so? Is it possible that she can still do hundreds of people? These hundreds of people, even if only a few of them could hurt Maggie in the end, it would be a fatal blow to her!

And for hundreds of people, how could it be possible that a few people wounded Maggie in the end? Even if these people used the crowd tactics to pile up, they could drag Maggie to death. In the end, wasn’t Maggie being repaired badly?

Thinking of this, Feng Ze couldn’t help being full.

He opened the window and looked out of the restaurant, and he was shocked.

Because he suddenly saw that at this time, outside the restaurant, there were already parked cars of all kinds.

Among them are minivans, off-road vehicles, and sedans and SUVs.

And on the side of those vehicles, there were no less than 500 young brawny men poking, at this time these people were either chatting with each other, or looking nervously inside the restaurant.

Even some people have already taken out the guy’s business.

It was the first time Feng Ze saw such a shocking scene in his life, and he couldn’t help being a little stunned.

But immediately he reacted, and then shouted: “Hurry up, come up, come and protect Mr. Xu!”


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