I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 519

Chapter 519

“Beifu?” Xu Xiao’s face changed a little when he heard this place, and the corners of his mouth pulled out a little, “This…is this real?”

Feng Ze looked helpless, and said, “Now that I can lie to you? My boss called you just now, and he told me in no uncertain terms. You also know what status he is. A hint of uncertainty, does he dare to say this directly?”

Xu Xiao seemed to feel right when he heard this. After all, Feng Ze’s boss was also considered a high-ranking authority in Buckeye. There was no exact basis for this kind of thing. How could he dare to say it indiscriminately?

And if this is true, then Xu Xiao should be crazy in the end.

Didn’t I and my son work so hard to bring down this Chengnan project?

Now for this matter, my own son has already got in, but things turned around in the end. Not only did the duck to the mouth fly, but the Chengnan project seemed to be unmovable for a while.

For Xu Xiao, this message is simply the saddest piece of bad news.

All his efforts were wasted, and his son was gone, how could he not be angry.

He stared fiercely at the calm-faced Eric Norman, and said with a gloomy face: “Shen, you are really okay. I really underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to have such a lot of energy!”

Eric Norman smiled slightly, and said calmly, “Hoho, can you believe me now? But don’t be too excited, because this is just the beginning. You really think that you have sinned and I am Eric Norman, so Does simplicity make me give up?”

Hearing Eric Norman’s words, Xu Xiao couldn’t help furrowing his brows tightly, and looking at the other party, he seemed to have an unknown premonition.

“Then what do you want? Huh, what else can you do?” Xu Xiao asked with a cold snort.

In Xu Xiao’s view, Eric Norman is already in his hand. If he is smart enough, he should know how to save three points for doing things, and he is really pressing himself. How could he and his son have a good end.

In Xu Xiao’s view, Eric Norman’s smartest approach was nothing more than using his own resources as a bargaining chip to exchange for himself, Ethan and Maggie to get out of here safely.

Instead of pushing yourself completely!

Of course Xu Xiao also understood that since Eric Norman could reach the Beifu, his personal connections must have been unpredictable, and it was natural to pack his own Buckeye Xu family.

And what Xu Xiao said just now was already a reminder to Eric Norman. Xu Xiao believed that such a smart person as Eric Norman would definitely not be invisible to such a thing.

It’s just that Fat Xu Xiao was a little surprised, Eric Norman suddenly chuckled, and said disapprovingly, “What can I do? I think you will know soon.”

Eric Norman was just a simple sentence, but Xu Xiao already felt that it was not good.

It seems that this Eric Norman is determined to fight with himself, and the net is broken!

As Xu Xiao was thinking about it, his cell phone rang suddenly, and it was a vice president of his company who called.

“Hey, what’s the matter!” Eric Norman answered the phone and asked coldly.

The other party’s tone was very anxious, and the first sentence was: “Mr. Xu, something happened!”

It is true that Xu Xiao had expected something to happen, but he did not expect to come so soon, it seems that Eric Norman really does not intend to leave a trace of affection.

“Don’t be nervous, say something, the sky still won’t fall down!” Xu Xiao pretended to be calm and said.

It’s just that the more he said that, the men on the other end of the phone became more nervous and said loudly, “Mr. Xu, this time the naivety has fallen!”

When the other party said a word, Xu Xiao couldn’t help being shocked, and his face suddenly changed.

What he fears most is this sentence, because the person on the other end of the phone, but with his subordinates for more than ten years, the wind and waves have seen the sea, allowing him to say the three words that the sky has fallen. It must be absolutely small!

“You…you said, what the hell is going on!” Xu Xiao couldn’t calm down, and asked nervously.

The other party hurriedly said: “Mr. Xu, I just received a call from the bank, saying that our group’s recent capital flow was abnormal and temporarily frozen all our funds! I thought it was just a small problem, so I hurried to the bank manager who we often cooperate with. Calling to ask what happened, the other party said that the person who did this action was his superior, and he has no right to intervene in this matter at all!”

The other party sighed heavily and continued: “That’s more than one billion yuan of funds. If frozen for one day, our group will suffer a huge loss, but when I was busy dealing with this matter, how many partners we were cooperating with? Ten large and small companies came to the door at the same time and said they would terminate the cooperation with us. Their attitude is very firm, that is, even if we compensate our liquidated damages, we must terminate the cooperation!”

“But the liquidated damages are only so much. If they all terminate the cooperation, all the projects in our hands will not be completed. The projects cannot be carried out. We cannot deliver the products. When we look back, our partners will also sue us. At that time, we The liquidated damages that need to be paid are the bulk, and this is enough to make our group collapse!”

“And the most terrible thing is that I just received a call from the provincial capital, saying that several of our Xu Group’s past engineering projects had quality problems, and several batches of medicines had safety problems. We must thoroughly investigate!

“You also know that there are indeed some problems with those things, but haven’t you settled these things through relationships? Why did these people suddenly come to the door? If they really get any real evidence, our group The reputation accumulated over so many years has been completely wiped out! With so many questions, what can I do? Where are you? Come back and get an idea!”

Listening to the words of the vice president on the phone, Xu Xiao was dumbfounded!

It is true that he thought that Eric Norman would strike at his company, but he did not expect that he would strike so cruelly that he wanted to kill himself directly?

He stared at Eric Norman viciously, and asked in a negative test, “You did it all, right?”

Eric Norman did not evade the slightest, and said with a slight smile: “Mr Xu, this is called treating his own body with his own way. I think you used this method with Ethan? Originally, everyone could be fair. Competitive, but you have come up with some crooked ways, then no one can blame others, all of this is yours!”

Eric Norman smiled indifferently, looking at Xu Xiao, his eyes could not help showing a trace of contempt.


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