I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 522

Chapter 522

At such a close distance, and Maggie and Ethan were still a few meters away from Eric Norman, even if they saw themselves stab Eric Norman with a knife, they probably didn’t even have time to react.

What’s more, Xu Xiao was also the great Buckeye owl who had relied on his own strength after all. Although he hadn’t personally played for so many years, he had never fallen behind in physical training.

So in his opinion, with his current physical fitness, at such a close distance, even if Eric Norman had great abilities and a godlike reaction ability, he definitely couldn’t dodge his own fatal blow.

Now that I have reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted, it is enough for myself to be able to pull on Eric Norman as a back.

Thinking of this, Xu Xiao couldn’t help but feel proud and fierce in his eyes.

And his sudden movement really frightened Ethan and Maggie on the side.

Both of them were stunned, Ethan’s eyes widened, and he watched the sharp dagger pierce his father with cold and cold light.

But he couldn’t do anything. Even at that moment, he didn’t even have enough time to say the word “Caution”.

Ethan was impatient…

Maggie, who was on the side, was also caught off guard by Xu Xiao’s actions. Her reaction was swift. The moment she saw Xu Xiao pulling out the dagger, her whole body rushed over subconsciously.

It’s just that Xu Xiao was too close to Eric Norman. The two were less than 30 centimeters away, and he was five meters away from the two.

Even if Maggie’s speed is agile, even though she has received rigorous training since she was a child, even if she moved the moment Xu Xiao took out the dagger…

But when the shimmering dagger was infinitely close to Eric Norman, Maggie was still more than two meters away from the two.

She could only watch as the dagger pierced Eric Norman’s black coat…

That’s it! Maggie’s heart couldn’t help but sink. Although she knew Eric Norman’s strength, but at such a close distance, she knew very well that Eric Norman had no time to react at all, and even not enough time to turn around…

It seems that everything is a foregone conclusion!

But at this moment, a scene that made everyone stunned appeared.

I saw Eric Norman suddenly let out a violent shout, and then his whole figure trembled, and almost instantly, a visible wave of air erupted from Eric Norman’s body.

The air wave seemed to be engulfing a huge force, and it produced a huge impact within a radius of two meters centered on Eric Norman’s body.

I saw that Xu Xiao’s dagger stabbing at Eric Norman was pushed away by the air wave before it even touched his body, and Xu Xiao didn’t have time to react at all, and the whole person was also pushed out by the air wave. Meters away.

It was as if a small explosion had occurred, which instantly knocked out people and objects within two meters of Eric Norman’s body, so that Maggie, who was two meters away, was also affected, and the whole person was blown by the air wave. I was shaking…

After the air wave cleared, everyone on the scene was shocked.

Because within two meters of Eric Norman, whether it is the mural on the wall, the tablecloth, or even the dining car parked on the wall, it almost seems to have been torn apart by some terrible force, either completely unrecognizable or completely destroyed. .

Xu Xiao and Feng Ze were only the closest to Eric Norman. At this time, they were both pushed far away by the air wave. The two of them slammed heavily on the wall not far away, and they grinned.

It’s just that compared to the physical pain, what surprised the two of them was the “ability” that Eric Norman had just exploded.

Indeed, they really couldn’t find a more precise vocabulary to describe the energy just now.

superpower? Indeed, what Eric Norman just broke out was indeed more akin to superpowers.

That is an extremely terrifying power, a power that these ordinary people have never seen in their entire life.

Xu Xiao was stunned. He stared at Eric Norman dumbfounded, and murmured, “You…Who are you?”

In Xu Xiao’s eyes, Eric Norman at this time was fundamentally different from himself.

Eric Norman smiled faintly, his eyes still full of disdain: “Am I? I am someone you can’t afford to offend, ho ho, you deserve to attack me too? Don’t you think you are too naive?”

Indeed, if Eric Norman said that he was innocent before, Xu Xiao still felt that it was Eric Norman’s exaggeration. Now it seems that from beginning to end, people have really never regarded himself in their eyes.

In the eyes of others, he may be just an ant, and the two are not of the same magnitude at all. Eric Norman was very clear from the beginning, but he was still in the dark, innocent like a three-year-old. Like a child, he feels that he can easily end the opponent with a dagger.

Eric Norman did not focus too much on Xu Xiao, but instead looked at Ethan and Maggie.

At this time, Maggie was okay. She had always known that Eric Norman was not an ordinary person, but she did not expect that she had not been with Eric Norman for so long, and his ability had improved so fast, even to the point of exaggeration.

“This…Is this really angry?” Maggie murmured.

Eric Norman just smiled at her slightly, and did not answer, but the smile was full of confidence. Obviously, Eric Norman presupposed Maggie’s question.

As a result, Maggie was even more surprised, even so excited that she didn’t know what to say.

Maggie still clearly remembers that once before, Eric Norman told herself that she was a martial arts wizard, and it might not be long before her strength would be higher than that of Eric Norman.

At that time, Maggie was innocent like a child, thinking that it was so, so she began to exercise and temper herself more desperately, hoping that the day Eric Norman said would come sooner.

Maggie had a dream since she was a child that one day she could truly become Eric Norman’s arm and protect him instead of letting him protect herself…

It was just the scene that seemed to completely awaken Maggie from her fantasy.

It’s ridiculous, I thought that in three or two years, I could really surpass Shen Haotingke.

But now it seems that all this is just a distant dream, too far.

Eric Norman was already strong enough to release his true energy, but he was still a thousand miles away from this step.

How not she was shocked, how not upset, how not she sighed.


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