I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 526

Chapter 526

“Dad, then… what realm are you in? Divine realm?” Ethan asked a little excitedly, and pointed to the smashed ashtray on the table.

Hearing this, Eric Norman just shook his head and smiled: “How can the gods be touched so easily? How many warriors can leap into the gods in the world?”

Eric Norman sighed and said helplessly: “Dad started practicing with your grandfather when he was three years old, and has never been willing to slack in the slightest, but even so, he has only reached the strength of the mid-transition stage. One day, if you can reach the peak of the transformation stage and have the privilege of watching the gods, you will be content!”

“Ah?” Ethan couldn’t help being a little disappointed when he heard this. Could it be that his father’s strength has reached such a level, but he is only the strength of the middle stage of the transformation? What would it be like in the late stage of transformation, and even the peak stage?

Ethan couldn’t help thinking in secret again, what kind of existence would the so-called God Realm in his father’s mouth exist?

Regarding these, Ethan didn’t have the slightest concept in his mind. He even felt that everything his father said was too far away from him.

Eric Norman looked at Ethan, and seemed to feel that what he had just said was too great for Ethan. Finally, he smiled and continued: “Well, these things are still too far away for you. Since you are Shen The descendants of the family, you can’t take care of yourself alone, I will tell you all about it slowly in the future, and I will let Maggie teach you something little by little.”

Chief Eric Norman sighed, “You are the only heir to my Norman Family. There are still many things that need you to face…”

What he said later, Ethan seemed to understand, and he didn’t listen carefully. At this moment, what he was thinking in his heart was something that his father had just said about warriors.

Ethan suddenly discovered that things that existed only in the novels and movies he had watched in the past seemed to be gradually becoming reality.

Ethan didn’t know how long he had stayed in his father’s room, and after finally leaving, he walked back and forth in the hotel aimlessly.

By coincidence, Ethan met Maggie, who seemed to have swept away the previous decadence, and at this time he was radiant again, returning to the appearance of Maggie that Ethan had known in the past.

Maggie said hello to Ethan and left, but Ethan stopped her.

“Sister Maggie, wait a minute…” Ethan said, “Can I ask you something?”

Maggie couldn’t help but stunned, and hurriedly said: “You can ask, you know if you can tell!”

“Can you tell me about the martial artist?” Ethan asked.

Maggie was taken aback for a second, and immediately after thinking about it, she knew that Eric Norman must have told Ethan, but it seemed that Ethan still had doubts in her heart, so she came to ask herself.

Maggie thought for a while, nodded, and then took Ethan to a nearby cafe. The two chatted for a full afternoon. Maggie told almost everything she knew about the world of warriors. Ethan.

As Eric Norman said, the world of warriors has existed since ancient times.

The martial artist is divided into three realms, and only after breaking through the later stage of entry can you be called a real martial artist. The sign indicates that you can perceive the existence of Zhenqi.

And being able to use true energy is a sign of true warrior.

Maggie explained: “Those people in the Thunder group, at best, their physical fitness has reached the limit of human beings, but they can only reach this point. But those who have the blood of a martial artist can use their true energy. Through the operation of Zhen Qi, it breaks through the limits of the human body.”

Maggie pointed to herself: “Just like me, in fact, I also have the blood of a warrior, and I am at the peak of entry, and I have been able to skillfully use True Qi, so my speed and strength can break through my position. Do you understand the limit that the body can reach?”

Ethan nodded, and Maggie immediately said: “And like your father used to release the true energy, it is already a sign of the transformation martial artist. I have been in the past. I can catch up with your father in a short time, but Now it seems that I think too much, ho ho…”

Maggie then briefly talked about some secrets about the martial artist.

All in all, in the world of warriors, the level determines the strength. Perhaps there is only a very weak level gap between two people, but in terms of strength, there is a world of difference.

It is absolutely impossible for a warrior who enters the middle stage to win the later stage warrior, because between them, the difference in strength is almost doubled.

And the few masters in the late entry period may not necessarily be the opponents of the peak entry period masters. That is because, at the peak entry period, they have already entered the ranks of real warriors. Once they can use true energy, they can break through the limits of the human body , So even if the opponent is a top expert, as long as he is an ordinary person, even if he has reached the limit physique, he is not an opponent at all.

“And once a warrior enters the transformation realm, ordinary people can no longer win. As for the gods, to be honest, it is only a realm that a few heroic figures can watch.” Maggie sighed, “According to MR. Norman , your grandfather seemed to have already Breaking through the divine realm, that is the only warrior in my life who knows to break through the divine realm, and when I enter the divine realm, people will have all kinds of Taoist magic powers…”

It seems that Maggie doesn’t know much about the God Realm. No matter how many things, she just said something from the hearsay.

But what Maggie said, Ethan seemed to have a better understanding of this world of warriors.

Immediately, Ethan asked again: “Sister Maggie, are the things inherited by my father’s Norman Family also related to the world of warriors?”

Maggie nodded: “Indeed, and I have also heard from MR. Norman that as long as he can get the help of that thing, perhaps mortals can also watch the divine realm. It can be seen that that thing is indeed very powerful, and this is exactly so many people. , The reason for racking my brains to get it.”

Ethan nodded, thinking about continuing to ask some other things, but his cell phone rang, and the call came from Pablo.

It turned out that the second stage of the decoration of Haisheng Yipin Villa was almost completed. Pablo was going to ask Ethan to check and accept it.

Ethan glanced at the time, and agreed without thinking too much.

Maggie prepared a car for Ethan and directly sent Ethan to Haisheng Yipin.

When Ethan arrived there, Joshua had been waiting there for a long time.

As soon as he saw Ethan, Joshua limped over and said with a smile: “Ethan, you are here. My father is in a hurry to leave, so I will come first and turn back to him. When you are done, you will come right away.”


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