I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 527

Chapter 527

Ethan nodded: “It’s okay, Pablo always gets busy first when he has something to do. Let’s go and see first.”

Joshua responded, and the two of them walked into the villa.

At this time, not far from Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard, a figure slowly moved out of the obstacle on the side. His eyes were so cold as to look at Ethan and Joshua who had just entered the villa, with the corners of his mouth sticking out. A sinister smile.

This person stretched out his left hand and looked at his little finger that had been cut off in half, his eyes full of resentment.

“Eric Norman, let’s take a look!” Zaid murmured coldly, and slowly took out a remote control-like thing from his portable pocket.

He smiled again and said to himself, “I thought this thing was not needed anymore, but it seems that I still have to use it to end all this.”

Not long ago, Zaid used Jennifer to bury something under the No. 1 courtyard of Haisheng First Product.

Originally, Zaid was only thinking that if the plan went wrong, he would use this thing just in case.

He even felt that he might never need this thing anymore, so let him bury one underneath.

But what he didn’t expect was that his sophisticated plan would become so fragile under Eric Norman’s hands, and his fingers would disrupt all his plans.

In desperation, Zaid could only enable this thing again.

At the beginning, Jennifer was so curious to ask Zaid whether this thing was a bomb. Zaid just made a sloppy look and passed by casually.

But how Jennifer could think about it, she said casually, and she guessed it right.

What she personally buried under the living room on the first floor of Haisheng No.1 Yard is not only a bomb, but also a special high-explosive product. Although there is only a small tuft, its power is definitely no less than a whole package. Black powder.

Perhaps this huge Haisheng No.1 Courtyard was destroyed by the bomb in an instant.

At this time, what Zaid was holding was the remote control device of the bomb. As long as he gently press the button on it later, maybe Ethan would be completely dead.

“Eric Norman, I really want to see what your expression will be when that happens!” Zaid sneered, “Aren’t you the only son? Then I will let you cut off your children and grandchildren!”

While talking, Zaid had already slowly moved his thumb over the button…

On the other side, Ethan and Joshua had already circled the villa.

At this time, most of the decoration work of the villa is almost in progress, only some details are not perfect.

But even so, the overall appearance of this villa can already be presented.

Ethan is very satisfied. The result of this decoration is exactly as he expected.

Ethan was a little excited, and hurriedly took out his mobile phone and took a video of Linda and sent it over.

Then he and Joshua went to the second floor of the villa again, and briefly looked at the bedroom inside…

But at this moment, not far away, Zaid’s finger pressing on the detonation button violently pressed down.

Almost at the same time, the small package buried under the floor of the villa suddenly flickered with a pale green light. The light was so weak that it might not be easily noticed even if it was not buried underneath.

Then the device connected to the bomb made a series of “beep” sounds, and in an instant, a huge energy burst from the small box.

Then a string of firelight also splashed out.

“Boom…” With a sound, the floor on the first floor of the villa was suddenly propped up by a huge force, and then the nearby floor was instantly hit by that vast force into countless fragments, facing all directions All directions splashed out.

At this time, there were still a few renovating workers on the first floor. This sudden change gave these people no time to react, and countless wounds were interspersed by the floor fragments.

However, these people did not even have time to yell, and a huge shock wave from below the floor followed, directly blasting them out.

Several of them smashed heavily on the concrete wall, and several others, together with the toughened glass that was broken by the impact, flew directly out of the villa.

However, this was just the beginning. Wherever the vast and unrivaled shock wave went, all the objects were destroyed into fragments and splashed out with the shock wave.

Not all the walls of the entire first floor are supported by concrete, and there are weaknesses in them. At that moment, they were directly blown out of a hole.

Then the shock wave reached the floor upwards, and there was a muffled sound. Before the people upstairs could react, the heavy floor was instantly broken by the shock wave.

In an instant, the second floor lost its support and collapsed.

At this time, Ethan and Joshua, who were on the second floor, had just heard a loud bang from downstairs at the very beginning. Before they could react, the floor slab collapsed in an instant…


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