I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 528

Chapter 528

Ethan only felt that his feet were empty, and his whole person subconsciously began to scratch around randomly.

But at this moment, everything beside him was falling at extreme speed. Even if Ethan caught something, he couldn’t provide support at all.

At that moment, a sense of doubled fear enveloped Ethan’s heart. It seemed that at that moment, he truly felt the approach of death.

At that moment, as if the time and space around him had become solidified and slow, Ethan watched everything around him fall down…

Scaffolding, unopened furniture, decoration tools, broken buildings, and Joshua who is also full of desperate eyes.

At that moment, the two looked at each other, as if there was no time to think, their eyes were full of fear.

Suddenly, Ethan felt as if a black shadow fell quickly on top of his head. He struggled to look up, and saw a huge fragment of the building flying down thinking about his head.

Ethan wanted to dodge, but it seemed impossible.

Because at this time he felt that his body had fallen heavily on something, and there was a sharp pain in his back. Something must have scratched the wound.

But at this time Ethan had no time to think about those, because what was imminent was the building that was falling at a rapid speed above his head.

The ruin was a metre in size and weighed several hundred catties. If it hit him, he would really be dead for the time being.

Ethan’s eyes were full of panic. For the first time, he was infinitely close to the threat of death, leaving him at a loss and blank, just watching the ruined building fly towards him in panic.

Dead, really dead…

Ethan seemed to have no hope for himself anymore.

However, just as the huge ruin was about to fall on Ethan, suddenly, a figure suddenly came out from the side and rushed straight towards Ethan.

Before Ethan had time to react, his body was suddenly pushed back heavily by the figure.

Then there was a shout from Ethan’s ear: “Ethan be careful…”

Only then did Ethan react. It was Joshua who pushed him away.

He hurriedly looked at Joshua, only to see him push himself away, and that huge ruin was hitting Joshua impartially!

At that moment, Jiang Haomeng was gone, and he never expected that Joshua would suddenly push himself away when life and death were at stake, and he would bear all that he should have to bear.

Ethan almost watched Joshua’s body being pressed by the huge ruin. The moment he pressed him, Joshua’s face suddenly became pale, and a mouthful of scarlet blood spouted from his mouth.

Joshua’s expression was extremely painful, his eyes fixed on Ethan, and when he saw Ethan being pushed away, Joshua’s eyes seemed to be relieved.

“Joshua…” Ethan collapsed, tears came out of his eyes subconsciously. He didn’t understand why Joshua wanted to save himself. You know, because of himself, he was once broken by Pablo. Could it be that he Don’t hate yourself?

Perhaps Ethan would never know in his life, at the moment when the embarrassment came, Joshua pushed himself away.

But what he was very clear was that Joshua used his own life to change his life.

What is the reward for changing your life?

The force Joshua had just pushed away Ethan was tremendous. Ethan felt his body weightless again, and then his body flew out at a rapid speed…

At that moment, Ethan wanted to reach out and grab a handful of Joshua, but found that he couldn’t do it. The last thing he saw was the moment when Joshua slowly closed his eyes…

At that moment, Ethan seemed to feel that time and space had frozen again, and his body that had been omitted backward became extremely slow, and he could even see clearly, the dust falling on Joshua’s eyelashes, and the slightly overflowing tears at the corners of his eyes.

Joshua is dead.

When Ethan realized this, he seemed to feel that his heart was severely pinched, which almost broke his heart.

At almost the same time, he seemed to feel that the environment around him had resumed its usual speed. Numerous ruined walls, as well as all kinds of debris and dust, fell like a gust of rain.

Hit the ground, hit Ethan, on top of his head, and hit Joshua’s warm body.

Turning around, Ethan felt a pain in his back again, and his body slammed into the uncollapsed wall behind him.

At that moment, he seemed to feel that his whole body was about to fall apart, and his head was a little dizzy from the violent impact just now, and the scene in front of him became blurred…

Ethan seemed to feel that his consciousness was half-dream and half-awake, that feeling was very strange, as if he knew everything around him, but he couldn’t control his body.

And when the sound of the ruined wall fell off the ears, it seemed that everything had settled.

Suddenly, Ethan suddenly heard the sound of slow and powerful footsteps in his ears. Those feet squashed on the debris, which was unusually harsh and clear.

The voice moved from far to near, and finally stopped beside him.

Then Ethan, in the chaos, heard that the footsteps belonged to the master to say: “Ho ho, it’s pretty fateful, this didn’t kill you!”

Ethan didn’t listen to his body, couldn’t move, let alone speak, but his subconscious mind could understand what the other party meant.

Then he felt that one of his feet was being lifted, and then his whole body was dragged out of this fragmented wall.

Soon, Ethan passed by Joshua’s corpse. At this time, Joshua had no breath, his eyes were slightly closed, and the corners of his mouth were blood stains that had not yet dried up.

The top of his head was covered with dust, and his old suit was scratched.

At that moment, Ethan suddenly felt a little worried and a little angry, but he couldn’t do anything except these feelings.

Just like this, he was dragged away. When he passed Joshua’s body, his head hit a huge concrete fragment on the side again. Ethan felt his head dizzy again, and then his whole body remained. The trace of consciousness was completely lost.

Ethan felt as if he had had a long dream, a long nightmare. In the dream, there were countless ghosts and neighing around him.

He felt that his body was hot and cold, and his limbs were suddenly amputated, and he suffered countless tortures.

Suddenly, Ethan felt a sudden darkness in front of him, and then a dull sound of closing the trunk completely made him lose his perception of everything outside!

“Audience friends, now we are inserting the latest news from our station. It is located in the top villa area in our city, Haisheng Yipin No.1 Yard. An outbreak suddenly occurred 20 minutes ago. The specific cause is unknown, and the casualties are not yet known. Our reporter is on the way to Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard, and will broadcast live for you later!”


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