I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 529

Chapter 529

Buckeye, Eric Norman stayed at the hotel.

It is not too far away from Haisheng First Grade, and a loud bang just now caught the attention of Eric Norman.

At the moment of the explosion, Eric Norman also somehow, suddenly his heart jerked, and then quickly got up, a little restlessly looking toward the direction of the explosion, looking nervously.

Not long after, I saw the direction of Haisheng Yipin, and suddenly the flames burst into the sky, and smoke rose up.

Eric Norman frowned and hurriedly shouted: “Come here!”

Soon, a member of the Lei team hurried in from the outside: “MR. Norman , what’s your order?”

Eric Norman pointed to the smoke rising not far away and asked, “What’s wrong over there?”

Afterwards, Eric Norman pondered for a moment, and continued to ask: “By the way, where is the young master now?”

The Lei Group member looked at the direction and immediately said, “I’ll go to find out what’s wrong, Ethan… I just saw him answer the phone, so I hurried out. I will ask Xia Ye for details. Miss, Ethan Norman left her room.”

“Gone?” Eric Norman’s brow furrowed deeper when he heard the words, and the anxiety in his heart suddenly increased a little.

It stands to reason that this explosion won’t hit Ethan on the pole, but Eric Norman didn’t know what happened. He suddenly felt flustered, as if something was going to happen.

He turned his head and said loudly: “Now go find him immediately, and you will also find out what happened to the explosion over there.”

Upon hearing this, the members of the Lei Group immediately turned and left.

And Eric Norman’s eyes fell on the direction of the explosion again.

Obviously, he had some doubts about the explosion not far away. After all, at this time period, there was a sudden explosion on the 6th, even if it had nothing to do with his plan, Eric Norman felt that he had no bottom.

After he waited anxiously for ten minutes, suddenly the door of his suite was pushed open from the outside.

But this time it was Maggie who came in.

Maggie looked a little hurried, looking at Eric Norman, a little nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Maggie’s appearance, Eric Norman hurriedly asked, “Yes…Is there something going on over there? Where is Ethan?”

“Something happened, MR. Norman !” Maggie said this directly.

Hearing this, Eric Norman immediately trembled subconsciously, staring deeply at Maggie: “What…what do you mean? I ask you Ethan.”

Maggie looked serious and spoke quickly: “I just got the message that the one that just exploded was Haisheng First Grade, and it was the Haisheng First Grade Courtyard that Ethan bought before, and…”

Maggie hesitated a little, and said, “And Ethan was in there at the time…”

Hearing this message, Eric Norman felt that there was a rumbling sound in his mind, and his whole body was shaking for a while, and one hand stubbornly grasped the aluminum alloy window frame before barely standing. stable.

Upon seeing this, Maggie hurriedly stepped forward to help, but was stopped by Eric Norman’s wave.

“Prepare the car, let’s go now!” Eric Norman was completely confused, and after speaking, he rushed outside.

Maggie hurriedly followed, and said, “MR. Norman , the car is already downstairs!”

When they got downstairs, they got into the business car that Maggie had prepared in advance, and then drove directly in the direction of Haisheng Yipin.

At this time, the radio in the commercial vehicle also happened to broadcast news about the explosion.

“Listen friends, now we are inserting the latest news from our station. It is located in the top villa area in our city, Haisheng Yipin No.1 Yard. An outbreak suddenly occurred 20 minutes ago. The specific cause is unknown, and the casualties are temporarily unclear. Our reporter is on his way to Haisheng Yipin No. 1 Yard, and will broadcast live for you later!”

Hearing the news, Eric Norman’s expression became even more serious, and Maggie hurriedly told the driver to turn off the radio.

“What the hell is going on?” Eric Norman ignored those and asked Maggie what happened.

Maggie hurriedly told Eric Norman what had happened, and finally said: “According to the information I have, at that time, Ethan and Pablo’s son Joshua had just entered the villa and there was an explosion. The whereabouts are not clear yet, and Pablo is also on the way to there.”

Eric Norman responded, and the whole person fell into contemplation.

However, although the hotel he was staying in was not far from Haisheng Yipin No.1 Courtyard in a straight line, the traffic became more and more congested as he approached the villa area.

Many private cars also heard the explosion and wanted to rush over to see what happened. After all, this is the most luxurious villa area in Buckeye. It is rumored that the explosion is still the most expensive villa worth 70 million. Everyone wants to see it. What happened.

And more and more vehicles from various media outlets also rushed in the same direction like a tide.

Soon, Eric Norman’s commercial vehicle was blocked in the middle of the road. No matter how the driver honked the horn, it was of no avail. There were even a lot of private car drivers in front, chatting and laughing with each other.

Someone saw the commercial car that had been honking the horn at the back, and immediately showed a slight expression of disdain. One person even walked slowly towards the commercial car, knocked on the driver’s window, and sneered in disdain.

At this time, Eric Norman was already anxious, but at this time, there was still someone coming to provoke him, which made him want to burst out.

Suddenly he screamed at the driver, “Run for me!”

The driver was also a member of the Lei team. He was obedient to Eric Norman. After receiving the order, his eyes were coldly passed from the cursing young man’s face outside the window, and then he slammed on the accelerator. The commercial vehicle instantly rushed like an arrow from the string. Got out.

With a bang, the commercial vehicle directly knocked the young man into the air, and the vehicle in front of him was instantly smashed. Eric Norman’s driver then kicked the accelerator, and then the commercial vehicle rammed forward unscrupulously like a wild horse. The car hit a bloody road straight from the congested lane.

This scene scared everyone present.

But before everyone recovered from their consternation, they saw the business car whose front face had been hit beyond recognition, rushing in the direction of Haisheng Yipin regardless.

A few minutes later, the car finally stopped outside the gate of Haisheng No.1 Product. Eric Norman didn’t have time to think about it. After getting out of the car, he hurriedly rushed towards the ruins of No. 1 Yard.

But when Eric Norman approached the ruins of No.1 Courtyard, a heart-piercing cry suddenly came out of his ear…


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