I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 531

Chapter 531

“How do you feel?”

Suddenly, there was a voice in Ethan’s ear.

Ethan looked up and saw that he was right across from him, Zaid was looking at him with a sinister smile.

The other party was holding an empty goblet in his hand, and the wine in the glass had already been poured on him.

Zaid grabbed a whiskey bottle on the side, poured another glass of wine into the glass, shook it, looked at Ethan through the glass, smiled and said, “Is it surprised to see me?”

Ethan recalled what happened before, and when he thought that Joshua had lost his life for saving himself, an invisible grief came out again.

He stared at each other fiercely, and asked in a low voice, “You did it all, right?”

Zaid did not deny it, but smiled proudly: “In fact, I wanted to blow you up a hundred, and I should teach Eric Norman a lesson, but I didn’t expect that your kid’s life is really hard enough, and there will always be someone at the critical moment. Willing to die to save you, ho ho… Do you want to live?”

Zaid looked at Ethan, already holding Ethan’s life and death.

Ethan gritted his teeth and tried his best to break free, but in the end he tied the ropes, but he didn’t react at all.

“You kill me!” Ethan said coldly.

Although Ethan still had a trace of fear in his heart, he was relieved when he thought of Joshua who died because of himself, and thought that this Xiangyu would inevitably use himself to blackmail his father.

After all, he died, and his father was Eric Norman. Even if he didn’t have the ability of his father, he still had the backbone to inherit his father.

“Isn’t it a life? You didn’t succeed just now, come get it now!” Ethan continued.

Hearing this, Zaid chuckles, in his eyes. Ethan’s Xu stubbornness is really ridiculous.

“Puff…Since you are not dead, why should I send you to death?” Zaid smiled, “And now you who are alive are far more useful than a corpse! With you, I I won’t worry about Eric Norman not handing over Shang Dian! But you are very backbone?”

Sure enough, he kept himself just to blackmail his father. Ethan couldn’t help sighing in his heart. He was a little arrogant, why he was a hindrance every time.

He raised his head, stared at each other, and said lightly: “I have the backbone, because my dad is Eric Norman! Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you people will pay the price for what you do!”

As soon as Ethan said this, Zaid then let out a louder sneer.

“Hahaha… You laughed at me, why, do you think Eric Norman is very spine? Haha, this is really the most ridiculous joke I have ever heard.” Zaid said, “Boy, do you know that? Live, but kneeling on the ground and begging us for forgiveness like a dog? Hoho, saying he has spine? You are tarnishing the word!”

As soon as Zaid said this, Ethan was stunned for a moment, then raised his head and stared at each other fiercely, and shouted: “Shut up, you don’t spread rumors here. My father stood upright, how could he beg for mercy from you guys? Is this kind of your obscenity interesting?”

Zaid took a sip of red wine without delay, and sneered: “Sure enough, Eric Norman will not tell you such a shameful thing. If that is the case, then I will tell you.”

“Ho, kid, do you want to know what happened in the Pingyang Valley of Buckeye River?” Zaid walked up to Ethan and asked with interest.

The other party’s words immediately aroused Ethan’s curiosity, because he once asked Eric Norman about a series of secrets about his family, and how the entire Norman Family was destroyed, how he himself survived.

But Eric Norman’s answer was evasive, even as if something was deliberately concealing himself.

Ethan knew at the time that something unspeakable must have happened in it.

“Is it possible…Is it true that my father back then…” Ethan slandered in his heart. He thought about it, but he didn’t dare to think about it anymore, because he knew that if Zaid really said, his father was in his mind His tall image will collapse instantly.

Ethan has been telling himself that his father is perfect and he is an upright hero. He can’t imagine that if his father really survived by kneeling down and begging for mercy, it would be a blow to him. …

Ethan was thinking, but Zaid on the side had already spoken.

“Things have to start from the Norman Family. The Norman Family is a family of martial artists that have been passed down for a thousand or hundreds of years, and your father’s line is the Norman Family. And the family has the advantage of the family, that is, you can inherit the Norman Family For more than a thousand years, Shangdian is in his own hands.”

When Zaid said this, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Ethan, and asked, “Do you know what Shangdian is?


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