I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 532

Chapter 532

Ethan couldn’t help shook his head, and the fox questioned, “What is it?”

Before, Ethan asked his father and Maggie what the inheritance of the Norman Family was, but they were always half-concealed, unwilling to reveal the truth to themselves.

What made Ethan feel ridiculous was that now that he wanted to know what it was, he still wanted the enemy Zaid to tell him.

Zaid smiled bitterly and shook his head, and sighed helplessly, “It seems that Haoting Shen really doesn’t want to involve you in this dispute. Even your Norman Family’s baby has never told you? Hoho, naive, you But the only blood of the Norman clan Family, he really naively thinks, can you take care of yourself?”

Zaid looked at Ethan, and then said, “Well, since you really don’t know what a shit, I will reluctantly tell you everything I know!”

“The so-called Shangdian is a wonderful book that records the laws of heaven and earth execution. As long as you can understand the contents of the book thoroughly, you can skillfully use the power of heaven and earth execution for your own use, making yourself powerful and unmatched!”

“Do you know why the Norman Family or the Norman Family can exist for so long without being killed by other warrior clans? Hoho, because you are holding this treasure in your hands. His existence makes everyone afraid of it. Of course, it also makes everyone covet, and it’s not just outsiders but also people inside the Norman Family! For example, the Norman Family overseas, one of the 36 families of the Norman Family!”

Zaid paused and continued: “Over the past few hundred years, the overseas Norman Family has been obedient to the clan and completely obeyed the Norman Family rules. It’s just that the Norman Family has grown stronger overseas and gradually gained a foothold overseas. , Their ambitions are getting more and more inflated, and in the face of this huge family business, they feel more and more that their strength is a little weak, so it seems that Shangdian who can make themselves stronger seems to be their best choice !”

“In front of about thirty or so, the overseas Norman Family once passed through the Zongjia ditch, trying to borrow Shangdian for a use, but was rejected, and the Zong family’s vicious humiliation was your grandfather. The ruthless role not only abolished the overseas Norman Family, but also severely humiliated the overseas Norman Family in front of the 36 families. How can this make the overseas Norman Family not bear the hatred? So the hatred and the ** force the overseas Norman Family I want to rely on my own strength to take Shangdian over!”

Zaid found a chair, sat down and continued talking.

“In the next ten years or so, the Norman Family overseas continued to use the method of cannibalization to gradually gain a greater voice among all the Norman clan, and gradually ignore the Norman clan rules. Because they know very well that it is not the Norman clan Family that really prevents them from taking Shangdian, but the damn clan rules!”

“Under this situation, they will meet each other sooner or later.” Zaid suddenly laughed. “That is, in the bloody battle in Pingyang Valley 17 years ago, the overseas Norman Family united eight of the other 36 families. , Played against the Zong family in Pingyang Valley, and the only branch of the Norman Family that supported the Zong family. I have to admit that if the power of the Zong family is singled out, no one of the 36 Shens is an opponent, but there are nine here. There are also a large number of advanced weapons purchased by the overseas Norman Family from overseas. The final result is self-evident. The clan was slaughtered, and another branch of the Norman clan who supported the clan, the entire family, and even the bones were not left. Next!”

Zaid frowned suddenly: “Oh no, it is said that the family is the same as you. There is a baby who is still in the swaddling clothes who survived this disaster, but it is not important anymore. There is a huge wave, just like you!”

After Zaid finished speaking, he looked at Ethan with a smile on his face, his eyes full of contempt.

Ethan gritted his teeth. After listening to the other party’s narration, he hesitated and asked, “Then…my father…”

“Oh, right!” Zaid patted his forehead and said with a smile, “Almost forgot the most important thing, your dog-like father.”

Zaid seemed to recall for a while, and continued: “Your father should have had something to do back then, and he did not arrive at Pingyang Valley in the first time. When he arrived, the entire Pingyang Valley was already bloodied, and there were a few people left in the entire clan. At this time, they were all gathered together, preparing to execute the final death sentence. It was exactly at this time that Eric Norman appeared. He wanted to fight at the beginning, but every time he fights, the Norman Family overseas will kill a clan family. In the end, Eric Norman seemed to really collapse. In the end, the overseas Norman Family offered a condition that as long as Eric Norman kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy, the overseas Norman Family would let go of his clan relatives, ho ho…”

“The result?” Ethan asked coldly, staring at each other.

“Of course he really knelt down!” Zaid said contemptuously, “He repeatedly kowtows, thinking that he can save his relatives by this, but this is all to blame on your grandfather, the overseas Norman Family he abolished back then. People of, didn’t mean to abide by the agreement at all. After your father knelt down and knocked his head, he still killed all the clan families, ho ho, leaving only your father!”

“Then you didn’t kill him?” Ethan gritted his teeth and continued to ask.

Zaid smiled and shook his head: “Where is the fashion book hidden? Your father, Eric Norman, is the only person who knows. If he killed him, wouldn’t Shang Dian really not be able to find him? The Norman Family overseas chose to slaughter the entire clan in fact. I asked about Shang Dian’s whereabouts, but none of those cheap bones said, so they are more than dead!”

“As for your father Eric Norman…I don’t know what Shen Tianyang said to your father at the beginning, but in the end your father still persuaded him. He knelt on the ground and banged his head three times at all the Norman Family overseas. Saved your dog’s life! Haha… Don’t you know how humiliating your father Eric Norman was at that time. He knelt in front of more than 200 people and begged for mercy. Those who have participated in the bloody battle in Pingyang Valley so far, I’m afraid I still remember that Scene! They agreed that after 17 years, that is, this year, he will give Shang Dian his hand!” Zaid’s eyes suddenly sank and he snorted, “But your father has broken his promise!”

“Shut up!” Ethan gritted his teeth and stared at each other fiercely, saying, “What kind of faith do you want to talk about with people like you? When you violated the clan rules, the faith is no longer in front of you. It’s worth it!”


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