I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 534

Chapter 534

“It’s despicable!” Ethan glared at Zaid. He didn’t expect that there would be someone so shameless in this world.

“You killed my father, don’t you also get nothing?” Ethan asked loudly, “That Shangdian, only my father knows where it is. If you kill him, you won’t even want it in your life. !”

Zaid smiled upon hearing this and said, “Hoho, Eric Norman is dead? Wouldn’t it be better? As long as he dies, Shang Diande’s whereabouts will be completely unsolved. Don’t say it’s you, even the Norman Family overseas. Can’t find it, ho ho, wouldn’t this result be good?”

When Ethan heard Zaid’s words, he couldn’t help but froze for a while, a little unclear, so: “What do you…what do you mean? Didn’t you work for the Norman Family overseas? You have caused so many incidents, isn’t it just for the overseas sink Does the family get the Shangdian?”

The words of Zaid just now made Ethan a little confused.

However, his curiosity was quickly pierced by Zaid.

“Ho ho, overseas Norman Family? What kind of thing is that? Do you really think I would be willing to sell my life for them?” Zaid suddenly revealed his true face and smiled sinisterly, “Perhaps in Shen Tianyang’s eyes, I It’s nothing more than a dog he raised. He can come and go as he calls it. As everyone knows, in my eyes, he is not a stupid pig. He has no idea. For so many years, I have In name, what did you do!”

In Zaid’s remarks, the amount of information was so great that Ethan was even a little surprised.

Is it possible that Zaid, who seems to be loyal to the Norman Family overseas, is actually pretending to be? Is everything he did fake?

In name, he obeyed the orders of the overseas Norman Family, but in fact, what has he been planning for himself?

If this is the case, then this person seems too scheming.

He lied to himself and his father was enough. Could it be that he and the overseas Norman Family were also lied to?

It seems that he really has some ability!

Ethan had to marvel at this Xiangyu a little bit more.

Ethan thought for a while. It seemed that he had figured out something. He couldn’t help but sneered and said, “Ho ho, if I’m right, you have been dormant in the Norman Family overseas for so many years, right?”

Zaid nodded: “Otherwise? Although you are a descendant of the Norman Family, I am afraid you still don’t know what kind of Shangdian exists? Whoever owns it is equivalent to owning it. Everything, money, status, woman, and strength, you have it all with it, ho ho, it’s ridiculous that your Norman Family hid such a beautiful thing for more than a thousand years in vain. It’s just holding a hidden object, so you don’t deserve to have it! Such a beautiful thing can only be used to realize its greatest value!”

Speaking of this, Zaid’s eyes seemed to glow with greed.

At this moment, he seemed to have seen the scene after he got the Shangdian.

However, Zaid’s words are still somewhat inconsistent. Ethan frowned and asked: “No, you want to blow up my father, just to prevent the overseas Norman Family from getting Shangdian’s whereabouts, but if my father dies, no Just overseas Shenjia, even you can’t know where Shang Dian is hiding. Didn’t you block your own way too?”

Ethan discovered that this was a huge loophole in Zaid’s logic. Since his goal was to obtain Shangdian, he could blow up Shangdian’s only insider, his father, and that did not mean that he also cut off his only possibility. ?

Ethan frowned and stared at the opponent, just wanting to know how the opponent would answer.

Who knows that Zaid just smiled faintly, and said, “Hoho, Eric Norman killed Eric Norman, and of course no one will know the hiding place of Shang Dian. Naturally, the Norman Family overseas will never know, and this is also true. This is what I want to achieve. Hoho, the reason why I did this is because, in this world, it seems that besides your dad, only I know where the Shangdian is!”

“You know?” Ethan yelled in surprise, “How is it possible? No, it’s impossible. If you knew, you might have got things secretly. You would wait for today? You’re lying! “

Zaid shrugged and said, “Haha, a joke, do you think we have been operating in Buckeye for so many years? To be honest, since the Pingyang Valley battle, we have already started looking for Shang Dian’s whereabouts, Xiao Twenty Years, the entire Buckeye is about to be dug three feet by us. How can we not know the whereabouts of Shang Dian? As for why we have not done it for so many years, it is because we have objective reasons. But soon, this objective reason will be eliminated. At that time, we will be able to get the Shangdian effortlessly!”

A touch of greed appeared at the corner of Zaid’s mouth, and he smiled: “Ho ho, I might keep you, let you see with your own eyes how we got Shang Dian by then!”

Zaid’s words made Ethan take a breath. He couldn’t believe that Zaid had already known Shang Dian’s whereabouts!

What makes Ethan more uneasy is that Zaid just used “us”, that is to say, they may be a group of people, not just this Xiangyu alone!

In this way, it seems that the situation has become complicated again!

Ethan was a little anxious. Of course, he was afraid of his father’s accident, and of course he was even more afraid that one day, the treasure that had been in the Norman Family for more than a thousand years would fall into the hands of outsiders!

Ethan was in a state of confusion. He was a little discouraged. Now the situation has reached such a critical juncture, but he can’t help a little bit. He can’t even tell his father that No. 36 Qingshui Street is a trap. …

An hour later, at 36 Qingshui Street, a Rolls-Royce car slowly stopped at the door of the cafe where the plaque had faded for an unknown period of time.

Soon, a young man in black ran down from the co-pilot and hurried to open the door to the back seat of the car.

Then, a burly middle-aged man in a blue and black suit walked down from behind.

He looked around, hesitating in his eyes, but after a short pause, his hesitation was replaced by firmness.

After that, he stepped towards the door of the closed cafe…

At this moment, in that abandoned factory building, Zaid was holding a mobile phone in one hand, and holding Ethan’s hair in the other, forcing him to look at the screen of the mobile phone.

At this time, on the screen, there was a video of Eric Norman walking towards No. 36 Qingshui Street.

Zaid smiled coldly and said, “Hoho, take a good look, maybe this is the last time you see you, dead ghost dad, this is a live broadcast!”


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