I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 535

Chapter 535

Obviously, this video was taken from a window opposite the closed cafe.

The picture is very clear. Although Ethan can only see the person’s back, he knows that it must be his father, because the back is exactly the same.

But at this time, Ethan watched his father helplessly, step by step towards the fire pit, towards the abyss.

Seeing Eric Norman stepping up the stairs step by step, he didn’t seem to realize that the danger was approaching.

He walked to the door of the cafe and looked inside through the mottled window, seeming to hesitate a little more, but finally reached the doorknob and gently pushed open the door of the dilapidated cafe.

At the moment when Eric Norman opened the dilapidated door, inside the cafe, a thin thread connecting the dilapidated door was suddenly tightened and pulled.

And the thin line immediately linked to a switch device not far away, which was suddenly triggered, and then inside the device, a string of faint sparks “choked”, instantly igniting a military green under the device package.

Almost instantly, a series of chemical reactions invisible to the naked eye occurred inside the package, followed by a huge shock wave that gushed out of the package.

The shock wave seemed to be a space from small to large, spreading rapidly from the place where the package was the center to the entire room.

In less than a tenth of a second, the shock wave destroyed everything in the closed cafe. All the blasted furniture and all the porcelain furnishings were instantly destroyed into countless fragments. Finally, Entrapped in the shock wave, Yu rushed out to the outside.

In fact, as soon as he put his hand on the doorknob and opened the door, Eric Norman seemed to have noticed something wrong, and the thought of running away suddenly rose in his heart.

It’s just that this idea just came to his mind, that huge unmatched shock wave has already rushed out, directly smashing the dilapidated door into countless fragments, and finally the fragments flew straight into the Eric Norman Ting. In the body.

In fact, at this time, a special bulletproof clothing had already been passed on inside his suit, but even so, the immediate impact force at that moment teared out countless fragments from the surface of the bulletproof clothing.

As for the parts of his body that were not covered by bulletproof vests, countless fragments were interspersed almost instantly, and his body was instantly covered in flesh and blood.

After that, Eric Norman was pushed upside down by the huge shock wave and flew straight for more than ten meters before he fell heavily to the ground.

With a “boom,” a loud noise came from the abandoned cafe again, and a second explosion occurred.

This time it was more violent than the first time. The entire front of the cafe was almost completely blown up, and all the windows and door frames were knocked out in the first place.

Almost the entire neighborhood nearby was affected, with a distance of 300 meters, and almost no window glass was intact.

In an instant, the flames blazed into the sky and wailing sounded everywhere.

The few people that Eric Norman had brought back had just remembered, and hurriedly rushed towards Eric Norman’s side.

One person hurriedly picked up Eric Norman, only to realize that his face had long been completely unrecognizable, his body had been cut out with countless holes, and a calf had also been scrapped.

“MR. Norman ! MR. Norman !” The subordinate quickly called out loudly, but Eric Norman didn’t even react at all.

“Quick! To the hospital!” One of his men hurriedly picked up Eric Norman, and ran towards the Rolls-Royce car parked not far away.

And the Rolls-Royce’s originally smooth mirror-like car body was also marked out at this time.

But at this time no one cared so much anymore. Those few people took Eric Norman and galloped directly towards the nearby resources…

In the car, the young man who carried Eric Norman in the car touched the pulse of Eric Norman, and his expression suddenly became difficult to look at.

The young man sitting in the co-pilot’s position turned his head back and asked him in a low voice, “How…”

The young man sighed heavily, “It’s too late, it’s not working anymore!”

Several people in the car heard the words and looked at each other. Finally, the young man in the co-pilot shook his head, took out his cell phone, dialed a number, and finally whispered: “Miss Maggie… Shen… MR. Norman had an accident. I’m afraid it won’t work anymore!”

In the abandoned factory building, Zaid kept let Ethan see those young men carrying Eric Norman into the car.

After watching the video, Ethan’s tears could not stop long ago.

He stared at each other, wishing to kill him with his eyes.

Ethan really didn’t want to accept this fact in his heart. All this happened so suddenly that he didn’t even have the slightest defense.

“No, it’s impossible, my dad won’t die!” Ethan shook his head and said angrily, “You won’t succeed!”

Hearing this, Zaid laughed out of joy: “Hoho, immortal? How is it possible that although Eric Norman is very powerful, but after all is a mortal fetus, such a close explosion, do you think he is a tank? Can you survive?”


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