I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 536

Chapter 536

“Hey, how do you feel after reading it now?” Zaid looked at Ethan with a smile, and said, “Hey, it’s a pity to say that he, Eric Norman, is a real hero after all. I guess he didn’t even think of it in his dreams. One day, this will end, right?”

After speaking, Zaid also seemed to feel relieved. It is true that Eric Norman’s death is a great piece of good news for him. His joy is definitely not just because he can enjoy the secrets of Shangdian. .

It’s because I got rid of such a strong opponent, an opponent whose strength is much higher than my own, I feel gratified from the bottom of my heart.

Once Eric Norman died, no one in this world would be able to compete with him for the treasure that the Norman Family had cherished for more than a thousand years.

Zaid thought for a while, and couldn’t help feeling a bit ridiculous. The Norman Family hid this treasure for more than a thousand years and couldn’t bear to use it. In the end, he was picked up by himself for a huge bargain. I really don’t know this is good luck. Fooling people is really lucky.

It seems that at this moment, Zaid is a little impatient to get the Shangdian, but he knows that there is no time yet. He has been waiting for this Shangdian for many years, and it seems that these months are not bad. Six months.

Zaid showed an extremely expectant expression on his face, but it was not long before his expression appeared, his expression suddenly condensed, and then his entire face suddenly became extremely shocked, so he turned his head in another direction. , The eyebrows are slowly becoming vigilant.

And just in the direction Zaid was focusing on, a few figures suddenly appeared at some unknown time.

Zaid was shocked by the sudden appearance of these people, because this place was carefully chosen by him. Except for himself, almost no one knew the existence of this place and how these people appeared.

Moreover, the astonishment on Zaid’s face didn’t last long. After he fixed his eyes on the few people, the whole person was instantly stunned. There seemed to be a buzz in his mind, and he was a little at a loss for a while. Can’t believe everything in front of me.

Because there were four figures standing on the side that Zaid was focusing on, and these people were not others, they turned out to be Eric Norman, Maggie, Pablo and a Eric Norman.

After seeing Eric Norman’s handsome face like a carving knife, Zaid was silly, pointing at the other party and yelling impossible.

“You… are you a man or a ghost? Are you… how could you be alive? Didn’t you have been bombed to death just now?” Zaid looked at Eric Norman in shock, and called out aloud.

With his shouting, Ethan, who was immersed in grief, immediately recovered his senses. Ethan hurriedly looked in that direction. The whole person was taken aback for a moment, and then he cried out with joy, “Dad, You… Are you okay?”

Seeing Eric Norman standing in front of him unscathed, Ethan felt that everything was like a dream, and tears welled up in his eyes.

Originally, he thought that he had just realized his father’s love for only a few days, so he lost his father forever?

But at this time Ethan was very moved. His father was fine. He laughed happily and said loudly, “I knew you would be fine…”

Eric Norman was fine when he saw Ethan, and a huge boulder in his heart seemed to have fallen to the ground instantly. He comforted him in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, son, my father is a cat and has nine lives, so he can’t be counted so easily. Are you okay? Don’t worry, Dad will take you home.”

Hearing this, Ethan was so touched that he didn’t know what to say, but he nodded heavily and looked at his father again.

Ethan is not interested in knowing what happened just now. As long as his father has nothing to do, it is more important to Ethan.

It was only at this moment that Zaid, who was so excited when he saw Eric Norman, felt his scalp numb.

He was very flustered and looked at Eric Norman and said, “Impossible, how could you still be alive? Didn’t you have been bombed to death just now? I just saw you being carried away by Bi’s hand with my own eyes, and even if you weren’t dead, It’s impossible for you to appear here so quickly? You…who are you?”

For Eric Norman’s sudden reappearance, it completely disrupted Zaid’s overall plan.

Originally, he thought that Shang Dian would really become his own thing once Eric Norman died, but he didn’t want to. This guy had just been bombed so horribly that he now stood in front of him intact.

This impact on Zaid is definitely no less than detonating a nuclear bomb in his heart.

Regarding Zaid’s doubts, Eric Norman just sneered, and he faintly said: “Do you think I, Eric Norman, who lived under the nose of the Norman Family overseas for so many years, would be killed by you so easily? Besides, you just said it yourself. , I was seriously injured just now, how could I be here so soon?”

Eric Norman’s words made Zaid startled, and immediately he seemed to have thought of something, looking at Eric Norman with a look of surprise.


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