I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 537

Chapter 537

“What do you mean, the one that was blown to death was a fake?” Zaid asked loudly.

Eric Norman smiled: “Otherwise? Do you think I can’t guess your calculations? To be honest, that person is a stand-in for me. I have been in the Norman Family overseas for so many years, and you think I will come in person on many occasions. Field?”

What Eric Norman said made Zaid very upset. He never thought that Eric Norman would do such a trick with himself.

substitute? Hehe, it seems that he still underestimated this Eric Norman, he was scheming.

Eric Norman then sighed: “If it wasn’t to stabilize you, I wouldn’t even send a substitute, but he has been with me for ten years, and he will die in your hands…”

Eric Norman’s eyes suddenly became fierce, and he stared at Zaid fiercely, “Today, I will avenge him!”

While speaking, Eric Norman sprinted forward and galloped directly in the direction of Zaid.

At the moment Eric Norman appeared, Zaid was already ready.

Just in the process of talking with Eric Norman, Zaid had already moved a few steps in Ethan’s direction.

Facing opponents like Eric Norman, he had to be prepared, because in front of Eric Norman, as long as he was negligent, he might lose his life instantly!

And as soon as Eric Norman left, Zaid rushed towards Ethan instantly, and then a cold light flashed from his waist, and a bright dagger burst from his waist in an instant…

Zaid jumped behind Ethan in one step, and hugged Ethan’s neck with one hand, and the dagger in the other hand directly pressed against Ethan’s throat!

In an instant, Eric Norman stopped abruptly and looked at the other side vigilantly.

Zaid gave a sneer, and the dagger in his hand came again towards Ethan’s throat by a small half inch: “Come on, Eric Norman, believe it or not, if you dare to step forward, my dagger will immediately pierce your son’s artery!

While talking, Zaid’s sharp tip of the dagger had already pierced Ethan’s neck with a wound, and blood spilled out instantly.

“If you dare to move him one more point, I will crush you!” Eric Norman pointed at Zaid, while shouting loudly, “Now let him go!”

Eric Norman had thought that at such a close distance, he could control Zaid before he could react, but he didn’t want this Xiangyu to be a leisurely person.

Obviously, the speed that Zaid showed just now is already considered a master in Xiaozhong.

Moreover, Ethan fell into his hands again at this time, and Eric Norman threw a rat restraint, a little anxious.

“Ho ho, let me let him go?” Zaid sneered, “Why? I let him go, so you kill me directly? Eric Norman, do you think I’m a fool?”

Zaid knows very well that Ethan is the biggest and last hole card in his hand at this moment, so he let Ethan go? Is he really crazy?

Moreover, Zaid was also looking at it at first. It was obvious that the current situation was unexpected, and he had not even thought about how to get out.

Now Zaid is so flustered and sweaty in his palms!

Obviously, Eric Norman on the other side is not doing well. He is now afraid that Zaid will be really angered. In the end, this guy will jump over the wall in a hurry and really start with Ethan. Then he has prepared so much, isn’t it all in vain?

And I am afraid that I will not only lose a stand-in, but also Ethan, the only son.

Eric Norman sighed heavily and said in a low voice, “Let’s make a deal. I will let you go. You let go of Ethan. I promise not to touch you today!”

“What guarantee do you use?” Zaid sneered and shook his head, “Just rely on your red mouth and white teeth? Eric Norman, everyone is not a three-year-old kid anymore, do you think this is interesting?”

Zaid thought for a while, and continued: “I can go, but I have to take your son. This kid is my shield now. Without him, you can kill me in minutes! I take him away, and here I am. I will naturally let him go where I think it’s safe. When the time comes, everyone will not be in the water. I promise I won’t show up in front of you again, how?”

After Zaid had finished speaking, Eric Norman and Maggie looked at each other, and they almost shook their heads.

Eric Norman snorted coldly, and shouted: “You dream, you don’t have the capital to negotiate terms with me. You must let go of Ethan. You let me go. I, Eric Norman, take my personality as a guarantee and I will not pursue you!”

“I bah, your personality?” Zaid said, “Excuse me, I don’t believe in your personality. I only believe that your son is my only hole card, Eric Norman, you didn’t find it, and now you have not negotiated with me. Capital?”

While speaking, Zaid applied a slight force on his hand again, and suddenly a bloodstain deeper than before appeared on Ethan’s neck, and the blood almost stained the entire dagger.

Seeing this situation, Eric Norman hurriedly waved: “Wait…wait a minute, don’t hurt him, let’s talk about it!”


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