I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 538

Chapter 538

“What to talk about? There’s nothing to talk about!” Zaid didn’t mean to relax at all, “Either let me take your son and leave here, or everyone will die together! Hoho, Eric Norman, it doesn’t matter if I die, I just die. One, but your son is the only blood of Nepal, and also the last seedling of your Norman Family. If he dies, I won’t need to talk more about it, right?”

Zaid obviously pinpointed Eric Norman’s pain points, and he seemed very proud of it, even thinking that he could control Eric Norman this time.

He knew that it was impossible for Eric Norman not to agree to his terms, because he didn’t get the election.

Eric Norman hesitated for a moment, he looked at Ethan, his eyes full of dismay.

After a while, he nodded and said solemnly: “Well, I will let you go, but I want you to guarantee that you must ensure Ethan’s safety, otherwise I will look for a guarantee to chase you to the end of the world, and I will also take you Bone to pieces.”

Eric Norman’s decision was obviously extremely difficult and hesitant.

And Maggie behind him frowned upon hearing this, and said softly, “MR. Norman …you don’t think about it anymore? If he takes Ethan Norman away, then…”

Eric Norman raised his hand and stopped Maggie’s words: “Okay, you don’t have to say any more, I know how to do it!”

After Eric Norman finished speaking, he looked at Zaid with a solemn expression, and said, “I can let you go, you can also take Ethan away, but… can I say a few more words to him?”

This request of Eric Norman really made Zaid vigilant. He looked at Eric Norman suspiciously, and seemed to hesitate: “What are you going to say?”

Eric Norman did not say a word, but took a step forward, but as soon as his foot fell on the ground, Zaid called out loudly: “You stop me! Just stand there and say anything, if you go further One step forward, don’t blame me for being polite!”

Eric Norman stopped steadily, looked at Ethan, and said softly, “Son, I’m sorry, Dad!”

Ethan was taken aback when he heard the words, and then he felt lighter, and saw Zaid’s dagger instantly cut the rope that held him up. Ethan felt sour all over his body and almost fell down.

But Zaid held Ethan in his hand, and then pulled him to the outside and tore him: “Okay, are you done? Let’s go when you are done!”

When speaking, Zaid couldn’t help but look back at Eric Norman, his eyes full of triumph.

He felt that he had beaten Eric Norman again this time, and he was ecstatic!

It’s just that he didn’t expect that at this moment, a black hole wound suddenly appeared in the window behind him. The muzzle was pointed directly at Zaid’s head, and immediately he heard a “bang” sound, the barrel of the gun shot There was a fire…

Almost the moment the barrel appeared, Zaid had already noticed something was wrong. He almost subconsciously turned his head suddenly, and the bullet flew past his scalp. The high temperature attached to the bullet even sent him a pinch. The short hair is burnt.


But before Zaid had time to be happy, he suddenly realized that he seemed to be fooled!

Because just when he exhausted all his energy to avoid the deadly bullet, he grabbed Ethan’s hand and subconsciously sent it away at that moment.

Immediately afterwards, almost at the same time, Eric Norman also moved!

He dashed straight towards Ethan, the speed was as fast as lightning, even before Ethan had time to see his father’s figure clearly, the whole person was already in his arms!

After that, Eric Norman quickly jumped a step back, and instantly moved to three meters away. Almost at the same time as he landed, Eric Norman’s right hand flicked, a white light “swish” with a burst of air, and he shot out from his sleeve. Straight to Zaid who was in shock.

Zaid had just escaped a bullet and still had a lingering fear. Then Ethan, the biggest trump card in his hand, was thrown away.

Now Eric Norman darts at himself again!

Everything happened almost instantaneously. Zaid only felt that his heart was tight. Before he even screamed “bad”, the whole person dodged a position here.

Zaid knows his own destiny today, and simply let it go!

As he dodges, the waist is also activated, a black steel nail suddenly flies out under the action of the spring, and the target of this steel nail is not Eric Norman, but Ethan in his arms!

Eric Norman was shocked when he saw this and suddenly waved to block…

“Swish…” With a sound, the dart thrown by Eric Norman was impartial, hitting Zaid’s chest, and immediately a stream of blood gushing out of Zaid’s chest. The whole body was pushed back a few steps by the force of the dart. Hit the wall directly.

Zaid originally wanted to get up and flee again, but when he was about to leave, he realized that he couldn’t move at all. He only felt soft and could not stand up anymore. Then he convulsed all over, and the blood on the chest wound could not stop gushing. come out.

The steel nails shot by Zaid were also blocked by Eric Norman’s impatient hand, and the direction was directly changed, and the tip of the knife slammed into the concrete wall on the side.

“MR. Norman …”

But at this moment, Maggie and others on the side had just reacted to what happened just now, and they rushed up.

Almost at the same time, from all sides of the abandoned warehouse, no less than 20 or 30 people rushed in. Some people went directly to inspect Zaid, who was still convulsed, but Zaid, who was already confused, and more people rushed to it. In front of Eric Norman, check whether Eric Norman was injured.

But at this time, Eric Norman had long been unable to control himself, and he was most worried about Ethan now.

“Son, are you okay?” Eric Norman quickly untied Ethan’s rope, and looked at Ethan whole body with worry.

When he saw the wound on Ethan’s calf that was penetrated by steel bars, his whole heart seemed to be pulled!

“This…is the injury so bad?” Eric Norman said eagerly, “Quickly, get ready for the car, take Ethan to the hospital, go quickly…”

As soon as Eric Norman said this, his subordinates rushed out immediately.

And Ethan still seems to be a little bit unrecollected, he has experienced too much this day, and his innocent nerves seem to be on the verge of collapse.

He just shook his head, as if trying to prop up his body hard, but then he softened and fell into Eric Norman’s arms again.

Upon seeing this, Eric Norman suddenly felt a huge boulder hanging in his heart. He was really afraid that his precious son might have any sequelae because of today’s events.

He hurriedly picked up Ethan, got up and ran outside.

It’s just that Eric Norman just got up, but suddenly felt that he was weak, his eyes were dark, and he fell heavily to the ground.

“MR. Norman …”

This scene really scared everyone present. Several people hurried to help Eric Norman, only to see that Eric Norman’s face was pale with a hint of purple.

Maggie couldn’t help being shocked when she saw this, and quickly grabbed the hand that Eric Norman had just blocked the steel nails to see what happened. With this look, Maggie’s face suddenly turned pale!


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